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  1. Keep your eye, NAY! both eyes on that Rans fellow, suspicious looking.
  2. I want everything in game, all equipment, all the time, none of this tier stuff anymore, its been discussed ad nauseam, been changed ad infinitum, enough. Player base has been going in one direction only, and that's down, we need a 'stimulus', the patient is dying so we need a jolt of ligtning to revive the game.
  3. good stuff
  4. Tweaking has been tried, failed(FMS's, weapons, bombs etc) Historical has been tried, failed (RDP, tiers etc) The only thing that brought in some new players was FTP, give them basic equipement, show them the possibilities if you Sub. I'm repeating myself Stop the tiers, put in the toys, let the WAR do its thing. At this point I'd be willing to 'FIX' or give back the lazer LMG to the Axis, if that would bring a few back.
  5. already posted that one idea...
  6. Stop tweaking, put in the toys and let us fight it out... OI! fix the payment method pronto senor. That one hurts.
  7. Call it an incentive. a thing that motivates or encourages one to do something. Potential customer - FTP get the tricycles, 09-1, spit1, hurri1 etc, some baby tanks, also let em cap, they need a goal to achieve. Think of Mata's stats. 5 $ you get higher equipement, 10 even higher etc, scale. Pay full! you get the big Toys, recompense for a paying customer. In your position - a payment or concession to stimulate greater output or investment. Drop the RDP cycles, bombers can still slow them down, extend resups for garrisons by Factory damage %, make it hurt, put in the toys Xoom. Stop trying to please everyone, MAKE WAR upon them! Put in the Toys.
  8. Mo is a genius I say... FTP - let em cap, creates objectives for them, no HCFMS spawning for them though just the normal FMS. WBS - show em the damn new toys, that one's pretty obvious Capt. Lower cost I'm not so sure, but I'm willing to 'test it out', if it works, well then implement. For the good of the game. Tier Supply sucks, get rid of it. PUT IN THE NEW TOYS... PUT IN THE NEW TOYS... PUT IN THE NEW TOYS... PUT IN THE NEW TOYS... Oh and last but not least you should ban 'Rans' keeps killing his own teammates while they capping.
  9. I hate 'RDP' gimme toys
  10. what is actually worse Mal is they get or we get if sit rep was reverse, 'full' supply list...
  11. good teammate... doesn't listen, pretty much steals all your kills for he is 'STATS' better then Rans who uses teammates as cannon fodder for his stats.
  12. NOOB! we Allies use $$$$$$$ to get what we want... speaking of $$$$ damn gotta pay xoom too play now.
  13. his new in game name is just to damn easy to find...
  14. SD was at max. 7 sec. when I played. And we rolled pretty good. Comms up and some fast movements.
  15. Some AEF going Axis will help some, not win the map maybe, but sure as hell not gonna quit Nancy style cause I plan on smackin some Allied fiends