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  1. Supply issues shouldn't be a problem. Supply should be increased all around when the Steam gates open and population increases..
  2. hb
  3. " Playnet accounts will not be eligible to be transferred to Steam. You will be able to launch a non-Steam game if you want to access the Steam community, this can be done already fyi. " Just noticed this. I have no words. How hard is it really to transfer the DB of playgate accounts over to the steam client?
  4. You don't have neither on at all? Are you sure you don't have Windows Defender on? If you don't have anything to protect your PC, fix that asap. Are you sure you cannot try with wired connection, even for a few minutes?
  5. Are you sure there wasn't known problems with the servers when you tried to get in? Have you checked your firewall settings? Are you getting any errors? Regarding dxdiag, you should be able to save the information file to your desired location, e.g desktop.
  6. lmao.. Clears cookies and cache for security purposes every time browser closes... Complains about Auth system... Sigh. You do realize that Steam Guard is for security purposes just as well? You might not need it, but millions of others do and they sure as hell want it.
  7. Or instead of trucks, make FBs as a resupply for air. Plenty of ground to land for the most part. Even on road(s) that are close to FBs. Widen the range of resup at FBs for air planes to have more options to land. Obviously increasing resupply times would be ideal.
  8. Chinese have (had) their unofficial server for years, that should explain a lot.
  9. I hate this argument. First of all, not everyone is the same. Secondly, IMO Steam release's intention should never be to get everyone on board. Those players who aren't "ADD" are the players we want. If you can't handle those 3 minutes, this game isn't for you. Why should we cater to the masses? There are plenty of other shooters to choose from.
  10. Bull[censored]. Most of the advantage goes to WHOEVER has the most people online.
  11. Last thing this game needs is more system message spam.