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  1. CRS, I have been here a LONG time, and I will be here for a long time more. Axis got a stuka (Dive Bomber teir 0 )with 2x 37mm ATG on the wings (LOVE IT by the way....well done) allied got on the hurri ( FIGHTER) 2x 40mm AND 303s plus and Tear 3 fighter with .50 cal and AND 30 Cal MG 30mm ATG Nose mounts supper cobbra (tear 2 FIGHTER). To me this is a huge let down with a lot of bias. Please re consider making the tank busters equal. I suggest for the Axis the DUCK or removing the MG from the allied aircraft to make it a bit more fair. All I am trying to say is that the tank buster aircraft are great and I love em, just make it fair. Jau
  2. Hello all I did a serch on this issue and I did not find a solution........ My older hard drive had crashed over the weekend so I got a new one. I now have vista with IE 7 64 bit and everytime I despawn, I CTD. I was running with Vista prior to this but not with 64 bit and IE 7. Im not shure what to do now with all the new patches and upgrades. Any assistance to this issue would be great thanks all Jay
  3. I installed V5 for my TIR4 and its working fine now!!!!!!
  4. ever since the patch came out my Track IR4 dose not work with the game. It dose not turn on when i launch BE. it works with IL2 but no longer with this game......but it use to befor the 1.31 patch. any sugestions?
  5. my Net2 thing is enabled but im getting a huge packet loss all the time now and I have no idea why. This is a problem that just started a few days ago. I cant figure it out
  6. WTH!!!! 7 CTD in 20 min, this is new to me, any ideas??
  7. it was a sound issue, all ok now, thanks guys
  8. thank you for the help. i will try it and get back to ya
  9. how do i find that?/ sorry about the stupid question,,,,,,,not to savvy with this thing. As well, where can I find the error log, i can post that too, it may give more info on whats going on, more than i can explain anyway
  10. I just got a new computer and I have loaded the game off of the website with all the latest patches. Everytime I load the game, ONLINE AND OFFLINE my computer reboots after about 10 seconds of playing. All my drivers are up to date (Just got the computer this week). This is the only game that im having problems with. here are my specs Core 2 1.86GHz 2 meg of DDR2 ram Nvidia G Force 7600 GT vidio card 22inc wide screen LCD monotor what setting could be caulsing this system to crash all the time? any help would be greatly apreciated
  11. I just got a new computer, i installed the game and its working GREAT now, but ive lost all my rank............is there something i can do to restore that??. Worked a long time to get up in rank ( Several years ) and now im back down to buck privite in all units. any help or advice would be great thanks Taz Figured it out, nevermind
  12. Theis are my opionions of the new Patch 1) I HATE the new UI, I dont think if you hired a team form Harvard IT section, you could make the UI harder to figure out, there was NOTHING wrong with the old way of doing things.. Pick the town you want to spawn in and Spawn in, Now I have to go through all this nausaua to pick a bragade, and what not to spawn in. If it was not broken, why fix it???? 2) I LOVE the new sounds, well done CRS!!!! 3) Where did all my rank go??????????????????????????????? I have invested a great deal of time gaining ranks in this game, so ive gone form a higher ranking officer, that could post P1 missions to a capt????????????????????????????not on!! 4) Im having a vary hard time finding missions that have the kit I like, but due to the new structure, all choice has been RIPED away form me. You want me to pay you X$$ per month so someone else can tell me how, where and when I can play this game......NOT ON!! 5) Intermission time is too long inbetween maps, I am playing to play a game here that is based on winning maps, not to fart around for a week of intermission 6) Lag issues have been addressed and on my end everything is working great, WELL DONE CRS!!!!! To sum up, I dont like the way the game is structured now, its to hard to get my airplain in the air. Now I have to look for a decient plane from the 2-3 airfilds(out of the 15 that my side owns) that have missions up and I cant do anything about it, this is frustraiting me to no end!!!! had to vent, its been bothering me to no end