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  1. Keeps happening to me too. It really sucks. I love paying for something I cant even play..
  2. Anyone know how to fix it? The bar goes to the end of the loading screen then just stops and wont do anything.
  3. When I use the updater, it never works and I have to download the entire game every time. Does this happen to anyone else and is there a way to fix it?
  4. So if I cancel I have to pay a fee? Or is that just for the package deals?
  5. Curious to see how the rats define "civil and productive".
  6. I recently read a yahoo article that said most MMO's are lowering their price..
  7. Uhhhh... why? I don't think it will get fairly discussed locked under the stairs.. do you? The very least you could do was let us know instead of trying to sneak it by.
  8. The fine print: Month-to-month (non-plan) subscription fees will be charged at a rate of $17.99USD per month effective November 5th, 2010.
  9. Vonmodel is signing up to. It be great if we could be on the same team.
  10. I've noticed that when, total speculation based on a few instances, I have my mission set as Geel, my stick gets delayed. Has happened twice so far.
  11. Most definitely up for this. Ill take whatever side needs me.
  12. I was playing today and all of a sudden when i clicked enter world, it just turns grey and sits there. Ill do this a few more times and then my game will crash. Anyone have any clues, it quite sucks.
  13. I use that same stick. If you haven't checked out the keymapper, do so. If that isn't it, go to your controllers in game and click on joystick1 or whatever one your using and then push detect controllers. The game doesn't read it sometimes and you just have to give it a little help. Hope it works, shoot down some EA for me.
  14. The latest one I had was 131.46.