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  1. I've been getting that for awhile now...
  2. 4D can 1 shot all Allied armor frontally except Matty in tier0 Stu is tier1 vs tier0 armor and you need a well placed shot to do it, 4D can also 1 shot a Stu.
  3. Breakfast club strikes yet again, frustration is building, can ya feel it. Need the triad counter, baby sherman just doesn't cut it, told you to put 17pdr/76.2. personally I don't give a crap, Tiger or not, I still scout with my Panny/Dac and get many many vermin kills, I would fly more but flying a 2D 4 squares back versus jet fighters is a no-go.
  4. logged in TZ3 yesterday for some play time You seemed to have enough supply to take a few towns So WTF is all this BS about rifles only
  5. delete old version 1st reinstall new
  6. Catastrophizing look it up... HQ only I bet, and whats worst is our HC have no idea then can move it around, they think the map will explode if they move it. maybe rebel has a clue, even then
  7. 3 red squares last night...
  8. I've told you this before, you can have a Brit flag showing but you get French equipment, did you ask someone too check before you decided to blow your bubble.
  9. Its the ammo audit, not just the pak.
  10. That theory has been put to rest, Axis baby 88 has power and then some.
  11. how about 10 plus years as HC and 90k kills, think that would qualify me. If it wasn't for HC stuff i'd be at 150k kills, or Rans using me as bait. switching sides made me lose my tools, never got em back, I'm suspended or something, you'd think as a retired old fart(cinc) I'd have em 'PERMANENTLY'
  12. The day you kill Matamor with a rifle will be a good day, usually there very bad, trust me, you'll be on the losing side, repeatedly. The day you kill enemy tanks of Dandare, Canukistan, Tieto, Rohmu or Dm79 etc if he ever comes back, will be a good day, usually you die repeatedly. Before you even think of comparing equipment, try learning one and becoming proficient with that choice you make, but if you think you'll out-tank or out-kill these gentlemen, you'll be wrong on too many levels. Learning curve is so big.
  13. The question should be 'anyone using it?'
  14. I do have a particular problem with supply... I want as many Tigers as Axis would like to have, from the beginning please(tier0), just make sure you put lots of Hurri2D's... I bet 5$ someone will make a 'BAN' the 2D thread. Oh! and Mosizlak is not allowed near any AAA gun. And Rans loves Lipton Tea.
  15. It ain't all that easy 'finding' then 'destroying' an FMS or attacking an FB with a Db or Boston, delems has a tendency to make it sound oh so easy, usually its teamwork on the ground or last recourse cause we can't do it on the ground. The best of us that do that, the HO and Rans are the best and they will spend on average 5 bombs to get 1 fms down, you just don't get a 4 on target that easily. If its defended by AAA I usually switch to a 2C and cover, if fighters appear switch and cover, its all about teamwork, so no it ain't easy. And if Mosizlak in the area, we outta there quick like.