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  1. Started in 2009. Started actually killing things around 2010. Bounced through a couple of squads and joined HQ twice. Always played the side that had the cookies. S!
  2. I just have ROTARY 1 mapped to ELEVATOR TRIM and my ROTARY 2 Mapped to AILERON TRIM. I increased the dead band first on the SAITEK software, then I tried it within the BGE controller window. Last night I had ditched the aileron for the elevator trim on ROTARY 1, and it worked like a charm. I was able to come in from a dive and shoot directly into a particular window in a depot offline with ease. Never was able to shoot with that much precision before, so either it has gotten worse, or it has always been that way and I am now at a point in my game that I notice. So this evening I opened both controllers, and it looks nothing like the videos I am seeing online. There were no crimped or frayed wires or even a hint of dust or debris. Now, I notice that it is only happening when I have the joystick plugged into the throttle. I take it out... works perfect. Plug it in... drifts. I have tried the deadzone, but the problem is that it pulls to the extreme of either side randomly, so no deadzone setting affects it. It does not require input on my part to jolt except to recenter the dial. BTW, thank you all for your help.
  3. Thanks. I'm in the navy and have a bevy of seasoned electricians to help me. Looks like I'll be getting intimate with my stick.! Well my other stick.
  4. YouTube does suggest that it is common enough. People posting varying symptoms of what seems to be the same disease. Points to frayed or malplaced wires.
  5. I map my elevator trim to my rotary 2 dial on the throttle. That is the smaller "thumb" rotary. I damp it considerable for fine tuning. I have not flown in over 8 months so when I flew again I began having issues. After adjusting the trim and releasing my thumb my plane will pitch or dive hard. Either black or red out. I checked the saitek control panel and saw after moving the rotary the red bar would do a violent shimmy. So I'm figuring a hardware issue. So I'm thinking of cracking open the throttle this weekend but I have no motherlicking idea what I would be looking at. Anyone have this issue or have any advice? Googling doesn't seem to support that it is a common issue. Thanks.
  6. Just registered on your website. I fly, and looking to up my ground game. I play 2130-2300 eastern us. I like what your squad seems to be about. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  7. Really nice bumps.... lol.... old thread is it?
  8. I need help with A2A in the 109s. Game name is torrent Available 2100-2300 M-Th & 2100-0230 F-Sat (Central Time Zone) Have Teamspeak set up already. Mostly need help with set up - evasion - gunnery Thanks!