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  1. Not working with 4870. Game froze after 10min of playing.
  2. Seems like the whole builders program has ended on Jan 1.
  3. So rats are you planning to fix the death trigger in 1.31?
  4. If the death trigger has been fixed like CRS says, then what is this? Pictures taken today at Chimay.
  5. Yeah why would you need more than that? Your monitor probably can't show more than 60fps anyway, unless you have 120hz monitor.
  6. Two CTHL's and about 10 enter world bugs in past 45 minutes...
  7. I see a big difference between 11 and 12. Did you click the save changes button after switching to 12?
  8. Yes you can. Settings -> user interface -> font size.
  9. Look up
  10. Smaller is better. Both (like virtally all LCD panels these days) are more than adequate for gaming.
  11. Had the same problem with Logitech G7 when I installed Win7. Installed the latest software for the mouse and everything is fine again.