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  1. I hate 'RDP' gimme toys
  2. what is actually worse Mal is they get or we get if sit rep was reverse, 'full' supply list...
  3. good teammate... doesn't listen, pretty much steals all your kills for he is 'STATS' better then Rans who uses teammates as cannon fodder for his stats.
  4. NOOB! we Allies use $$$$$$$ to get what we want... speaking of $$$$ damn gotta pay xoom too play now.
  5. his new in game name is just to damn easy to find...
  6. SD was at max. 7 sec. when I played. And we rolled pretty good. Comms up and some fast movements.
  7. Some AEF going Axis will help some, not win the map maybe, but sure as hell not gonna quit Nancy style cause I plan on smackin some Allied fiends
  8. 167? start
  9. I dispense, I don't receive!
  10. Malvoc as usual, on the wrong side of the fence...
  11. noob cakes galore all over this thread, oh look a Brit flag over town, but wait, they using french equipment, I'm so confused...
  12. Not even close...
  13. I'm really getting tired of this historical bullcrap. Seeing tracers but not the shooter is more important, fix the game and **** off with the history lesson. PS to OHM WTF is this T4 for French 6pdr
  14. If I die 20 miles away from a 40mm, well...
  15. Grumpy is grumpy does, its Mo. Sorella you should know better. I love Mo just the way he is.