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  1. after speaking to others, training server is not good? i suggested back to original vista 'work-around'? I will try it tomorrow, hate to see this go belly up cause server not working...ekkk
  2. sorry, just seen you had me as para. playing allied as i want beach run...hard as beach run. D-Day is about the beach...choice!!
  3. thanks, just went allied sapper to make sure i had rank (got 5 x lmg, 1 x 1/2 track, 2 x fb and rtb). great rifle allied has. But, if we go in on d-day as US do we get M1?? that would be way cool
  4. I assume you come in at your current level? i.e. if I want smg i better get my lvl up (sounds like a dumb question but my allied inf is very low lvl)
  5. put me down for inf anywhere that is going to be a good hard fight. Is training server up? Mines been saying down since 1.30 patch but then again I haven't tried to get into it. just says offline as I log into main server.
  6. I want to try this new advanced training but my playgate screen says the training server is unavailable. Is this a problem in general or just at my end?
  7. finally got in,,,but still same freeze probs and nvidia driver drops out. I give up, will go watch the TV, good old history channel
  8. lol, now i can't authenticate (spelling, opps) the server? this is getting really weird...
  9. there is a post (by doc i think) on cleaning your registry. obvioulsy make sure you only delete the key(s) he says
  10. oh, and it spawns my rifleman in the veh building??
  11. i got in and had to do training. use .graduate to update then exit and you get into game. However, once in game major lag problem. each letter i type in message bar takes 3 or so secs to update, game is constantly freezing up. eventually it drops me to black screen, then once i shut it down nvidia driver says it has crashed. Also had a classic memory leak where I fell through terrain and then terrain 'warped' around me..quite cool actually but not good in game and i got shot while it was happening
  12. it worked, i got in. Decided to ignore the posts about uninstall etc, just let updater run to see what would happen. got a few black screens but just sat them out and I am in. Also had another updater (age of conan) running in background and it still worked
  13. Mine was saying 'playgate failed' tried something really dumb. Hit my normal desktop shortcut with right mouse click and then 'run as administrator'. It is now updating...will post the outcome...
  14. i got update screen, but then it died, will keep trying I guess
  15. no go for me either...can't even get a screen up...