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  1. I goofed. First of all, the 700+ MB file that successfully installed turned out to be an old version whose link I found in the forums. No wonder it could not login to a patch server. CRS, you might consider removing obsolete versions of the software from the serving host. Old links in the forum still point to them. Secondly, I was successful in installing the latest full install via mirror1. This time, I avoided using wget, and just clicked the link and let it download from my browser. Ironically, the sizes of the two files (wget and browser) are exactly the same number of bytes. But, a binary diff claims the files differ. The installation was a success, and I'm up and running! Shallow
  2. I get "Unable to login to patch server" as well. Then the client stops responding and must be killed with Windows "End Now". Ironically, the link OHM suggests never worked for me. It is the mirror2 link, I believe. I tried it many times over the last couple of weeks. Launching the game installer brings up a DOS shell for about 1 second, then it disappears, then nothing. The .exe file is about 400+ Mb in size. Yesterday, I downloaded the larger 700+ Mb file from the other download link, and the initial installation was successful! However, I'm stuck at the patch issue now. Prior to trying the new game version the game ran reasonably well. I have not been able to play since the new version arrived a month or two ago. Before installing the new version, I did wipe all vestiges of the old game from my system, including anything remotely related to CRS, WWIIOL, BE, etc, from the registry. Is there a log file generated somewhere than I can look at for some clues? Shallow P.S. I also get the t:0 error. But I always got that in the old version of the game too, and it usually never caused me problems. If ever it prevented the game from starting, a system reboot usually cured it.