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  1. Good day CRS. Today, I am here to be brutally honest with you guys. Whoever came up with the new truck sounds especially for the allied trucks should probably leave the audio work to someone else. The beddy sounds more of a leaf blower than a truck to anyone that hears the audio. Laffy on the other hand sounds like a long-tail boat motor. If this is your realistic take on what the trucks sounded in real life -- I don't know what to say. These are honestly one of the worst changes in recent years. It sounds unrealistic, ridiculous in fact and it completely ruins the immersion. This is, at least when you are not the one driving the trucks themselves. What exactly was wrong with the old audio that made you decide to give mufflers for the trucks as an early Christmas present?
  2. Sadly the truth.
  3. you axis dfire?
  4. Yup. I do miss Kareca and Rotsechs :-(
  5. Axis side is a little better now with some 4Ds and 38t's on inf flags.
  6. And now you can hear the old sound of the armor blowing up as the new plane bomb audio..
  7. I'll allow it, if it means dfire stays as my sidekick next camp.
  8. This is the single reason why considering Cap's proposal would be worthwhile. I wouldn't even call it difficult. Its almost impossible to achieve a decent FMS that would be in a relatively close range to the objective. It would help every timezone that has issues with population, regardless of side. Fact is that when the defense is out of the town, trucks won't make it close enough. So what will happen is, you'll end up placing the FMS far out of town in hopes that someone is willing to walk to the town, actually make it alive and hopefully cap a spawn so the attack gets going again. With the old infantry placed FRUs, the chances would rise exponentially.
  9. Thing I don't understand is why everything but the 3 Stug B:s have to be on the armored brigade. Add some to the infantry flags and reduce the added tanks from the armored. The issue here is that there have been countless AO/DOs without a single armored flag to use, so the tankers are done after those few Stugs are gone. I don't tank that much, but i sure as hell feel their disappointment and it comes to no surprise that they aren't happy and expresses it with their wallet.
  10. Open doors -requirement is a turn off for many squads that would otherwise meet the requirements and be interested.
  11. Kills.
  12. This seems to always be the excuse/reason. To me, it doesn't matter if you're volunteer or not, you can still try to be professional. If you cannot, then don't comment or wait for another day. Being volunteer shouldn't give you a free pass to do whatever, regardless of the situation. I could compare it to being part of High Command in game. They try to do their best and sometimes it doesn't work or it wasn't the right decision. Player base WILL sometimes let you hear about it, but does being snarky or talk back about it help the situation? No.
  13. I find it amusing how this thread is a perfect example of proper and absolutely useless, sarcastic set of answers from different members of the CRS team. Thanks B2K for the post. You are doing a fine job.
  14. Hopefully @markec can have some samples to upscale models, whether its infantry, terrain or gun models instead. You would think upscaling something smaller is better anyway?
  15. This is the type of post I'd expect from someone representing CRS. Thanks Nick for the info, even if just thinking out loud.
  16. So, we have this great addition to AOs that is unintentional and has been in the game for years, that can be used to make AOs last longer and get everyone even closer to the action. Perhaps even saving them the trouble of getting sniped while trying to get to the town (Especially the new player). Yet, we barely have players using it or even bothering to get warps because everyone knows that it's not going to be worth it. Only the vets know how to warp and sometimes we even see them not utilize it. Is it because they don't know or because they don't want to? Why have it if only a selective few who know about it might use it? But so be it. Let it stay the way it is. Just don't wonder when a two paragraph instruction wont get you anywhere -- if by some miracle you have a possibility to warp. We saw this happen plenty of times with the steam wave of new players.
  17. Feature, mechanism, whatever it is, it's still unnecessarily complicated to use. If you want it to stay, make it easier.
  18. Agreed. Warping is a great game feature, but it is awfully complicated considering all the streamlining changes we've had to other stuff.
  19. Since you started with an opel, how about the laffly and beddy? Same distance. Just so everyone can hear. Much appreciated.
  20. Christ. Have you heard how the truck audio sounds to a player from a distance longer than 5 meters? As i mentioned above; drive a truck from 1k towards a player and listen how the trucks sound all the way from 1000 meters from his point of view. Is that how sub 80HP trucks would sound in real life in a similar situation?
  21. Now do the same by driving towards the standing person from ~1000m and record how it sounds from his point of view. That's what i've been talking about since the start, not exactly what you just showed above.
  22. Thanks for the clips. Have you been in-game, listening to the truck audio of each of the truck after the patch? To clarify, I'm not talking how they sound inside and behind the wheel. Make a second account and go to a remote place and drive towards your other account with a truck. Tell me whether these sub 80HP trucks would sound the same in real life in a similar situation. for example, Opel in game sounds the same as a plane leaving the airfield. I wouldn't even be surprised if the same audio clip has been used for the truck.
  23. Yeah, my audio gear certainly isn't the issue. Don't worry about that.