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  1. It looks excellent. I love everything about it. The terrain is amazing, I can properly tank now. Infantry have less cover but in a good way. The little patches of trees with the fallen one or two is great. The gas stations I quite enjoy to. I stumbled on one today and had to take a look around. Watching an EI crumple to his death and fall from the top of a church tower never gets old either. Great work guys. You did one hell of a job. I just hope I can still play when the entire player base is on.
  2. Yea its a ***** at first. Took me about 2 days to get used to it. Although turning corners does suck ***. Especially with an ei chasing me. I cant ever get through the damn door I just hit either side of it.
  3. I have 10.5.6. Its hardly an issue worth unsubbing over, but to each his own. I am sad to hear the new patch has a bad memory leak. I was excited to play during the stress test with more than 20 people.
  4. Still cant mark when ML on a mac.
  5. Yea it would suck if we couldn't climb anymore. A climb button would be the best. Climbing in trees would be the ultimate sniper position. I wish you would bring that back.
  6. When i crouch or lay down, i'm screwed. No shooting, cant walk up hills or anything. It plays the animation like i am crouched or laying down but my view will stay the same, only the gun changes positions. When i make clones in crouch or prone mode, they will appear laying down or crouched.
  7. This also happened to me during the offline beta. I didn't get to mow down my clones. But it happened to me every time after i first couldn't shoot (even after I respawned), regardless if I crouched or went prone. That was my only experience with the offline beta so I don't know if it happens more or again upon restart of the game. Now when I try and log into the online beta it says the server is down, ill check it out when i can. I am also on a macbook pro.
  8. The germans figured it was better to not have shiny white things that stick out like your little white tights I have never seen this before either.
  9. ctd

    I have gotten 6 cthl's in a row right after i spawn in, i gave up trying. Hopefully re-downloading it fixes it.. i hope.