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  1. Obviously I'd rather these guys be with their families...but I just don't understand the timing on this one. I'd rather be playing without the update, but can't. There are usually hiccups with new releases and to do it today just seems weird to me. I don't get many nights off and can't play 7x a week like some. I'm just venting...lol Saying that, I'm sure they had a good reason. Merry Christmas, Rats!
  2. Ugh...these outages seem to happen on holiday weekends a lot...the last one being Labor day. Really, really, really sucks.
  3. Haha! I'm in the screen shot! That was a fun evening in that town. I was schreckin' tanks like crazy...got 8 of 'em just in that battle.
  4. disregard....I'm guessing the buckeyes thing had something to do with it. It's working again.
  5. I saw a report about the server going down for Buckeyes memorial but saw that was for 345 Eastern...so assumed this wasnt the issue. But it may be...sorry about that.
  6. I can't launch the game....getting the Tuel error pop up window. This usually happens when the server is down, but I'm not seeing anyone on the forums having issues. Is the server up? I downloaded and reinstalled it and same thing. It was working fine yesterday.
  7. Nice. I like this tank also for infantry attack and covering our cappers. I had a head to head battle with a stuart before....both of us facing each other at about 50 meters and I was amazed at how much damage I took before I was actually dead. Of course, I didn't hurt him at all, but I was able to trouble him enough to cause a pain. I've never been killed by infantry in one of these that I know of.
  8. God bless you, buckeyes. Whether you want me to or not, I'll pray for you and wish you a wonderful journey. I couldn't tell at all that you were going through this during the gameplay. You are a great HC and have helped out a lot. Peace, Brother.
  9. So, whats the deal with the stats? If you look up the best Kill total, or k/d ratio...it's obvious by the numbers that it's not only the current campaign, but it's also obvious that it's not an all-time score. For example: If you look at the individuals...say Delems for example...by looking at the sortie total, you know Delems has way more sorties in his career than it shows, and also way less than in the current map...so which is it? Do these lists go back to a certain date? It's just not well layed out. So what's the deal?
  10. As a long time player, and have only played AXIS this year (I'm not a side switcher), I can tell you that HC is just a mess with AXIS. There are times when we are over pop and don't even have a working AO! The armor just stinks also, as far as defensively. I enjoy the infantry much better than Allied. But, the main problem is just it's just all out of order....chaos ensues most of the time. A sudden town "911" appears out of nowhere, where a town is taken all of a sudden. I have played 12 years, but have never been HC, so I hate to rag on them...but it just seems all out of order and a pure mess.
  11. I want throwing axes.
  12. Haha....wait until T-BALL! Best time of my life!
  13. Maybe make the cap counters 2 or 3 times as long...so it's not as easy to cap. If there's an actual good battle going on...it's going to be really hard to cap something that takes that long. Unless the battle has died down tremendously, it won't be something somebody wants to do - sit in a CP for 10-15 minutes.
  14. Life of a para is short, indeed.
  15. YES!!!! This would be cool.