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  1. I just downloaded the recent 1346 update and now cannot log in as well. Will try uninstalling and doing complete reinstall. Unfortunate because the release before this was working great!
  2. This is not about a bug as such. But I have been happily playing in 1.31 on my macbook pro without any problems or issues. With the update to 1.32 i have now had 12 crashes, all of which were so hard that the system could not even give me a crash report, and performance that is 60% below what a previously had.
  3. Using a mac 15 in laptop. when I try to run the game on a secondary monitor the mouse becomes useless and my character does nothing but spin around to the right. Works fine when I use the laptops primary monitor. when I change the primary monitor from the lcd to the secondary display it clears up the problem.