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  1. S! I have the greatest of respect for you Buck. A true gent and a fine leader. The space you leave could never be filled. Alex
  2. Ah there we go! been trying to PM you for a few weeks! Avi
  3. Love that idea, it has my vote!
  4. S! Tatonka!
  5. Hi there buddy, just a quick thought but when you move your mouse is it still visible when in that black area at the top, or does the mouse not move into that bit?
  6. Well I've been using it on my Arch based distro now for over a week and it's fantastic. I have a new laptop turning up later Today with Ubuntu on, be interesting to see how that copes with it. There's still some times when the occasional sound will play a little too close when it should be distant but apart from that it really does work just as well as on Windows - although it loads an awful lot faster!
  7. Thanks Xoom, the update is appreciated. Avi
  8. After another few hours of messing around I have found if I keep changing branch and trying to spawn in after about 15-20 goes I do get in eventually.
  9. Been trying on and off for nearly 3 hours now and no luck
  10. Hi Guys, Can't get into the game this Morning. Keep getting "Connection to host re-established" when trying to spawn in. Have done several machine re-starts and tried un-reserving and then going back in, trying a different brigade/branch etc but to no avail. Everything's been fine up to this morning. No OS updates or local changes since last log in. Anyone know of any workarounds? Avi
  11. Ok so I managed to get a good few hours Gameplay in Yesterday. There were a couple of occasions where sounds seemed to be playing at close distance when they should have been further away, or were coming from the wrong direction. However that wasn't consistent and most of the time it seemed correct. I reckon that the gameplay, textures and everything else is 100% working, the sounds are probably about 90% Will do some fiddling and see where I get but it's absolutely playable as is.
  12. Tigger. I have done some testing this Morning and plan to do more throughout the day but so far Infantry sounds are very clearly distinguishable in direction, I had no problem hearing aircraft sounds too, haven't yet had the opportunity to hear any vehicles but hopefully that will get cleared up later. I had to log out and back in again just to check I wasn't being over enthusiastic but yes, Sounds are absolutely fine from what I have found so far. Avi
  13. Hi Guys, As a recently returned player who now exclusively uses Linux I installed Win10 on a spare HDD the other day just so I could come back and play. That soon got a bit boring and was sucking my productivity so I thought I might as well give it a go on my Linux PC's. Running the Latest Manjaro (Arch Based) Linux and using the latest stable Wine (1.7.51-1) I installed WWIIOL this morning using the full Windows package. It flew through the installer, settings box popped up after the install then I clicked the desktop icon to open it up and IT WORKS! One slight error is I get the: message on startup but click OK and that goes away. Load into game fine, animations, textures, sounds and functions (map, chat, etc) all seem to be working brilliantly. Going to be doing some more testing later but it looks like it's a fully compatible thumbs up from me. To say I'm a happy boy is an understatement, no fiddling required, just install and go! Avi
  14. Love the idea of the planner... also second the Topographical comments. Avi
  15. Good stuff, thank you XOOM