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  1. Good move XOOM. I've always felt that veteran status accounts should receive premium forum access, despite having subscription.
  2. Can confirm. Stop dying mcafeed.
  3. Please no. Fire and engine -bugs are already annoying to listen to.
  4. More tier0. Hurray..
  5. Yesterday during Allied rat chat, we had a discussion regarding long-discussed issue that players from both sides seem to want. Many of you vets and active players have probably had to experience newer players (e.g "Greentags") spawning on a mission, just to immediately start firing their weapon, throwing nades or smokes. Or simply just wanting to do something with a special group of players/squad mates. I've been advocating squad or private missions for both sides before, especially for situations when I would like to drive an FMS to AO or FB for so called "special op", only it to get ruined couple minutes later for whatever reason. CRS has been very vocal about segregating missions, because the game in its core is focused on teamwork as a playerbase, new and old. I personally brought up an suggestion for squad or private missions, where the current mission tab would have a checkbox to "hide" your mission from the active battles tab, essentially making your mission private. If you wanted to share your mission, you would do so by using the usual "$miss" command and players would join it via the ".join" command. Another suggestion I suggested after BLKHWK8 brought up a timer-based missions (he can chime on his suggestion more elaborately if he wishes), was that you could hide your mission for 10-15 minutes before it would automatically be a "public" mission and therefore would show up on the active battles tab. Rats wanted to move the discussion here, so please share your thoughts and suggestions. Lets be civil.
  6. Congrats Jacaranda & all.
  7. gg. I'm glad its over.
  8. Oh, thats new to me. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. The only thing i would add to the EWS is an icon for enemy air during AO/DO. Daily, players keep asking whether there are enemy air in a town we're attacking or defending despite the radar system in the map.
  10. Well, is anything being done about it?
  11. Well said. This has been a long time issue with CRS in terms of communicating. Whether its "behind the scene" changes or what happens during intermissions, maintenances etc.
  12. Yup. Since the last bigger patch. Also, last time when i changed it to DISPLAY2, it kept adding more displays (DISPLAY6,7,8..) into the list.
  13. Yet you all have the time and effort to reply to the same threads and messages that complain about the issues.
  14. And everyone knows this by now. But if your hands are tied, then someone else should be trying to fix the issues and mistakes. If most of the people are volunteers and wear many hats, then their work should be prioritized when they have the time to help out. I would say one of the most essential things in the game is the supply list (and balance) for both sides.