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  1. Though I haven't yet spent much time with the squad (and in this game too), but joining JG51 has definately improved my flying skill a lot. We don't have anyone besides me who fly Asian/Austrailian time zone. I really wish to see some new pilots joining us from that time zone so I could wing with them.
  2. Did some more testing with the pre-patched source that caydel provided. What worked well : mouse : as expected, the 'sticky mouse' problem has been fixed in WinXP emulation mode. However the problem persists in Win2K mode. gameplay in general : I can connect to the game using Playnet.exe and join the game server without problem. I have slightly lower FPS than in Windows 7 (even with Compiz off) but still playable. joystick : My biggest surprise. I'm using Saitek X45 and it worked like a charm! I had problem using it with FlightGears and Targetware before, but this time everything including all the button mappings just worked. And what didn't : CTD : I got constant memory crash while I played it on WINE. I connected online and spawned from MSP as an infantry but after couple of minutes running around I got the out of memory dialog which I used to see on Windows from time to time. But I only got this error in a crowded bunker or depot on Windows, never on open field like this. I spawned 2-3 times and got the same result. sound : sound effect is not reliable. When you fire a gun, the sound can be heard with noticeable delay. And sometimes engine sound dies off as time goes by. I'm also using an onboard sound card. TrackIR : I didn't really expected it to work properly, but it was big disappointment anyway as I can't fly without one. The client problem failed to detect the hardware, and I couldn't find any workaround yet. locale : I'm using LANG=ko_KR.utf8 as my default locale. With this setting, the special folder names like 'Desktop', or 'My Document' are all localized. It seems that WINE or the game itself fails to resolve those locations when running on this locale. I had to run it with LANG=C to workaround. All in all, I guess now I can play at least the ground part of the game on Linux if the memory can be fixed somehow. Kudos to caydel and everyone involved! BTW, is there anything I can do more to help you, caydel? I'd like to see that memory problem fixed so I could regulary play it on Linux.
  3. I doubt it is ATI driver specific problem, since I occasionally have the same problem and I'm using a NVIDIA card.
  4. Glad to know you're still working on it. Thanks a lot for all the hard works! I'll definately help, if I can. I spend more time on Linux(Ubuntu 9.10/9.04) than on Windows. Please let me know how I can help.
  5. I'm also looking forward eagerly to see any progress with it. As a long time Linux user, BE is the ONLY reason I keep Windows partition on my PC. I do all the other works from home and office with the Ubuntu partition. It really feels bad when you have to purchase Windows license just because of a single game - a great one though