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  1. S! I have the greatest of respect for you Buck. A true gent and a fine leader. The space you leave could never be filled. Alex
  2. Love that idea, it has my vote!
  3. S! Tatonka!
  4. Love the idea of the planner... also second the Topographical comments. Avi
  5. Good stuff, thank you XOOM
  6. As an interesting point I was manning an AA emplacement earlier Today and had a Spit V come in on a strafing run, Absolutely texbook lineup and there's no reason at all I shouldn't have been absolutely peppered with fire. I managed to down him without issue. There must have been something wrong as he opened on fire on me, well on target and from close range, well before I got the first shots into him and he went down. As a returning player after a long break I just sat there thinking "That ain't right!" Avi
  7. It's certainly been discussed before but great to see new life in the idea - would really love to see something like this in game. A
  8. I'll go with what others have said. IF you want to fly then yes it does take patience, as has been said spend time watching youtube videos, and remember that each aircraft has its own characteristics. Fly with a couple of others if you can, even if its just on a mission rather than a squad and watch what others do. Yes you will die often but as soon as you start breaking even it really is such a good feeling and you'll remember the "hard" times as ones you spent learning. I, until recently, really REALLY sucked at infantry combat in WWIIOL and I've been playing on and off since 2002. About 6 weeks ago I decided I'd finally try and crack it and put the time and effort into it, after a couple of weeks of being cannon fodder I really was doing so much better and really REALLY enjoying that aspect of the game. Stick with it and you will find it's worth it.
  9. Im on 10.7.2 and always in first time BUT it takes a good 5 minutes for it to connect.
  10. Could be this mate:
  11. Loving mirror 2, getting 1.16mb/s now!
  12. Could be overly busy servers? I got errors the first few times I tried, now it seems to be downloading (585mb file) but at a very slow 10-20kb/s on a 24mb line.
  13. I've been getting these a lot more recently as well. Over the past 2 weeks I'd say. I don't think its my ISP as I currently spend 3 days a week at home/at my girlfriends and the other 4 away working, where I use the ISP at the office to play, and the hotels ISP in the evening. 4 different ISP's can't all have the same issues? Avi