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  1. If you are a windows 7 64 bit user you might want to steer clear AMD. At least until they publish a fix for the memory leak.
  2. OldZeke Thanks for the reply. I guess I just will abstain from moving the site unless I'm certain I can get it centered again. Hopefully they may have time in the future to look at this. -Boman
  3. I have been messing around with the DB-7 lately and I use it to level bomb. I have noticed that when I go to the bombsite view I can end up moving the site around with my joystick. This is a nice feature to check and see if I'm lined up on my target by looking ahead and making last minute adjustments. Sometimes me moving the sight aperture around is unintentional. I was wondering if I could keymap a button to center the sight view back on center instead of elevated or traversed? I have missed a few last minute lineups because I can't get the pointers exactly where they need to be for an accurate picture view of what I'm targeted on. The end result is me missing the target... A temporary solution for me is to set the bomb site on the ground and not go into "bombardier mode" until close to drop, and not move my joystick at all to achieve a true sight picture. Another question perhaps more towards future revisions, why do we still have TAS and IAS listed for the setting of airspeed? Why not just show the IAS setting or are we setting for TAS and compensating the actual IAS? I do notice that I can set an IAS on the ground and once at altitude I always have to reset because what I set it on has changed. Although I never looked to see if the TAS I originally set it to is the same.
  4. Ok I finished my computer upgrade. Final price for upgrade = $300 New Processor, CPU, RAM All I can say is wow. I did some before and after testing with the following results:(FPS=Frames per Second) Offline Training server Before Upgrade : After Upgrade French Rifleman just spawned, 94-95 : 150-170 At Rifle Range, 45-65 : 180-200 French DB-7 just spawned, 80-87 : 180-205 Flying around, 50 : 150 Flying and shooting, 40 : 130 Online in Game I spawned an H81 and flew SW over Brussels yielding around 35-40. After upgrade averaging around 80 over Brussels. I proceeded to fly around a bit and noticed a max frame rate of 360FPS!!! I haven't really tweaked anything on the computer the only new components I purchased were ram, CPU, and motherboard. I installed them right away with no fuss other than installing new drivers. Did not adjust any setting in game either. Initially this looks promising. Thanks for the advice Indo420 & blitz92. I'm very pleased I didn't have to purchase the sound card! -Boman
  5. I'm gonna give the AMD a go for upgrade. I will try to post my before and after results here as far as performance. Plus ask for advice when it doesn't work! -boman
  6. Why is it every time I think I would build an Intel, AMD has to be there? AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz Extra core, maybe a little slower, hrmph. $28 bucks less...Maybe the motherboards are cheaper as well... -Boman
  7. Ok instead of a new soundcard, I like the processor & motherboard combo for performance increase. E8400 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard Maybe throw a couple of sticks of ram in as well. CPU cooler & thermal paste. Looking like better bang for my buck? I do like this option better than blowing 150 dollars on a sound card. -Boman
  8. Yea, I agree. I might as well buy a new board and cpu for that cost. You think if I dump 100 dollars into a sound card a would see worthwhile improvement in the game though? -boman
  9. I currently run an older rig AMD 64 3800+ 2.5 GB of ram 8800 GT Asus A8N5X motherboard Windows XP pro I currently run my sound through the motherboard. I was wondering if I bought and installed a sound card, would I achieve better performance in game? I saw a rocketfish sound card for around $25 at best buy or would any other cards work just as good or better? -Boman
  10. Anyone still using this to play?
  11. Thanks man, I found the converters. -boman
  12. My computer took a dump on me about a week back ingame and I believed that my processor had died. I have since ordered new components, mo-bo, video, & processor ect. I was planning to keep my same 450W power supply, but the connectors to power the mo-bo are diff. The current supply has 20 pins and my new mo-bo requires EATXPWR a 24 pin power supply. Any quick or easy fixes besides purchasing new? If I do purchase new could you help point me in the right direction? Thanks -boman
  13. Same problem for me -boman
  14. Wow. That has been the biggest help I have found ever during my playing of the game. I went from flying across the map stuttering to absolute smooth performance. -Boman Cheers to you
  15. I reinstalled the entire game and it seems to be working fine. I've also noticed that in both versions I had that ? marks surround every item that loads is that wrong? -Boman