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  1. So I'm a Day 1 player... Err maybe Day 2-3 if you want to get technical after the 75MB download via 56K modem and the hours of hitting F6 looking for a open server shard The Rat's have had a hard time, but one can also count their blessings. In history of the product and launch, they are far luckier than any other MMORPG as of late (APB for example? ) I've long supported this game even though I have moved on. I have been active for what I believe is 85-90% of the tenure I've had with this game even though I don't play it. I bought into the whole community thing, and I saw the will and determination of the Rats to get things done. I applaud them for the countless nights where they worked to get the game playable, and I knew my investment (investment in the sense that I was really not playing most of that time) would amount to something. Fast forward to today, I don't see any sense in the investment. For me, it's not particularly because of the money (I was around when 9.99 went to 14.99 and I was always month to month) but its the chain of events I see come down that make me know that my investment will be in vein. I also don't see the energy in CRS I used to. I think we are on a one track of improving what we have. Its a shame they couldn't finance for some expansions. I would have paid! I hope the Rat's truly the best.... But from an outsider perspective I still see the following things as of late which are troubling: -The Builder plans -The China silver bullet. How's that coming? -The $5 one time fee to help with animations? -The "cell phone" contract plans. (psh, atleast with cell plans we get subsidized phones) In my eyes, I conclude that the financial situation for The Rats is in dire straights. This is my opinion only, and I may be wrong-- but alas it is what I take from it. Every program they have introduced has been a bandaid to their cash flow... I operate 10 restaurants right now-- and I know their issue quite well... and, in my eyes, I think I know the reality of it all too. I love the Rats, and I miss the old Rats that had to part ways due to all this. I truly wish them the best of luck in the future. I hope the game can continue on. But it is very hard for a development company to stay afloat with one IP that is niche of all things and rely on a community to fund a development company. I think this is the beginning of the inevitable, for which I am very sad. Good luck to all. Good luck to Rafter, Doc, and the other Rats. Good luck to the players.
  2. Windows 7 RC1 7100 Build. I know its beta, but its pretty stable and am hoping someone else can figure out if its a normal problem I am having. Issue: Game loads. As soon as it finishes loading and goes to persona select screen 1 of 3 things happen... a) The MOTD box appears and then the game CTD's... the process is running but the game is unresponsive and I must give the 3 finger salute to it. Flashing triangles of green and purple go on the screen for the whole screen. c) The persona screen has a "grainy film" effect and goes unresponsive. Now mind you, I HAVE been able to spawn. But there are some weird graphic glitches in the game such as spikes and lots of flashes. Someone suggested I run the AMD Optimizer, but I have not been able to spawn again since reboot. My Specs: AMD Dual Core FX-60 Chip Asus A8N-32 SLI Deluxe Motherboard 2GB Corsair Ram Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT Windows 7 64Bit RC1 7100 Build What I have tried: Updated to 185.x current nvidia drivers. same effect. Updated to 186.x current beta drivers. same effect. Messing with misc compatability modes Downloaded AMD Optimizer. I reeeaaallly need to get this game going agian. Got me a new monitor and am anxious to play this puppy on 1920x1200x32 resolution. Plus OT is killing my brain cells every day. Help! BTW: Other games Like L4D and TF2 run perfect.
  3. I will also note that this was a compatability issue for me. I checked Windows Vista and all was fine. Make sure to change all your files. For those running Windows 7 64 bit and have NVidia cards, are you having issues with video crashes after loading screen or fuzzy/grainy screen? Using the latest 185.xx drivers that were just released. Gonna try some Vista 64 WHQL right now.
  4. What Nvidia drivers are you using? I have a Geforce 9800 GT and I am getting vid crashes after the loading screen to the persona select. Actually my whole monitor lights up with flashing triangles of different colors. Need mushrooms for that one...