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  1. Recently, I came back to WWIIOL as a FTP player, just so happens that day was August 4th, and the Rats had just introduced the Lower tier subscription option. $5 spare dollars in my bank later, and I had access to a few more toys. Some of you know who I am, others don't. I started playing years ago, dedicated 2 years into AHC, before having to leave the game due to the Military. I came back in 2013, for a short time, before life and Work again whisked me away. This time, I'm back for what I hope is for good. And I'm already seeing the problem with WWIIOL. You can say that F2P isn't viewed as freeloaders, all you want. Honest answer is, you're lying. I've seen enough instances from every side since I've been back, people ragging on free players, new players, and everything in between. You think some New-Bro wants to join this game when his first impression is that you'd rather he go play COD or the like? No way. The attitude players of this game show the new players is insane, you want the game to last, but, you won't show them some common grace? Had it not been for the fact that I let a few people know that Faust117 was Actually Vendetta, I'd not have come back to this hostility. Totally uncalled for, all sides. Rats are doing the very best they can with what they have, I am sure. Now's the time to help them, if you want this game we all love to survive. -V
  2. Tank's are an outdated concept as of late, IED's and VBIED's have been developed that defeat a tank's armor effectively. In Basic Training, we were shown a half hour long video of nothing but IED blast's so that we got the idea. in SEVERAL of the scene's, it was a M1 Abram's or other allied battle tank being turned inside out by an IED or VBIED or one of them little kenetic thing's they have that fire's a copper plate through anything in it's path. So yeah, in modern warfare, tank's aren't all that amazing anymore. So I will still hold to the "Friendly tank! RUN FOR COVER" that became popular among U.S. Infantry in WWII.
  3. Thank's for the answer, I'll try it after I redownload the game. Called the guy I got it from, he told me to do something *He run's a shop and this was to be his personal computer*, so, i had to do that, and now it's ALL good.
  4. Okay all, let me start with a small story, for kick's. Some of you may know I prided myself on having a XM-15 ES2 Carbine Rifle, pimped out, right, but, it got old fast. So, I take it to the Gunshow to sell it, problem is, no one's buying much. 1700 rolls around, and on my way out, this guy with a different brand of AR-15, and a red bag, asks me about my red dot sight, next thing I know, he's whipping out this amazing laptop, window's 7 Ultimate on it, and a rather nice Graphic's card, worth as much as my Rifle, and then he hand's me 100$. So, I traded an Assault Rifle for a laptop. Now, I JUST installed WWIION, now here's whats up. When the game starts up, it show's the mouse in the middle of the screen, can not move it, and no response. What can I change?
  5. V here, me and Seck's want Arizona if it's free, if not, just give me a DD please.
  6. Vendetta here, Sign me up for Command of the USS Farragut, if you would *Edit: Actually, sign me and Secks up for the USS Arizona if it's free.
  7. Sabre here, Commanding Officer of the British 2nd Armored Brigade, BEF. Got an XO Slot open, and we're always looking for another squad to attach to the 2nd. If you're interested, pm me, and we'll see what we can work out.
  8. Duece and a Half is still in use in the U.S., not very widely. Also, some spec ops snipers still use the M1 with a M84 mounted on it. We still have a few other things lying around.