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  1. First campaign after a major overhaul of supply and game play, need to give the boys some time too gain data and an over-view of said campaign before trying any changes... Baby Sherms vs. Tigers, I hate it very much, but I will still play, die, respawn, whine, blame Rans and continue killing. I'm with Moe on this one, at least no more TZ3 wonderbars...
  2. someone has been drinking the cool-aid again...
  3. Tell the truth now, you loved every second of it... Come now Mata its a mini camp, set for testing bugs and such, do you really care that much about the win. BTW you should be sending kudo's too Rans for an excellent rifle mission. He needs the luv.
  4. Stenay... Rans 27 kills-Garand Bus 23 kills-Bar (5 matamoan kills=priceless) oh my stats! Still too many bugs for full camp. Good work so far CRS. We old and set in our ways, but we're still having fun playing and doing squad stuff, wish a few more would come back, 250's should be dominating the playing field with there numbers, so chess or checkers doesn't matter when the fun factor kicks in...
  5. This last weekend some AEF got together and reminded some Axis that the non-stat (ie: matastat) folks can still man handle the lederhosen girly boys...
  6. I see them leave. I don't see them come back.
  7. best plane - F4 best Auto - FG42(just thinking about it makes me hot) best lmg - well etc etc stop repeating the same useless drivel Delems...
  8. better stop 'adjusting' things cause you're just digging in deeper Xoom. your answer lies elsewhere.
  9. damn everything else has been tried, why not try formio's idea... and I agree 100% on this supply issue, make the tiers quicker, PUT THE DAMN TOYS IN GAME, enough already with the manly measuring stick... change anything with the LMG and 90% of the 250 will quit the next day, leave them with there magical LMG, some other toys have magical attributes to them also, we've discussed all these ad-infinitum, time to stop and change direction... and no town supply will not be the answer.
  10. The fact that the Allies are strictly limited too noobs running IN town, snipers galore and real lopsided numbers makes for bad gameplay, watching Axis cap spawn while 10 snipers in buildings all around is depressing... so chasing monkey's we go...
  11. Crazy as this may seem, but me thinks Axis are out of bubblegum...
  12. yep that's called being on Christmas vacation, now its back too work and weekend play only...
  13. Matamoon forgot his aim sucks...
  14. even in its current state I'm not a big 'Grease' fanboy... at the intro of the grease it became apparent from the get go it sucked balls, even the slowest at CRS became aware of the discrepancy pretty quickly, jab, I still prefer the ol'french smg
  15. FG42 is by far the most sexy god damn weapon in game, I wanna go back Axis just for this weapon and stealing Dandare's kills, so why cry about the grease. Tommy gun is way better then the grease.