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  1. Hopefully @markec can have some samples to upscale models, whether its infantry, terrain or gun models instead. You would think upscaling something smaller is better anyway?
  2. Good day CRS. Today, I am here to be brutally honest with you guys. Whoever came up with the new truck sounds especially for the allied trucks should probably leave the audio work to someone else. The beddy sounds more of a leaf blower than a truck to anyone that hears the audio. Laffy on the other hand sounds like a long-tail boat motor. If this is your realistic take on what the trucks sounded in real life -- I don't know what to say. These are honestly one of the worst changes in recent years. It sounds unrealistic, ridiculous in fact and it completely ruins the immersion. This is, at least when you are not the one driving the trucks themselves. What exactly was wrong with the old audio that made you decide to give mufflers for the trucks as an early Christmas present?
  3. This is the type of post I'd expect from someone representing CRS. Thanks Nick for the info, even if just thinking out loud.
  4. So, we have this great addition to AOs that is unintentional and has been in the game for years, that can be used to make AOs last longer and get everyone even closer to the action. Perhaps even saving them the trouble of getting sniped while trying to get to the town (Especially the new player). Yet, we barely have players using it or even bothering to get warps because everyone knows that it's not going to be worth it. Only the vets know how to warp and sometimes we even see them not utilize it. Is it because they don't know or because they don't want to? Why have it if only a selective few who know about it might use it? But so be it. Let it stay the way it is. Just don't wonder when a two paragraph instruction wont get you anywhere -- if by some miracle you have a possibility to warp. We saw this happen plenty of times with the steam wave of new players.
  5. Feature, mechanism, whatever it is, it's still unnecessarily complicated to use. If you want it to stay, make it easier.
  6. Agreed. Warping is a great game feature, but it is awfully complicated considering all the streamlining changes we've had to other stuff.
  7. Since you started with an opel, how about the laffly and beddy? Same distance. Just so everyone can hear. Much appreciated.
  8. Christ. Have you heard how the truck audio sounds to a player from a distance longer than 5 meters? As i mentioned above; drive a truck from 1k towards a player and listen how the trucks sound all the way from 1000 meters from his point of view. Is that how sub 80HP trucks would sound in real life in a similar situation?
  9. Now do the same by driving towards the standing person from ~1000m and record how it sounds from his point of view. That's what i've been talking about since the start, not exactly what you just showed above.
  10. Thanks for the clips. Have you been in-game, listening to the truck audio of each of the truck after the patch? To clarify, I'm not talking how they sound inside and behind the wheel. Make a second account and go to a remote place and drive towards your other account with a truck. Tell me whether these sub 80HP trucks would sound the same in real life in a similar situation. for example, Opel in game sounds the same as a plane leaving the airfield. I wouldn't even be surprised if the same audio clip has been used for the truck.
  11. Yeah, my audio gear certainly isn't the issue. Don't worry about that.
  12. Could you provide me the source material you used to replicate the audio? Because what i found, albeit by doing a very quick search, they sound way more toyish in-game than they did in the real world. Thats my biggest complaint with the new audio, because they sound like a wind-up toy cars from a happy meal instead. Especially the allied ones.
  13. Yeah the range was reduced according to the patch notes. It's even more difficult than before to distinguish the range of the trucks now solely based on audio. This is the range I could hear the first feint audio from a beddy while being at the FB. Laffy: Opel: This is where you start to hear a really feint audio that resembles a small airplane motor. Stays the same pretty much all the way up to 200-300meter range.
  14. Edited my post to add some comparisons that came to mind. Yeah, it's not exactly great. I want to add that the audio inside the trucks sound OK. Little loud though.
  15. Very persistent group of players.
  16. I miss you too honey
  17. While you're at it, fix the tree models from being double the width. Looks good though.
  18. Whips setting it up! Well done
  19. You think the forums are filled with negativity? Hop in-game once in a while for some perspective. Because I for one, am sick of hearing all the complaining on both sides in-game, to the point I don't care to play unless specific people are on.