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  1. Their still isn't a game like this out there. To play in one game world half the size of Europe is a amazing thing, and with everyone all playing on the same map makes it even more awesome. And i think most agree that when a massive battle happens, there really isnt any other game that can compare to this. For me i have never played a game that gives me the sense of war like this. That brings up my main question. Why isn't this game more popular? We have times when their is alot of people online(especially Buckeyes funeral event with over 200 people all in Antwerp which was a sight to see!) which makes it alot of fun! But we also have times where their isn't hardly anyone on, and we all know what makes this game is the players! The more players the more fun! Is it because not many people know about this game to begin with? Are pc's not as popular as it used to be? When free to play was implemented i thought for sure we would see huge amounts more on. I know this game though to isn't for everyone. Their are a lot of times where you might not see the enemy for awhile. Some might be more into the fast action of call of duty and battlefield. I think the biggest thing though is a lot of people just simply never heard of this game. What do you all think?
  2. I keep hearing about this a lot lately(mostly since the new patch) arguing about what side has more players and such. I'm not sure if this is a excuse of certain sides when losing ground or just frustration with the new patch. My question is though, Does the side with more players always win? Logically it would seem yes, but isn't their times when one side can have more than the other and vice versa? And when people say the other side has more players, how much more players is it would you say? Is it 5-15 which to me wouldn't make a huge difference. Or is it 20-30 or on up? Which then i could see could make a difference. My point to is, do people take skill into a factor too though? Some players are really good and can kill/do more then 2 or 3 of other players combined and make a huge difference. And just simply know's how the game works. And could probably hold on pretty good if they were the side with the lower population.... If the side that always has more people wins, then whats the point of even playing at all? Are you saying you can look back at all the campaigns and say it was from the other teams having more population??
  3. Laffayette Federation!!?? Nice!! Used to be in that squad too! Welcome back!
  4. Very POSITIVE!!!! Reminds me of the old days! If anyone played last night(Im allied) It was seriously one of the funnest nights i have had in a long time!! Seems now more people stay together! Looking at the mini map, you could see the sense of your own "line" as you don't see as many lonewolfs now. And even at times now when there isn't as many people on, you still get the feeling of a "big" battle because people are more together and not so spread out when attacking. I think this was a great move CRS!
  5. Just out of curiosity...was there a special reason that many was online at the time?? That a alot of people!
  6. any free to play people game working?? All mine is red right now(pc user)
  7. This game has been around for 15 years!!! You guys can take a few days off with family...you know we aren't going anywhere! haha
  8. Honestly CRS, if it gets to the point where their is just to much bugs or headaches to fix right now, don't worry! Its Christmas eve, you guys deserve to be with your families too! With that said thanks for all the hard work!!
  9. Anyone know? New patch coming tonight?? Happy Holidays everyone!
  10. nevermind please delete..thanks!
  11. Their was "Spys" back in world war 2 which did have a big effect on some battles strategically. I guess i just like at side switchers as that haha
  12. I have been playing on and off for 11 years. Never went Axis once until recently for Buckeyes Funeral event! I just always been dedicated to the Allies. That's just me though!
  13. A laffayette video! Badger your in it at 6:27
  14. Everything you said was on point!!!!! I think if you allow any town to be cappable on the front lines. It will bring back squads again! I remember back in early 2,000s i was in Lafayette Federation. A guy named Shlomsky was a leader and it was awesome!!! The squad would get together and we would join on any town, and stick together. I remember too when certain squads would only play in the North or South of map, and would ask for permission to the other squads if they could help or if they needed help. I just remember it being a lot more squad based gameplay, because the players truly had a say in the map! That was also the time when their was no mobile spawns. Everyone would load up in trucks at the fb in head into town. But a lot of times you were heading in with tanks and other trucks with atgs. It really gave that sense of "war" and a "massive" feel too it. Something i think the adding of mobile spawns take away now!
  15. Hey guys!! was just wondering if they took away the binocs for free to play? Noticed when i logged in today it wasn't working. Just trying to make sure it wasn't anything on my end! Hope to get a premium sub with christmas money!..Thanks!
  16. Im not trying to compare this game to bf3. I know there is alot more going on, bigger worlds, more people etc. but the average customer, the one that is paying there earned cash a month, doesnt see it like that. They see it in the sense that this game graphically isnt nearly as good as other games im playing, yet this game runs worse on my computer then any other. They ask, why is that? Why would i pay for a game that i cant get good fps in? I really think this game is awesome, but why would i pay for a game that i only get 10-15 fps in battles? Me and many others would agree, that this game is one of the best ive ever played. I love everything about this game, except the fact that i cant get great fps.
  17. Wow, great post man. Alot of us are having really bad fps, and almost all of us have computers that should run this game at least a consitently 30 fps for sure. How can you play battlefield 3 on almost high settings, then come here and your fps is like 15-30? Just doesnt make sense. That has to be why many people end up leaving. Your paying monthly for a game, that you feel like you have the computer for, yet your not getting good fps. Why would someone want to pay monthly for a game that they feel there not getting there "moneys worth" P.S My fps werent bad before 1.34. Then this patch came and myself, like many others seemed a big decrease in performance.
  18. usaf yes, you get to carry anything you earned while on trial to the sub