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  1. Best way i've described it is a bunch of Company of Hero's battles happening at once, in first person, that you could fly too... even drive to. High Commands are the RTS clickers.
  2. These debates go all the way back to the IIIH. It was a long time before the French had the Stuart and the Brits had any 6lbers... a 2lber crusader didn't fair well unless there was a matty around to soak it up. French... well the Chars could take the hit but it was the blens that held the line against IIIH. Spall Damage and the fancy screenshot with all the lines was a happy release. I remember most of the time it was luring the IIIH into a sapper trap. You couldn't brake tracks early on. I'm excited to see the Firefly . Last time I played was Campaign 34 with 3 sorties in 39 it appears. Joined right before 1.9 patch. We all talked about the glory of one day the firefly arrival. Just have to get my Keymaps squared away and I'll be rolling around again.