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  1. i called Asus support and the support guy said i just gotta wait for intel to write a new chipset for my motherboard.theres no solution atm.did google for 4 hours , ouch!
  2. ok i went through my old email from when i bought my computer and found my motherboard name : Asus P7P55D Deluxe -- Intel P55 Chipset CrossFire and SLI Supported w/9.1 Sound, so i've got a intel P55 chipset and its not a x58 chipset , but now i'm confused at this point. i'm not sure exactly how to fix this bcause my moherboard is not showing up in my device manager
  3. ok i known my motherboard is a asus but can't find out what model it is . is there a why to find out what model asus motherboard is in my desktop?
  4. what is x58 chipset?
  5. 5 years ago my CHproducts controllers worked well . now i've updated to windows 10 , in my other games my controllers still work. but, with wwiionline my controllers are not working . have you updated CH products controllers for wwiionline or are you in the process of doing so?
  6. Ctd

    no gohper we are all tired of going through ctd's and all the other crap you have to fix while we wait . i've payed my money this month. just give me back my money back i'll never play again
  7. just wanted to say ty to munchkin for his help i got my game working again! ty munchkin. crs should think about making an uninstall program with an uninstaller once i knew to take out the documents files too it was fixed after i re-installed munchkin
  8. ok, i've just deleted everything of wwiionline including the documents files too, and i'm downloading the full install now . i've even deleted all past downloads of wwiionline too! and we'll see how this goes .
  9. ok wait a sec. how do i open file extensions
  10. is the wwiiol.xml is that the dreamweaver file?
  11. i don't see a file named wwiiol.xml in the documents /battleground europe folder. does that mean anything?
  12. GOGHUR i presume you are reading this thread still? i turned of steam.com still no luck . this is without a doubt the strangest thing i've run acrossed. i have my own tech ppl but i hate to have them drive out here from NYC. and i don't want to have to wait untill sometime this coming week for them to come out here. i'm going to contact webroot tech and have them look through my computer and see whats going on too
  13. yes i've wiped wwiionline and all files 2 times so far and done clean installs . yet no sucess. this is the strangest thing i've incountered with wwiionline. i'm very confused and getting frustrated at this point. now the only other game i've install recently is R.U.S.E., but that game is downloaded through steampowered.com, and its a completely different game. and all steam applications are only in steam file locations
  14. look , i've tried everything. it just seems strange that my res. is fine in the open beta testing , but in the live online game i'm only getting 800x800x32 open beta 1920x1200x32 live online play 800x800x32 i've tried settings and everything else you guys got me jumping through hoops and it ridicules it only makes sense that if open beta my res. goes to 1920x1200x32 that my online play should be 1920x1200x32 ,but, its not! UNLESS ! the open beta testing is effecting my online resolution! which i think it is
  15. yeah ok , all your comments are really funny, hahaha , my monitor defualt is 1920x1200x32 the live online game is supposed to be the same thing ,but ,its not anymore! i stop playing for a week or so i come back and my ingame live online res. i 800x800x32 . i don't know what the problem is . now since you all think this is such a joke , i'll just go to my bank and have them get my money back and i'll enter a fraud claim, then they'll as usually contact the fbi, i'll go that route