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  1. Very true.
  2. We had the secret weapon. Rans.
  3. Very good idea to start with.
  4. facts
  5. Yes please. Future farmer main right here.
  6. Arguable.
  7. LOL, nice. Still some way to go though.. See you in game bud
  8. Didn't think the next one would start today, so i guess it is this one. I'll hop in on Allied side then.
  9. I'll be on next campaign. Whether I'm Allied or Axis, not sure yet. :-)
  10. Mata slays regardless.
  11. Poor souls all of you.
  12. Hey man, it's great to see you back. Definitely makes me want to switch sides again and come say hello. Maybe in the nearest future. Keep on kicking [censored] meanwhile!
  13. Hey liukl. I have hard time believing you have 64 ping from China to all the way to Texas (or wherever in the States the datacenter is located) . That is most likely the issue you keep disconnecting.
  14. Has the beautiful rans made his return yet?
  15. tai hao la @liukl
  16. Good day CRS. Today, I am here to be brutally honest with you guys. Whoever came up with the new truck sounds especially for the allied trucks should probably leave the audio work to someone else. The beddy sounds more of a leaf blower than a truck to anyone that hears the audio. Laffy on the other hand sounds like a long-tail boat motor. If this is your realistic take on what the trucks sounded in real life -- I don't know what to say. These are honestly one of the worst changes in recent years. It sounds unrealistic, ridiculous in fact and it completely ruins the immersion. This is, at least when you are not the one driving the trucks themselves. What exactly was wrong with the old audio that made you decide to give mufflers for the trucks as an early Christmas present?
  17. Sadly the truth.
  18. you axis dfire?
  19. Yup. I do miss Kareca and Rotsechs :-(
  20. Axis side is a little better now with some 4Ds and 38t's on inf flags.
  21. And now you can hear the old sound of the armor blowing up as the new plane bomb audio..
  22. I'll allow it, if it means dfire stays as my sidekick next camp.
  23. This is the single reason why considering Cap's proposal would be worthwhile. I wouldn't even call it difficult. Its almost impossible to achieve a decent FMS that would be in a relatively close range to the objective. It would help every timezone that has issues with population, regardless of side. Fact is that when the defense is out of the town, trucks won't make it close enough. So what will happen is, you'll end up placing the FMS far out of town in hopes that someone is willing to walk to the town, actually make it alive and hopefully cap a spawn so the attack gets going again. With the old infantry placed FRUs, the chances would rise exponentially.
  24. Thing I don't understand is why everything but the 3 Stug B:s have to be on the armored brigade. Add some to the infantry flags and reduce the added tanks from the armored. The issue here is that there have been countless AO/DOs without a single armored flag to use, so the tankers are done after those few Stugs are gone. I don't tank that much, but i sure as hell feel their disappointment and it comes to no surprise that they aren't happy and expresses it with their wallet.
  25. Open doors -requirement is a turn off for many squads that would otherwise meet the requirements and be interested.