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  1. Well I feel like part of history... we are witnessing the revival of our love affair with rats! Good Bless you guys, I been subbed since 2003 and this is THE game to play, get that steam green light approval and flood this masterpiece with fresh juuuuicy blood so I can feel like I am back, then more than a decade agooo gogogogo! S! I DEMAND IT!
  2. Yeah so... a rifleman clipped through my SdKfz 232 from the side and killed my whole crew. I know this because I kept hearing his rifle next to me going off more than 20 times until he finally killed off all my crew on a fully closed SdKfz 232. AfterI despawned as a KIA I saw that he was laying on the left side of my armored car clipping his head and rifle muzzle through the belly of my armored vehicle. I know for a fact he was a rifleman because I confirmed it by checking my CRS Battle report. This player which name you can check through my CRS was clearly abusing the game system and I want to know what will become of this. I am sure I have not been the only victim here. I hope this gets sorted out ASAP, it is game breaking bug! Love the game, been playing since 2002. If this is part of the game then so be it, I just want to confirm it, thanks!