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  1. Started playing in 2003. I was 13. Now I'm 25. Wow. Either way, loved the BEF, probably still will, keen to jump back in and see if I can still work the bolt of a Lee Enfield - but apparently the campaign server is down?
  2. We wouldn't have needed saving. Under every possible scenario, the Germans would have not taken over Britain in 1940. Gas + Will to win comparable to Soviets + Churchill = teh win.
  3. Bear in mind Hitler was on amphetamines (speed) throughout the war, and that he knew his Parkinsons would kill him within a few years. He wanted to have the USSR conquered before his death.
  4. This is looking good, I may have a proposition for you some time in the future.
  5. When you get in game, press your left alt key to bring up the cursor. Then click on an empty channel icon on your radio (F4 should do fine) and choose the help channel. Then press F4 to speak to the helpful folk on the channel, and they will talk you through the process of finding other players and a good fight. Hope this helps!
  6. You need the codec.
  7. Shite, so basically, I can't play WWIIOL on the iMac? Thanks anyway guys...
  8. Hmmm, it's an iMac - all integrated, so I don't know how the monitor connects up.
  9. I get the same problem as Bex - my WWIIOL both offline and online when launched has a black screen and nothing else. I must force quit to get out. I tried to try some of the options suggested in Bex's thread, but my config application has no options for resolution, monitor or other things - plus clicking OK does nothing - I must quit the program, so settings are not saved. What can I do about this? (iMac 1.6ghz G5, 256mb RAM (I know it sucks), running 10.4.1)