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  1. Well said. This has been a long time issue with CRS in terms of communicating. Whether its "behind the scene" changes or what happens during intermissions, maintenances etc.
  2. Yup. Since the last bigger patch. Also, last time when i changed it to DISPLAY2, it kept adding more displays (DISPLAY6,7,8..) into the list.
  3. Yet you all have the time and effort to reply to the same threads and messages that complain about the issues.
  4. And everyone knows this by now. But if your hands are tied, then someone else should be trying to fix the issues and mistakes. If most of the people are volunteers and wear many hats, then their work should be prioritized when they have the time to help out. I would say one of the most essential things in the game is the supply list (and balance) for both sides.
  5. Intermission is there for a reason. Prep the supply before next campaign. Use the time during intermission to test stuff out, tweak it if needed and ask for help if you need some. It shouldn't be rocket science.. Hoping to see a balanced and fixed supply for both sides next campaign.
  6. The outcome of any campaign shouldn't be changed because of the supply differences. Especially this one, where Axis has played and executed their tactic(s) extremely well. Instead, CRS just needs to fix the issues instead of letting it slide into each new campaign.
  7. "Supply audit is coming" blah blah blah. [censored], we've been playing with unbalanced supply for how many campaigns now? No [censored] wonder people are fed up and willing to unsubscribe. How about you take a timeout after this campaign and fix the supply for good for BOTH sides, instead of manually fixing out a little when the campaign is at day 40+. Sick of reading these same threads week after week, campaign after campaign.
  8. Sine
  9. Thank you for the info.
  10. Hi, Does having the client open and being AFK for a long period of time contribute to the SD? Both sides face the issue of massive SD when other side is underpop and there's no doubt there are players who have left the client open for no reason. I experience this multiple times a week in my squad and I have personally left the client open while not playing. If being AFK adds to the spawn delay, there is no reason to have players connected to the server who have been AFK for more than two hours (e.g). Shouldn't be that hard to implement.
  11. This. [censored] large towns, but this could actually make them fun.
  12. Hoping for a smooth and good patch, not just for tankers but infantry as well. We'll see.
  13. I'm just fine with having a poll on facebook, but since there are people who don't have an account or rarely use it, i'd like to have an alternative option to vote.
  14. Why are we using Facebook polls when we have integrated polling in the forums or million other ways to make a poll available..
  15. Good list. +1