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  1. Update: Wife's grandpa was a SS-something. That sick guy was buried in his SS-uniform when he died in the early 80s! There is still some luggage to be opened, sealed right after the war.
  2. Just want to mention, that this time we have absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Btw. Laakenhalle was worth a visit.
  3. Hi! Just had to reinstall my XP system. After everything was patched and BE was installed new i started up the game. No problem so far, but once i got into heavy fighting my sound starts to crack now and then and turns normal after a minute or so. On my old System (same hardware) i had no problem with it. Difference: newest Nvidia driver. Anyone?
  4. Flak28 K/D 20.00 (Yes twenty) Sign me up as Axis Flakker!
  5. Hi! Just got a MAC, used. Dunno what specs it has (will be mostly for photo editing), but what specs should it have for WW2?
  6. Installed bioshock demo wanted to start bishock says: DX9 component missing (something with 33) installed latest drivers roasted my gfx-card because driver ignores temerature ....
  7. Jap! I toasted my 7800GT with it.
  8. Downloaded and installed the latest drivers. Wanted to upgrade DX to Aug07 version. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dxupdate: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\DirectX for Managed Code\1.0.2902.0\Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.dll have been installed already. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dxupdate: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\DirectX for Managed Code\1.0.2902.0\Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.xml have been installed already. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dxupdate: CMDXInstall::Install(): Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX 08/26/07 19:14:40: dxupdate: CMDXInstall::Install(): InstallAssembly() failed, error = 0x80070005. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dxupdate: CMDXInstall::Install(): Unable to install Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3DX.dll. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dxupdate: DirectXUpdateInstallPlugIn(): MDXInstall::Install() failed. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dsetup32: CSetup::InstallPlugIn(): DirectXUpdateInstallPlugIn() failed. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dsetup32: CSetup::SetupForDirectX(): InstallPlugIn() failed. 08/26/07 19:14:40: dsetup32: start finalizing: phase: 97 - 97, total: 0 - 27 08/26/07 19:14:40: DXSetup: DSetupCallback(): Phase = 3, Steps = 0 08/26/07 19:14:40: dsetup32: Installation ended with value -9 = Internal or unsupported error 08/26/07 19:14:42: DXSetup: WM_APP_ENDINSTALL 08/26/07 19:14:42: DXSetup: ~CDXWSetup()
  9. Even better: 1) CTRL-ALT-DEL in-game. 2) task-manager 3) search for wwiiol.exe (or so) 4) disable one CPU, wait (cant name engl., in german Prozessorzugehörigkeit) 5) once FPS are up again, recheck 2nd CPU 6) return to game
  10. Thats what i wnated to know. sänks
  11. Actual GFX-cards are tested wif various benchmarks. But wot benchmarks comes close to WW2ol? Doom3? 3dmark2006? BF2142 (unlikely) Dark messiah? Oblivion?
  12. So i can now offically say, that CRS is not able to solve this problem.
  13. Got as problem with sounds of automatic weapons (SMG and LMG, also mounted MGs on all vehicles) They are ofte played multiple times. LMG is no more like Ratatata, its like a railgun going mad. Suggestions?
  14. Just tell me what i have to do to not get the cornflakes-bug.