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  1. This game is not going to be worth this much money, if it even is now. There are alternatives and the whole idea that this has something unique is based upon aspects of the game which are constantly DOWNGRADED.. I just don't see how the hell that makes any sense..
  2. You're getting a new computer because your HD failed? Uh... Yeah.. That is 10% of a computer's cost right there so....
  3. Really? I am on a 3.0ghz Oced dual core that cost $50, 2GB DDR3, and only a Biostar 4670.. I am on 1280x1024 w/ AA and AF on All High in-game options (low system ram checked) The grass does NOT slow down my game... Random directions seem to, but rarely and I think it's some kinda weird terrain thing or tree bug except huge forests don't even lag me.. I get minimum 15FPS, normal in large battles is 30+ Something is wrong... It ain't grass.. Prbly it's that windows 7 sux, I'm on XP.
  4. ooh it's back on!
  5. Just put training up
  6. C'mon CRS... We need the server up so I can get spawn camped by ETs some more...
  8. Think it's between these..
  9. I think I will get this bundle, and I have a cooler master 460W PS
  10. My whole computer reboots. Been doing it for a while. May be overheating my video card but I now have fans right on the card and it still does it although perhaps not as much. It does not happen with ANY other game and I have like 10 games on here, mostly pretty intensive new ones that max my card out on med settings.. It only happens around ground forces and after random amounts of time. I could play ground for 5 minutes or 2 hours and it can happen.. It never happens unless I am around a ground battle.. I experience no frame rate issues before the game freezes and my system reboots..
  11. on the 66 route i get unreachable on the last IP #9 what do I do???
  12. Nerd+Money=Win @ BE Maybe a fair system one day eh..
  13. Hey, thanks for making the vehicle game playable by normal people. I was wondering if some kind of good rudder control with the mouse is going to happen? Or even with the keys but having them auto-adjust back?? In IL2 they have it working w/ 3rd party apps, you hold down right click and move the mouse left or right to work the rudder, is this possible here??