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  1. this is more that a hiccup its more like the puke on tosh.0. get out the mops CRS you've just puked all over the game again
  2. yeah my year sub. is done in dec. i'm not renewing anything
  3. Re: ctd while in game every 20 mins yeah send us all e-mails after you get the CTD 'S FIXED i'll go back to playing worldoftanks
  4. yeah send us all e-mails after you get the CTD 'S FIXED i'll go back to playing worldoftanks
  5. i'm now forming a new axis squad of combined land, air and sea forces for wwiionline BE . i will start the squad in feb, on the 25 . plz leave your name here on this thread plz. if you're interested in joining this group. I NEED 1 PERSON TO BE A FORUM ADMISTRATOR FOR MY squad who knows how to make a web site ! this is also a place for the men or women (gender netrual) who play all the time and everyday ! this will be a full panzer corps instead of just a division! with LW , and KM support! something like KGW but without a (trial period)!!!!!!!!! rckgunny 3pdkg3 kvd
  6. theres a lot of threads on this problem TOPD it only seems yo happen when i see you logged into game i have weboot security so i called the too they told me same thing connection is fine no virus es no malware or anything they said same thing : it must be software application program i'm trying to run this happens upon login or during game like it did now when you logged in game but ty anyway TOPD
  7. no already called my internet company and they told me my intenet connect is fine, they told me its the software application program i'm trying to run quote un quote
  8. ok about the error code 10057, yes it is CRS 's falt ! now, this is going to sound weird , but everything i say always sounds weird. it has everything to do with the granny2 dll file:! and here is what it does: during 1am and 6 am the granny2 dll file moves itself from your game file to somewhere else ! ''it roams to somewhere else'' ie. to documents etc. somewhere , were its not supposed to be ! it seems to be a game files stability issue.! which means the granny2 dlll file only has a shelf life of less than 24 hours in any one day, for instance: like you buy milk on oct.17, and the experation date says nov.2nd , but becuase the milk was not made right it turn bad before oct, 18 basically what that means is whoever made the granny2 dll either doesn't have a computer degree, or a microsoft license, they don't know what they're doing with scripting the file itself , etc etc etc ! heres the temporary fix ::::::: just go to downloads find your main download you used to download the game its called wwiio10000132013 exe. or what it is is a application file !!! then it wil refresh your granny2.dll file then you'll be able to type in you login name and password and the game will be fine untill the next day and you'll have to do that everyday untill CRS can make the files solid and that ! is only anyone guess when they be able to fix that issue. so it is NOT ! an issue with your internet connection! its a software application issue! you're welcome rckgunny
  9. Hey guess what i'm mad ! Why am i getting this error code everyday now? ''all of a sudden''! I know crs doesn't like me all that much, but i've payed my monthly 14.99. So i don't want this happening everyday . Fix it now ! No excuses from you crs! I'm done with your excuses about this or that, understand?
  10. ppl with ati radeon 5850 graghics cards the game only runs with that cards for 10 to 30 minutes at a time! no its not ati or microsoft or windows responsiablity to make wwii online 1.31 cornered rat software work with ati hardware! its CRS 's job to keep up with hardware advances! i just checked with ati support windows support and microsoft support on the phone with them and then i checked with 3 different computer repair shops all said the same thing its not the graghics card its the software game company that has to make the game compatiable with the hardware. SO WHEN IS CRS GOING TO MAKE THE ATI RADEON 5850 GRAGHICS CARD COMPATIABLE WITH WWII ONLINE 1.31 ???????????
  11. expierencing ctds with the new open beta . i'm running windows 7 . tried changing compatabilty to vista w/ service pack 2 but stiill get ctds. this doen't happen with 1.30 S!rckgunny
  12. i need a more detailed desciption of how to make a squad , weither or not i need a rat demigod or what approval to make a new squad ? i have 2 premium subscriptions to this game . but its still not working rckgunny S!
  13. i just need 2 more people to form a new squad! i'm going to name it [AXIS]7th Panzer division. PM me in game. i have 2 accounts rckgunny and rck2. i'm in game everyday . ty and S! rckgunny S!
  14. i look up the history of 1940 france ! rommel commanded the 7th panzer division also know as the ''ghost division '' so, this will be the name of my new squad! 7th pzr div. if you want to help me make this new squad pm me here on this thread and just leave you game name so i can contact you . ty rckgunny:)
  15. also if anyone wants to join my new squad you can contact me at rckthegunny@hotmail.com ty rckgunny
  16. i read the ati radeon thread on the anti analasing fix , and i've upgrade my drivers and tried to fix it. i can only play for a few minutes after i've spawned in and then my game ctd's with no error messages. can ww2 online make a hotfix for myself and some other ppl. in the game? ty rckgunny