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  1. It's cool to see the map expand again! Maybe there's a typo on the map though? I don't see a place called "Evivermen" between Dieppe and Londinières, but there's a place called Envermeu:,1.220529,12.75z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x47e0af7b5da5e693:0x40c14484fb685f0!8m2!3d49.8970119!4d1.2649727 Also, the Somme river actually runs South of Le Crotoy, it is essentially canalized and forming a straight line NW from Abbeville.
  2. I'm extremely excited about this too, I think the environment needs to be improved before other aspects of the game. The screenshots are cool, but there are a few things that look wrong to me and could be improved. The kitchen furniture looks very modern to me, I'd imagine a 1930s kitchen to look more like this (minus the fridge probably) Corn field looks fantastic, and of course infantry needs way more cover, but unfortunately I don't think corn was much common in the area we're fighting in. This is from a 1931 book: In France, corn was produced only in the South Western area that is not modelled at all in the game. In the Northeast it was rare to non-existent. Surface alloted to corn production in France really took off after WWII and the availability of US hybrid crops: 348,000 ha in 1930 (same book) vs 700,000 ha in 1960 and 1,500,000 ha in 1970 (fr.wikipedia).
  3. French troops under Vichy were not under Axis control, very far from it.
  4. I'm extremely excited by this, but sorry, not impressed by the French CO model so far. A commissioned officer allowed to wear the képi would typically not wear the soldier's coat, and definitely not these pants and webbing. Please have a look at some research here:
  5. Ingame French, German and British uniforms are based on what was most currently fielded in May 1940. It could be interesting to have later-tier uniforms indeed. Variety is always nice. French infantry was about to replace the long "capote" with a short jacket, and "bandes molletières" were already partially replaced by leggings. Both were somewhat widely fieded during the Vichy years. Starting in 1943 of course they were wearing US uniforms, though often with some French kit preserved like helmets, scarves etc.
  6. Panzerfaust? That's weak
  7. In WWI they worn the then army standard blue-grey capote over their navy uniforms though.
  8. Several sources point to a dark-blue version of the usual capote and assorted pants. I'm not sure how often this was used though.
  9. This pic actually shows a Potez 633 originally built for Romania. It has the bombrack for 4x50kg-class bombs, as well as additional armour for the pilot. Having the Potez 63x class would be nice and all, but for some reason I think slow STOL army co-operation planes would be very cool to have in the game.
  10. It was working pretty much the same in Parsoft's "Fighter Squadron: SDOE" in 1998... offline of course. (or maybe online with a max of a handful players on a tiny map)
  11. Ooops... I meant the Potez 58, the variant in military service pictured above being the Potez 585.
  12. The Potez 43 wasn't in military service AFAIK, whereas the very similar Potez 53 was: Officially, it was a training/liaison plane, but it did fly reconnaissance missions in 1940.
  13. Cool pics huh?
  14. I have enjoyed "Army at dawn" and "Day of battle" quite a lot. I will definetely read the third volume.