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  1. Redo the mouse sensitivity settings completely. It's atrocious.
  2. The overlay issue has been there since the start of integrating to Discord. While i don't use or need the overlay, i'm sure many do. CRS did mention way back that they are working with Discord to get the game whitelisted and get the overlay work properly. Where are we on this, CRS? It's been forever.
  3. I'm a bit disappointed that 1.36 and 64-bit is expected later in the year. Personally i'd rather have those done first, than have more content. Regardless, i wish you the best of luck.
  4. Me too brother.
  5. Am i really the only one who thinks the reason the forums are quiet and feel like it, is because half of it is literally behind a paywall?
  6. Hows the progress for 1.36? When are we going to see it live?
  7. Like how it operates. Reload speed, the way you can hip fire it etc etc etc... Axis whine about Grease Gun being Tier 0 and whatnot, allies whine about the LMG. If we want to be historically accurate and all that bull[censored], lets start with the equipment on both sides instead of one specific gun.
  8. Why is axis LMG still like it is? Have we no integrity at all?
  9. Oh trust me, there are more than one thing that needs fixing and to be finished. Audits for weapons, vehicles, planes. Finish the current plans for new equipment. Finish and deploy the Italian forces to the game. Finish the current re-designing for whatever equipment.. Also the lag issues you mentioned and lots of other things. Take a look at this and see how much stuff is planned already and are work in progress.
  10. Out of curiousity, when did you start playing the game? Why I'm asking is that players who have spent years playing this game can name you multiple things that they would want fixed, re-designed or whatever before remaking the character designs. Again, your idea is excellent and would be refreshing, but it certainly shouldn't be the top priority right now with limited resources.
  11. All of this definitely sounds and looks great, but it requires resources, design work and development for all this to happen. But I personally would rather have those spent elsewhere right now. Maybe one day we'll have all of this.
  12. 4 or so.
  13. This was brought up months ago. Squads should definitely be able to set the period or CRS should increase it for everyone. e. There it is, thanks BB.
  14. Yeah.. some people thought that would happen with the most recent satchel change and it did to some extent, but i had way funnier and intense battles with the older system than the current one. You require so many engineers to effectively take down an FB that people just ride in and hope for the best. Most times you were on the edge of your seat trying to catch those ninja engineers that tried to place those last couple charges on the tents. Not to mention how people rallied to get that FB down if it was close to being flipped. Haven't felt that since, but then again, haven't bothered with FB def the same way I did because it's easier to check the status of every FB and interrupt the bust that way instead of guarding one for real. anyways, back to FMS discussion.