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  1. Keeps happening to me too. It really sucks. I love paying for something I cant even play..
  2. Anyone know how to fix it? The bar goes to the end of the loading screen then just stops and wont do anything.
  3. When I use the updater, it never works and I have to download the entire game every time. Does this happen to anyone else and is there a way to fix it?
  4. So if I cancel I have to pay a fee? Or is that just for the package deals?
  5. Curious to see how the rats define "civil and productive".
  6. The fine print: Month-to-month (non-plan) subscription fees will be charged at a rate of $17.99USD per month effective November 5th, 2010.
  7. I recently read a yahoo article that said most MMO's are lowering their price..
  8. Uhhhh... why? I don't think it will get fairly discussed locked under the stairs.. do you? The very least you could do was let us know instead of trying to sneak it by.
  9. Vonmodel is signing up to. It be great if we could be on the same team.
  10. I've noticed that when, total speculation based on a few instances, I have my mission set as Geel, my stick gets delayed. Has happened twice so far.
  11. Most definitely up for this. Ill take whatever side needs me.
  12. I was playing today and all of a sudden when i clicked enter world, it just turns grey and sits there. Ill do this a few more times and then my game will crash. Anyone have any clues, it quite sucks.
  13. I use that same stick. If you haven't checked out the keymapper, do so. If that isn't it, go to your controllers in game and click on joystick1 or whatever one your using and then push detect controllers. The game doesn't read it sometimes and you just have to give it a little help. Hope it works, shoot down some EA for me.
  14. The other day I was freeing up some space and deleted the beta client. Today, when I tried to log in, the loading screen would just sit there and hang on "loading vehicle models" and after a few minutes it would crash. I did this a few more times and tried to figure out what was wrong. I realized I deleted the beta. So I ended up clearing all the WWII online programs and documents and did a fresh download of the full install and it worked great. In case you didn't know, there she is.
  15. The latest one I had was 131.46.
  16. It sucks. The presets for best performance etc are locked in. I can't enable or disable them. Only under my effects tab though. Also, hovering over towns or people doesn't give me their names or what brigades are in that town. nothing serious but kind of annoying.
  17. I haven't been getting many CTD's but I have been getting a lot of mission pending. It doesn't make my game crash anymore though (usually) so I can still play at least.
  18. I have a macbook pro 2.4 ghz duel 2 gigs of ram with a geforce 8600. It used to run TERRIBLE like 4 fps. Now I can actually play pretty lag free with best performance. Didn't even have to go down a screen resolution. Yay!
  19. Ill take an allied inf. But I can fly or drive if you need.
  20. I just keep pushing command tab about 200 times and it will eventually work.
  21. Awesome. Even one more FPS gives me at least that much more hope Thanks for the hard work mate. We all appreciate it.
  22. So do the bugs you have found do anything for FPS? Im not a very computer literate guy, but I think (hope) thats what your getting at?
  23. Its starting to suck really bad. When i am the only person on my mission out in the tundra defending an FB and have found and EMS or something that needs to be marked but cant. I hate it. Any word on if this is being looked into or getting fixed for 1.31?
  24. Has anyone tried running the beta with bootcamp on an under par machine? I have a macbook pro 2.4 ghz 2 gigs of ram. I recall someone saying it may work better. I don't really care about many fps, just enough to get by. I usually only get about 25-30 range anyway so as long as i can aim without to hanus of lag, ill be happy. Buying a copy of windows is much more realistic than dropping 2 grand on a new computer, not that I could afford that anyway.