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  1. Very persistent group of players.
  2. I miss you too honey
  3. While you're at it, fix the tree models from being double the width. Looks good though.
  4. Whips setting it up! Well done
  5. You think the forums are filled with negativity? Hop in-game once in a while for some perspective. Because I for one, am sick of hearing all the complaining on both sides in-game, to the point I don't care to play unless specific people are on.
  6. This. Side who has the pop, will decimate.
  7. No we dont.
  8. DLC is short for Downloadable content. Another form of monetization.
  9. Sad but true.
  10. Correction, I'm not trying to say that this change made the issues arise. But you know what? This game is a Pandora's box. Can you with certainty, say that there couldn't be issues on the keymapper in the first place? What if people started to notice it just now because we actually had to look for it due to the changes from the patch? I've played this game long enough to know what is new and what is old. What feels way off and what doesn't. Oh, And It's not just about sensitivity or responsiveness. I still urge your team to check the reports and see if there is anything. Esp. when it comes to the primary and secondary inputs..