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  1. Does the game take advantage of Metal in supported GPU cards? I am looking at getting a Mac Pro 2009 and upgrade the card. How many cores does the game utilize?
  2. bad news I can't do it, its 91st squad night, forgot about it, sorry mates
  3. Count me in for the Axis. Can I volunteer peppito for Commander??
  4. I need something mobile to play, and my Macbook has a card with bad DNA (Intel). I ran across a Compaq, Athlon QL-64 dual, nvidia 8200M card. My home system is older, a P4 3.0GHZ HT with a nvidia 512mb card (cant remember number). Is this laptop equivelent? Just wondering! Thanks!
  5. Crap...I was afraid of that. Well, maybe a cheap windoze laptop. A quick question, is a AMD athlon ql-64 processor and a envidia GF 8200 a good setup for this game?
  6. I was wondering with 1.30 if there was any way to get the game to run on my Macbook, GMA 3100 Intel graphics card. Any drivers or workarounds yet? I want to take the game on the road with me, and I don't want to buy a Windows laptop if I can help it. Thanks!
  7. 47th (Calais) for me please. Danke schön!