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  1. SD or no, numbers and TZ3 will always win... Allies won last camp with numbers, Tiger/Stug had no bearing on the result.
  2. Excellent fights Sunday...
  3. /hcon no Ms.Silky /hcoff with Ms.Silky busy busy busy
  4. you don't tank so wtf do you know...
  5. when you're ready, come find the truth, it will take you more then '1 camp'...
  6. CRS has done enough to funk up Allied equipment already... Bogol come fly the Db with me and Rans, you just might change your mind about it.
  7. Having trouble shooting Noobs, cause only Noobs fly 2b's. Your plane has twice the firepower and twice the speed yet you want to fix a noobish plane. Right!
  8. I thought Actonman was trolling, guess not... Ortona - Urban warfare tactics developed by Canadians troops too attack well entrenched Germans, still used Today, we did get Ortona back, Van Doos Cpt. Paul Triquet earned a Victoria Cross etc... Most Special Ops Forces Today are a reflection of the Devils Brigade(Canadian/American), check out there K/D, can't get any better then that... BTW Dieppe was a stepping stone for subsequent Landings, someone had to try it 1st...doomed to failure as they say. Not every battle is fought with weapons, many a seaman meet Davy Jones resupplying our Brit cousins, yet there they stood, defiantly, empty handed, knowing they can't do anything about the wolf packs hunting them, brave doesn't even come close. George 'Buzz' Beurling the Falcon of Malta perfecting Deflection shooting, used by the rest of the Allied Air Forces for the rest of the War... Some of the toughest battles were in the North Western German/Netherlands marshlands, guess who was there etc List goes on...
  9. rain sucks... clouds at 2k, that's ok. SPAA sucks... AAA at efms's sucks hence the minimum flying time.
  10. New gang in AHC, they have there own idea's about 'cutting' 'not moving', we explained, but it wasn't received, so we just keep laughing at 'em...
  11. Unfortunately most AHC have no idea how to move brigades well across the map, hence they keep trying the same thing over and over again...the cut The breakfast club will not change its ways so forget about getting any answers from them...
  12. kgarner does have a point, somewhat. The new AHC bunch have there own idea's on what should be done, it's far from the old days, Dfadd's moves would've been understood very quickly and managed, not so today, no blame can be found, different times that's all. and 'NO' even with experienced AHC 9 out of 10 wouldn't push the factories. I wouldn't, I prefer overstocking so I have mucho equipment to kill the lederhosen sheep shaggers alot, over and over again, I prefer the anvil over the sneak... But Kgarner, a mile in my shoes
  13. baby pak killed my gunner/engine, Matty gunner go figure, baby pak is now known as the PAK88, so stop your whining CRS fixed it for ya'z... I say CRS why don't ya'z just give Allies Crusaders only, that way Axis will have an easier time, can't have all these complicated things happening to our lederhosen comrades, the shame of it all.
  14. On that specific EFMS, my first run was a Pan, something like 20 or 30 kills to scout and find the damn thing, I found it but then I died, grabbed a Somua and charged the efms got into suppress position, either flank me from elsewhere bomb me or whatever but they should've stopped spawning... That is not the worst suppression done on that camp, had a 75 kill run with a Char suppressing another EFMS, I actually stopped firing cause I felt bad for the noob's that just kept spawning like mad from a camped position, plus Rans was screaming like a little girl for help...
  15. It's a tool in an arsenal, sound needs to be upped I would agree, but it's one of those tools that needs a close visual/comms to deal with, such as like 'Hey LW 09 flying around at monkey space altitude, wanna come down and straff this panny for us instead of playing with yourself' Easily dealt with using teamwork...