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  1. New gang in AHC, they have there own idea's about 'cutting' 'not moving', we explained, but it wasn't received, so we just keep laughing at 'em...
  2. Unfortunately most AHC have no idea how to move brigades well across the map, hence they keep trying the same thing over and over again...the cut The breakfast club will not change its ways so forget about getting any answers from them...
  3. kgarner does have a point, somewhat. The new AHC bunch have there own idea's on what should be done, it's far from the old days, Dfadd's moves would've been understood very quickly and managed, not so today, no blame can be found, different times that's all. and 'NO' even with experienced AHC 9 out of 10 wouldn't push the factories. I wouldn't, I prefer overstocking so I have mucho equipment to kill the lederhosen sheep shaggers alot, over and over again, I prefer the anvil over the sneak... But Kgarner, a mile in my shoes
  4. baby pak killed my gunner/engine, Matty gunner go figure, baby pak is now known as the PAK88, so stop your whining CRS fixed it for ya'z... I say CRS why don't ya'z just give Allies Crusaders only, that way Axis will have an easier time, can't have all these complicated things happening to our lederhosen comrades, the shame of it all.
  5. On that specific EFMS, my first run was a Pan, something like 20 or 30 kills to scout and find the damn thing, I found it but then I died, grabbed a Somua and charged the efms got into suppress position, either flank me from elsewhere bomb me or whatever but they should've stopped spawning... That is not the worst suppression done on that camp, had a 75 kill run with a Char suppressing another EFMS, I actually stopped firing cause I felt bad for the noob's that just kept spawning like mad from a camped position, plus Rans was screaming like a little girl for help...
  6. It's a tool in an arsenal, sound needs to be upped I would agree, but it's one of those tools that needs a close visual/comms to deal with, such as like 'Hey LW 09 flying around at monkey space altitude, wanna come down and straff this panny for us instead of playing with yourself' Easily dealt with using teamwork...
  7. That's about what I'm seeing in game right now, very weird seeing more green then blue.
  8. More due to the fact none marked the panny, the lack of comms and marks on the Axis side is really bad, itsbrad and co. should know better, that and the fact that I've never seen so many green tags in my life.
  9. apart from posting on these here forums, when was the last time you actually killed the Char in Axis armor Merlin?
  10. little pak should only dent the Char, shouldn't penetrate anything... only thing that could hurt it was the 88 or 4D up very close. The Char is supposed to be a monster, slow yes but a [censored] to kill, which is presently NOT! CRS has been tweekin stuff for awhile now, strange tweekin stuff.
  11. whats wrong is the little axis pak killing Chars don't know who thought that one up at CRS but someone needs to get a clue
  12. Justifying it with the word 'have too' is weak, you don't 'HAVE TOO' softcap anything to make the line... Influx of new players by the hundreds, nonsense I say, your HC needs map education.
  13. When you take back Aachen in 10 minutes, well...
  14. its like the 88 itself, very distinctive audio 2 minutes later, PING! no.2 dead anyways most Allies will use the M10 for destructive power. some Allied 'name withheld' just shot up my 88 at 2600m, with an M10... should not be possible but even the Stu again 'name withheld' can kill an 88 at 2300 plus. so in other words towing or using a long range special weapon is pretty much useless since the Tanks can easily see and kill you.
  15. my 2 cents... If ya ain't gonna remove brigades bring in the new toys, ya gotta give us something Xoom reduce timers so we always have toys as early as possible(routed brigs, supply etc.) give old HC players permanent tools access without orbat, sort of like a demi rat god, just without the rat part. If I decide to go Axis and I find out no Axis HC on, voila I can help while I'm on that side... more nekkid sheep and no AAA access for MOZ