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  1. The money I spend for just 1 month of a good game goes a long way. How else can you have that many hours of fun for 20$ or less? You couldn't have a night at the bar for that anymore. You could maybe see a movie with it, or have dinner with a friend, but that would be over within a day. Of course I still do those things, but a chance to spend less than a dollar a day for good fun is a steal imo.
  2. I wish I could afford to help out more, but I have been making a point of keeping my subscription active =D.
  3. I had no idea things had gotten so grim. Makes me wish I had come back sooner, but...Life and all. I do intend to re-up, and will be watching the game closer should I need to cancel for a while again.
  4. I had to give up this game to save money long ago, not sure why I never came back . I would also like to say that the offer has me wanting to come back, and plan to resub on my next paycheck. The offer isn't going to expire soon is it?
  5. Its hardly been a waste for me personally. I was able to get a lot of flying practice against many targets, without worrying over supply.
  6. I started here in 2009 I believe, and played quite a bit for a while. I have not been active since about 2012 though due to needing to save money. I am glad to see the game is still going and look forward to seeing what has changed. (I also got a friend who may give the game a try ) P.S. almost forgot, I played mostly axis