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  1. I am a very heavy blogger, with alot of traffic... if you gave me $1 per month for every paying subscription player that came in under my referral link, I would personally promote the game all day as a part time job, and post Gameplay videos daily on Youtube. Think about the concept
  2. I had this problem aswell, Thanks Jonzar, that fixed it for me aswell!
  3. I just noticed , should have been thinking before I posted - thanks
  4. Hey guys, I am in need of some good ingame footage of both sides. I am going to be frapsing some myself. I create Adobe After Effects and professional editing for a living - I have seen many great looking fan made promos aswell as CRS made promos, and I wanted to do my part in creating a professional looking WWII Online trailer for the community, and I WILL be giving CREDIT to everyone who pitches in. If you can fraps, and send me footage (Recommended in 1080p HD) with high FPS (I cannot accept footage with low FPS) I will be giving credit to your ingame name at the end of the trailer. I normally charge other business's around $500 - 2 grand for something like this, and since this is one of the ONLY games which I love, I will be doing it free of charge to help peak other gamers interest within the gaming industry. I promise you it will be EPIC - and extremely professional. You may Skype me if you wish to have a peak at some of the work I have done. Please note some footage that is submitted may not be on it. Before footage is submitted please upload it to Youtube or any other source you wish and PM or Email me the link so that I can preview it first. My email is Or you can reach me VIA skype - ID is memmorex3 Or simply PM me on forums. Eric
  5. A good thought, but it didn't fix it. The thing is I have tried opening it from the Playgate file itself and it does the same thing just like on the shortcut
  6. Thanks for invistigating CRS.. here is what I come up with Microsoft Windows DOS Copyright Microsoft Corp 1990-2001. C:\USERS\ERIC>ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Request timed out. Request timed out. Request timed out. Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 <100% loss>, C:\USERS\ERIC> -----
  7. heh, I tried the same thing to. This is very .. annoying. I might have to end up cancelling before I am billed again until I can get this fixed. Because I don't want to pay if I can't play.
  8. Hey Manecoon - if you have Windows messenger add me at , and if you manage to get yours fixed, let me know
  9. Hey, hopefully I can get a quick response. Everytime I click the Icon on my desktop , either it comes up on a website - Unable to connect to authentication server' or , it gives a Firefox crash. I've tried doing the following ( 1 ) Running Checknet to see if its a firewall/router. All checks out ok so it is NOT a firewall issue. ( 2 ) Making sure I was running as administrator and tried running off both XP / 98 , still no go. Everything was running fine for me 2 days ago, and now I cannot get in the game at all. I've been playing basically the whole month with no issues until all of the sudden now. My account is ok and up to date. It will NOT bring playnet up for me to even get into the login screen. The game works fine running offline so I know its not the game itself, its just the login screen cannot launch. Any help?
  10. well, its 7pm now.. im back to work on it.. still no suggestions? Looks like I'm gonna have to pull an all nighter, I am so stumped. There has to be a reason why its doing this to me and not to any other vista user. I was playing WWIIOL just fine before the update. So the update has done something to effect my mouse ingame. Craziest thing I've ever seen Oh and for some odd reason at first it was running on offline and not online. But now its not working on either.
  11. I tested a theory to see if it was because of a laser mouse. so I unhooked it and tried a roller mouse. Still the same thing, my brain is about to scramble trying to fix this odd unknown problem. I might be just wasting my time. Any suggestions would be nice. I'm starting to run out of ideas after 4 hours.. and a huge headache.. I just want to play on my weekend off
  12. Well, I finally found out that the whole network error thing wasnt my problem it was just a bug. I launch in the game fine, it loads and gets to the poll screen.. and my mouse stops working. I move it around and it just stays in the middle. Never had this problem til now. Anyone else have any suggestions? When I alt tab my mouse starts working again, its only on my WWII Online that it doesnt detect it.