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  1. While you're at it, fix the tree models from being double the width. Looks good though.
  2. Whips setting it up! Well done
  3. You think the forums are filled with negativity? Hop in-game once in a while for some perspective. Because I for one, am sick of hearing all the complaining on both sides in-game, to the point I don't care to play unless specific people are on.
  4. This. Side who has the pop, will decimate.
  5. No we dont.
  6. DLC is short for Downloadable content. Another form of monetization.
  7. Sad but true.
  8. Correction, I'm not trying to say that this change made the issues arise. But you know what? This game is a Pandora's box. Can you with certainty, say that there couldn't be issues on the keymapper in the first place? What if people started to notice it just now because we actually had to look for it due to the changes from the patch? I've played this game long enough to know what is new and what is old. What feels way off and what doesn't. Oh, And It's not just about sensitivity or responsiveness. I still urge your team to check the reports and see if there is anything. Esp. when it comes to the primary and secondary inputs..
  9. I [censored] hope you look at the reports and check for yourselves instead leaving it to this. I wonder how many other reported issues have been left unchecked when the responses are like this.
  10. This keymap change was done half assed, by the looks of it. Many of the new default keys are reserving the old ones, even if they show up on the keymapper. For example, left alt and left shift are primary keybinds to show cursor in-game. Neither works now and you have to either remap the keys or put the left alt or whatever you desire to the secondary keymap position. Also there's lots of unresponsiveness with crouch and prone keys, when both primary and secondary keys are the same or mapped. I keep going back up from crouch (c) position, when i press the prone (v) button. I reported it in-game, if you rats wish to look into it. Needless to say, the keybinds are pretty messy.
  11. So worst case, things would stay the exact same balance wise as it is now. This would only eliminate side switchers to the winning side and thats it.
  12. What if there won't be enough latecomers to balance the sides out? Do you keep at it until the campaign is over or do you force an autobalance? What if your squad leader isn't active at the time your squad should be choosing a side? Does a member with squad rank X have the power to choose for the whole squad, if the CO hasn't decided the side? Do individual squad members get to choose a side without leaving the squad, in case of where COs aren't currently active?
  13. Nostalgia is what makes people want the "gameplay" back, such as WoW classic or Runescape. Chase the magic dragon ya'll.
  14. I'll answer for Mal, but on Thursday he volunteered. Considering the dire need of HCs, it takes pretty damn long for a volunteer to get his HC powers.
  15. 2009-2011? Lancers.
  16. Arlon - Longwy CP pathway is blocked.
  17. Yesterday during Allied rat chat, we had a discussion regarding long-discussed issue that players from both sides seem to want. Many of you vets and active players have probably had to experience newer players (e.g "Greentags") spawning on a mission, just to immediately start firing their weapon, throwing nades or smokes. Or simply just wanting to do something with a special group of players/squad mates. I've been advocating squad or private missions for both sides before, especially for situations when I would like to drive an FMS to AO or FB for so called "special op", only it to get ruined couple minutes later for whatever reason. CRS has been very vocal about segregating missions, because the game in its core is focused on teamwork as a playerbase, new and old. I personally brought up an suggestion for squad or private missions, where the current mission tab would have a checkbox to "hide" your mission from the active battles tab, essentially making your mission private. If you wanted to share your mission, you would do so by using the usual "$miss" command and players would join it via the ".join" command. Another suggestion I suggested after BLKHWK8 brought up a timer-based missions (he can chime on his suggestion more elaborately if he wishes), was that you could hide your mission for 10-15 minutes before it would automatically be a "public" mission and therefore would show up on the active battles tab. Rats wanted to move the discussion here, so please share your thoughts and suggestions. Lets be civil.
  18. Good move XOOM. I've always felt that veteran status accounts should receive premium forum access, despite having subscription.
  19. Can confirm. Stop dying mcafeed.
  20. Please no. Fire and engine -bugs are already annoying to listen to.