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  1. Originally started with 10th Mountain Division under a feerless WWII Online TnnlRat and his father Vulcan6 and I remember running recon and assisting 23rd when I think they moved from Axis to Allied. Eventually ran with the 11th Hussars and I can't remember all the in between. What squads are active? I started back in the days of 1.9. The subscription price promo drew me in to try it again, was the price I paid back then! I'm finally on thanks to a snow day... few and far between in this adult life... heck I'm 30 now so was it middle school I played this? Started it right after Delta Force Black Hawk Down on PC started its decline from cheaters. Mix in Joint Operations etc, whatever happened to Novalogic? Cutting to the chase, back on target, was hoping to join a tanker group as the group I was with kicked [censored] as recon tankers and the like, I don't know if theres still a stats page, however I have flown bombers to factories or dropped payloads on camped bases or in a huddle of tanks, CAS etc. DB7 life you could wound a 110 if it wasn't looking. Death Trap Blens. I'm up for anything, don't mind hooking and jabbing as a little infantry guy. Do grenades still blow up on contact? I'm sure the mechanics of the game are totally different as far as supply, and I've got to get my controller or joystick going again...we used to bring stuff up and the AHC would decide where supply was eventually, I was in the Allied High Command at one point, those days of typing .fallback :/ I remember driving in a column of Stuart's up to Antwerp and over to stop an axis steam roll with the IIIH, that took hours as it was before the attack objectives and moving armies or what not around, just every base XXX number of whatever. Some quick names to throw out there incase they are still on: Kidd27 Chesehed and his truck Mizzou, Embark, Muzzyman, Blownup, so many more, I see a post from Saber21 and Cosine below, might get on their crew. hmm I have a whole bunch of old screenshots on a couple hard drives I have to mess with. Man I had my keymaps all set back then with flaps on the joystick. Ironically I still have my Saitek Cyborg Evo and hopefully it still works with the newer Windows. I wonder if I still have my little Beyond Blitzkrieg and such Icons on my tank. Photobucket pretty much ate all WWII Online screenshots that were hosted online. Used to have a site on when the game gave squads a small low rent page of html.
  2. Got it working, its one axis split, so you have to play with the "+" and "-" to get the setup right for on the gas, off the gas etc. EDIT: First Had to run the calibration wizard in the device settings of Windows.
  3. I can't get my triggers for my 360 controller to register as anything. Will play with it somewhere later and see.
  4. Best way i've described it is a bunch of Company of Hero's battles happening at once, in first person, that you could fly too... even drive to. High Commands are the RTS clickers.
  5. These debates go all the way back to the IIIH. It was a long time before the French had the Stuart and the Brits had any 6lbers... a 2lber crusader didn't fair well unless there was a matty around to soak it up. French... well the Chars could take the hit but it was the blens that held the line against IIIH. Spall Damage and the fancy screenshot with all the lines was a happy release. I remember most of the time it was luring the IIIH into a sapper trap. You couldn't brake tracks early on. I'm excited to see the Firefly . Last time I played was Campaign 34 with 3 sorties in 39 it appears. Joined right before 1.9 patch. We all talked about the glory of one day the firefly arrival. Just have to get my Keymaps squared away and I'll be rolling around again.
  6. Hey I got to get discord or what not I suppose, but hello! you guys still kicking?
  7. Wow that thing has serious front fan! I went the coolermaster case route: Got it on newegg while it was on sale for 60 bucks if memory serves me right. I have 2 blue colored LED fans in the front grill now. Since that picture I've sacrificed one cd rom drive (the sliver bezel one) for a Hard drive, also above the fan speed knob is a neat gauge showing how many watts my computer is eating up. Right now its around 100-150 watts its blue LED back lighted, I went with this theme cause its real easy to get stuff in those colors. Its really dirty and dusty actually right now, my house generates alot of dust...might have something to do with all my dads cigarette smoking. EDIT: Taken this opportunity to use my new digital camera: Clickable Thumbnails: Very nice motherboard. It certainly will be considered by me, a guy who can't afford to upgrade all at once again, be nice to keep my ram, video card and other stuff while I work on affording a new Video-card Althought I am an AMD guy at this time. 2nd EDIT: AH HA found an AMD version:
  8. For my nvidia I've been hanging onto the 84.56 drivers for awhile...part of it is lazyiness to have to change all the settings, part of it is these have given me best performance thus far. (EVGA GeForce 6800 128MB AGP8X)
  9. wow nice link, soundcards can be helpful to free up CPU cycles.
  10. Get this "Unable to connect to the Patch Server." error after playgate says "update found". Do I have to undo the live test patch fix this, thought I read I didn't have too. Any help appreciated, Ed
  11. working now, used the golden rule, when in doubt restart ones computer!
  12. does your keyboard have a "Function" or key with an F in a box or circle or something to that effect to toggle the F keys. I have that same problem but hitting toggleing the function key thing off solved it.
  13. My system is slowing falling behind, but from my understanding I could re-use a sound card on a 64bit/dual core system when I have the funds down the road. So I was thinking of a getting a budget based sound card. What that means in hopefully in the ~100 dollar range... I don't know if that is high-end or low-end... would like less but I doubt I would find it. My main limiting factor is the processor, which is pretty much near the top of the Socket A generation. I know it doesn't take much to get a soundcard better than onboard but I don't know where to look and what all the sound card features are. For example I really don't need a 8 Speaker super card as I play the game with headphones...I might be nicer headphones but its only once in awhile that I have the abilty to use my 5.1 speakers, and thats usually when no ones home, people don't like to be disturbed by the sounds of explosions...ok my dad doesn't. I was thinking about this one... but once again it has alot I don't need...but maybe in order to get the most CPU cycles away from sound that would be needed? If this is a good "no frills" best performance card I'll jump on it and it'll be in here 2-3 days: at 30 bucks its pretty much ready for me to pull the trigger. My Specs: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ "Barton" [in an ABIT NF7] Geforce 6800 AGP 128MB [Vanilla version and I am successful in opening up the pipes] 1024MB of Ram [Good Corsiar Stuff] 550w CoolerMaster Power Supply I have a couple hard drives in the system so I took the liberty of moving WWII Online and my pagefile to the non-windows drive, which from my understanding is what one should do. I also move them to a smaller drive which supposedly would aide in seek times or something. Its been awhile since I've played the game, but I squeaked by with decent FPS, it was the huge battles that hurt me but from the Air I could usually make a pass to get the first jitters out of the way then do a bombing run. I could play as infantry pretty tanking skills began to suffer from the occasional FPS drop when looking in concentrated people areas.
  14. Thanks for all the info fellas. Great advice will probably get the one with the rebate (X-FI Xtreme Music.) Yeah my plans are to keep the sound card for when I build my next rig, (along with CD/HD etc) and keep this one running with minimal stuff for office and web stuff....but thats a bit away from now. Thanks again.
  15. I love AVG, better than McAffe and Norton and free for residential use I downloaded ewido today, is the free version (guess it reverts to that after 30 days) good enough protection?
  16. Considering a stuka is a divebomber, in situations where it would be flaming to the ground you'd probibly be going to fast or be to low to bail out But yes the 10 sec thing to me is good enough for the bail out plus people can't just bail out from a firefight that way.
  17. Did your FPS seem to increase or decrease w/1.24? Decrease- but I seem to have less stutters and smoother play a) CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ "Barton" BIOS/motherboard: Bios: 27-November/22/2004 Board: Abit NF7 Rev 2.0 c) RAM & type: 1024MB DDR333 Corsair in Dual Channel Mode- 2x256mb 1x512mb d) Video card: Nvidia- EVGA Geforce 6800 128mb AGP 8x e) Video card drivers version/build: 84.56 f) Sound card: Onboard ALC650 (AC'97) g) Sound card drivers version/build: 4.62 h) Settings: shademode gouraud bdithering false bspecular true texturereduction true sound NVIDIA® nForce Audio bsoundenable true b3dsoundenable true video NVIDIA GeForce 6800 resolution 1152x864x32 bnoframerunahead false enablevsync true gammared 1.000000 gammagreen 1.000000 gammablue 1.000000 bshowinfo true shadowsizeselect 0 volumemultiplier 1.000000 musicmultiplier 1.000000 hudvisible 2 fogscaleselector 0 maxnumbersounds 32 suppressmuzzlesmoke false suppressmuzzlelight false suppresstracersmoke true lodfieldofview true lodlimitperframe false bcursorenabled false friendlycolor 16711680 enemycolor 255 squadcolor 29670 missioncolor 8388608 missionleadercolor 2520843 language 0 ambientlevel 2 radialclutter false radialdensity 0.100000 radialradius 0.100000 visplayerlimit 2 fsaasamples 0 fsaahighquality false soundhighquality true soundforcestereo false soundconvertonload true capturealldisplays true enableh2oshaders true postrenderfilter false grassshader true normalmaps false waterreflections false reflectionupdate 0 wantmessagealert true usenetworkroute 0 wantsse2 false 1) OFFLINE TEST - FPS RESULTS a) Rifleman in spawn: 35-40 Rifle range (500m box) no binocs: 30-35 Rifle range (500m box) w/binocs: 55-60 c) No binocs, 90° Right: 39-42 180° right: 33-36 270° right: 27-33 2) ONLINE TEST – TRAINING SERVER - FPS RESULTS- PENDING EVENT IN PROGRESS AND I DON"T KNOW HOW TO SPAWN AREA 51 on training server a) Rifleman in spawn: Rifle range (500m box) no binocs: Rifle range (500m box) w/binocs: c) No binocs, 90° Right: 180° right: 270° right:
  18. some of the 8XXX drivers weren't all so hot, I have been using the 84.56 from ym card manufacturer with good results.
  19. Is there anything like this planned to help out us older CPU users, the Athlon XP is one of the most popular proccessors for gamers (although now getting dated) is there anything that is in the works to increase performance like those who can use SSE2? Althought I suppose if that was possible it would have been done, or is done, already.
  20. it goes by the original short name of your squad, so lets say its started of as 54th Missouri mules as 54th, and later you changes it to GFG Wolfpack, the shortname will still be 54th since in the old system that was the identifier of the squad key, at least that was what I was told There is something on the forums about getting them changed to the correct thing, however the area its in eludes me.
  21. sorry to interupt but what is the SSE2 that i keep hearing about and would my system work with it: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ GeForce 6800 128mb - AGP 8X Windows XP Home EDIT: nevermind did a forum search and found my answer, apparantly all Athlon XP's do not support SSE2.
  22. I have 84.56 for my 128mb 6800 vanilla (non-ultra) and they have been working pretty good, there haven't been many optimizations, if any, for my card in the last few drivers but your card being newer might benefit, have a read at the nvidia site, theres a PDF you can download that shows all the driver changes by version.
  23. In some cases the rats leave the debugging code in for the first few days prior to the "clean up" patch that follows a few days later, this helps them get good feedback from systems that are crashing or suffering poor performance so in the next patch they can not only remove the debugging, but also improve performance on a wider scale than what was in the least thats how it was explained to me. I'd go into your driver settings and adjust those settings, try shuffle a slider from max visual to visual or performance, might want to try NT compatability on again. Good luck
  24. in situations like this I hit my "F10" key since I can't see past the trees anyway. F10 brings "the fog of war" closer so you can't see as far, great for city fighting when everything is well inside the closest one.