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  1. 1. Do you have a CTHL (Connection To Host Lost) or a CTD (Crash To Desktop)? Both... After 30 seconds spawning in I have screen freeze, followed shortly by CTHL error 10057. I still seem to have chat, and I despawn from persona. I have the "Connection To Host Lost" dialog box pop up. When I hit "OK" or "Enter" the game then CTD's. I have a ww2abort.log file created with the following info in it: File version: 1, 23, 5, 255 Date and time: 6/3/2006 12:47:00 WWIIOL aborted via improper means I also have a ww2net.log file created with the folloing in it: Sat Jun 03 12:42:18 2006 network election of 2 addresses: Winner: No other log files created in my Battleground Europe Directory. 2. Which type of CTHL do you have? CTHL #10057 everytime. It's "A", with the ability of "C" to still use Chat, until the pop-up CTHL dialog box "ok" is clicked. 3. Did you have these CTHLs before 1.23.4? Yes 4. What is your internet connection type (dial-up, dsl, cable, fiber)? Dial up 5. What are your download and upload speeds (if known)? Used www.mypccenter.com Internet Speed measurement rating. Ran test that had my Download speed as 85kbps Ran test that had my Upload speed as 100 kbps Ping time was 145ms 6. What is your CPU? AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 1.5 Gigs Ram Nvidia 6800 with 128mbs ram Modem Blaster External Modem 7. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent place in the game world? Happens everywhere I spawn in at (coming up on 3 weeks) 8. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent situation? 30 seconds after spawning in 9. Does it happen on the Training server? (the training server logs extra information on our side that KFS1 and Martini can look out) Haven't tried training server. Don't use Team Speak because of dial up connection 10. It is consistently reproducable (we're looking most for ones that are)? Yes, everytime I spawn in. 11. Are you available between 3 PM and 6 PM US Central time to help our team test? (This would be done remotely) Usually not. 12. Is there anything else about the CTHL that seems relevant? Seems that the Combat Stats & Records page shows me playing today (June 3rd), but doesn't show a record of the mission. In fact 90 % of my missions, since CTHL errors, don't show up. Only May 25th shows a record of me running missions. My service tickets report the days I've been in game, and missions I've run. Don't know if this has anything to do with the problem, but is a relevant symptom.
  2. Yes, they are CTHL errors with the 10057 error listed in the chat line.
  3. Should be good... I bet those CTHL errors will happen real fast for you! J/K Just going through WW2Online withdrawls because of CTHL.... please forgive me
  4. I noticed one thing about my CTHL errors, and I'm wondering if anyone else noticed it either. On the CRS Stats page, I have no listing of any of the missions I've been on with CTHL errors. It has my last missions listed as May 16th. I've been on nearly every day since, only to CTHL after 30 sec. - 2 minutes of play, EVERY MISSION. I posted this in a support ticket but have not recieved any replies since last week. Anyone else notice this?
  5. I updated with those drivers and I'm about 60-70% better. Running infantry was playable for the most part, though I still got some stutters. I flew aircraft around late lastnight (3:00-4:00am central when not many on) and notice fps rates in the 50's, then they'd jump down to 2-7 fps. Still had lag deaths buzzing AB's. I even purchased a driver updater program that says some more of my drivers are out of date, though I doubt the accuracy of some of it's reporting (I have TrackIR 3, and it says a newer version is available, but the updater in the TrackIR software says it's the latest version available). I will continue to update my system with this software though, but I still think something else may be going on.
  6. I reinstalled XP Pro on my computer over the holidays. It's an AMD 64 3400+, 1.5 gigs ram with nvidia 6800 video card with latest drivers at 1280 X 1024. Since the reinstall and 1.21 update, I get wild frame rate jumps (from 35-40 fps to 1-2 fps) in battle. I have units jumping and moving all over the map via lag, so it's very hard to get a kill because I don't know if my target is actually "there" at that point. I am on dial up, but I always connect at 52000 or better. I've been playing since 2003 so I know this is something new (unfortunately had to re-install OS and game at same time major update came out). Anyone else have this bad of lag with dial-up? Any other suggestions would be helpful as well
  7. I notice that sometimes the ingame map is not accurate as far as EWS and depot ownership is concerned. I know about doing a ".own" for a listing of depot ownership, but when I'm 250m outside a friendly town that only shows armor EWS going off, and an enemy sapper is next to me trying to sap my tank, there should be a back-up ".EWS" command that correctly reports enemy inf or armor within EWS range. I don't know if the map bugs will be fixed in 1.19, but I thought this would be a great back-up. Just a suggestion. 8)