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  1. +1 problem to myself.
  2. I have that problem also.
  3. Install via website... if any problems remove and re-install (including directx)
  4. The good days, sircuddles name on the video too was mentioned, he pretty much taught me to fly spits
  5. Forced goods through ports i s'pose ? Taxation.... ?
  6. Atlantic wall made germans money too, imports via german controlled harbours ... and its quite widely reported germans stole / seized things from locals via this.
  7. Iraq ? 40 Billion, possibly more considering damages for people loosing legs etc, Private contractors, Blackwell, Xe, Private security, Oil transportation etc Plus those paying to rebuild the city's they bombed
  8. Bump Was super squad whilst i was in it, would definately recommend to other people whom really looking for a good little community and lots of fun
  9. If your ever on axis, and wana learn from the pro's Hook up with SODS Superb fun and its a incredible laugh S! Had fun last camp tagging along with you guys Igor Thanks.
  10. I think Xoom will allow it, I suggest all recruits pm Xoom, he will be happy to assist from what i believe
  11. Was nice to watch.
  12. Thanks for post !
  13. Too many whiners on topic.. Sign me up for now.
  14. Check out 121 Squadron They liase with my squad (19RAF - GMT) Quite alot.. Contact Vanguard4/Calvin/Hellsenemy/Welky if your interested. Good squad to tag with.
  15. Would rather get more FPS + have no lightning...