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  1. I've been saying and hoping this for years. The mouse sensitivity aspect should be re-designed. Current sensitivity sliders make no sense in terms of adjusting since they're too sensitive and very limited. Looking up and down and turning left and right while running is also painfully slow, albeit definitely by decision. But this is what makes the movement feel iffy. The only compensation you can do is to increase sensitivity in general, which makes the turning/looking feel better - but also affects other things such as aiming and general movement. If you're coming from other games, this could mean doubling or even tripling your sensitivity from normal. I think this discussion in general is important to have and CRS should be open minded towards suggestions and feedback. It doesn't matter how much content there is in the game, if the foundations are/feel janky.
  2. Facebook also happens to be free for all, as long as you have an account, unlike the most active part of the forums.
  3. doubt there's much you can do
  4. Happy holidays
  5. More like backwards mentality towards community forums, sadly. Forums should be open for everyone and not be behind paywall. "Premium" section of the forums are only accessible if you pay. They also happen to be the most ACTIVE sections on the forums. Imagine a vet/new player who hasn't been a subscriber wants to come back/check the game out or keep up with the current players. They could browse the most active discussions and get an idea what is going on with the game, without actually paying up front for that information. Odd concept, I know right?
  6. Excellent move. Thank you.
  7. Yay, I wonder if this increases ping from other European countries and not just the Nordic ones. Fact is, you are moving further away from Europe, so the pings should be increasing, right? But i guess in this case, it's a necessary evil.
  8. +1. Removing FTP was a mistake from the beginning. Vets who have inactive account cannot use the 30 day free trial without creating a new account. That means, they can't even check the health of the game before putting money on the table.
  9. Is it Monday yet?
  10. Yup, 100% agree with you Mo. I was going to add this to my original post, but i'm glad you posted first. CRS has to take into account all the complaints about current campaign settings, whether its tiers, supply or whatever. Having those new equipment accessible for the duration of the the WBS is CRITICAL.
  11. I'm actually extremely intrigued to know how many actually came back during the October WBS. Reading the forums, it clearly wasn't enough. So was the timing off or was it something else, that WBS cannot change? Fact is, as you said in your post, this game needs players. Without players, those who are actively paying are going to end up losing interest and the game isn't going to survive. If we can't get people back during a WBS that would offer a premium kit experience for those who haven't tried the game or played in a long time during holidays, i don't see this game lasting without literally going WWIIOL 2.0. Approach: - Organize a well advertised WBS for new players and inactive players for the holiday season. - Let these players access the full premium kit for free. - WBS period should last at least 3 weeks. You have to give people the time of their choosing to try the game or come back to it. We haven't been getting them back now, might as well try something 'extreme' this time around. - Offer a subscription discount/price rework after the WBS. This could be the way to retain those, who participated in the WBS. Other than that, I really don't know how we would be able to get more players to the server. As others have mentioned, the perfect timing for that is long gone.
  12. Spot on Cap. To add, with infantry FRUs, the lower pop (usually defending) side would still have a chance to get something going. People used to sneak out FRUs to get few people at the very to least harass the towns and get attackers from the DO. Sure you can do that now, but if the defenders in town are awake, they'll hear the truck coming hundreds of meters away.
  13. Hey Syd. Your post is pretty spot on. The graphs are the interesting part that really show some light to the issues you pointed out. As for myself, I come and go in-game. IRL commitments, other games that interest me way more than WW2OL or the sole fact that the game gets super stale after a campaign or two. I tend to play couple to few campaigns every stint i come back, but end up losing interest because of the issues we've had for years. It isn't gun imbalances or server lag, it's the fact that the timezones i would be playing end up being a chore -- instead of fun. Few years back, i used to play a lot during TZ3. When you grind that shift with 3 other players against a horde of enemies, trying to prolong the campaign and hold on till the Euro evening, it gets to you. I got burnt out so bad that I haven't touched TZ3 since. And i'm sure its the same way for Axis during US prime time. Campaigns have become too quick. We get couple to few decently long campaigns a year, but most of them seem to be extremely one sided. While i do love to just kill bunch of people and not care about much else, what we used to have years ago is what I wish we had today. I mean, how many times we've had higher tier campaigns this year? In short, what this game needs are more players for each timezone. How we can achieve that, who knows. But the pricing issue you pointed out is an issue for sure. I for one wouldn't be a sub if i had to pay $17-18 a month, especially how the state of the game is right now. Also get the forums off the subscription. No wonder we don't see old faces, when they can't even browse the forums that are most active. They sure as hell aren't going to subscribe to access the forums.
  14. 5 years and his posts are still more worthy than yours. Adorable.