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  1. I wanted to like it, but found it a bit weird that there were very few infantry about. Drove trucks for a bit but found almost no one willing to spawn boots for the drive. So it felt like two dozen tanks on each side with a handful of infantry running around and capturing stuff. Think I played for 2 or 3 hours and didn't see a single enemy soldier - only tanks.

    Possibly that was because of unlimited supply and the fact that if you're going to invest time in the drive most people want something that doesn't die instantly.

    Probably worth doing something similar again, but it didn't leave me hankering for the pre-msp days.

  2. The "Bloody Battles" events were a series of mini campaigns played over a couple of days or a week between main campaigns. They featured fewer brigades and objectives in a small area of the map. I thought they were fun, but people who use the forums screamed and complained no end that they were ruining the game by trying something different. So we haven't had another one for a long time.

    The only "special events" I've seen recently have been CinC nights. These are just times when the Commander in Chief of each side promises to log on and every effort is made to get lots of players on so that we can have lots of battles. Sometimes they throw in little games like having the CinCs fly bombers in a certain area and awarding prizes to whoever shoots them down.

    They get advertised in the player forums (that I don't think FPA have access to) and the front page of the website. They're kinda of random in timing though.

  3. The best Axis tanks in the later tiers are the Tiger, 3g and 4g. You simply aren't going to get them as a F2P account. They are few in number and must be reserved for the paying subscribers.

    We will not get the Panther. Maybe in a few years, if this subscription drive works and money comes rolling in so that CRS can employ more people, but not now or even soon - so it's best not to hope for it.

    Allies don't have fireflies, so no need to worry about it. The Shermans can be killed by the ATGs that F2P accounts can spawn. The Pz3H (which I think F2P players get in the late war period?) can also kill shermans at closer ranges. And remember, the terrain in this game means most tank combat is well under 1km, often within a few hundred meters. The hardest tank for you to deal with is the Churchill series - but they're slower than snails and mount the relatively ordinary 6lber.

    So, as a F2P account, you can use a basic tank that can do reasonably well if you are very careful - or once the high end tanks are all dead. And this often happens very quickly, leaving the mid and low tier tanks to finish the battle. CRS want F2P players to say "oooh, I really want the 4g" - that way, they might subscribe. Free accounts are great - they increase the population and make the game more fun, but they don't pay the bills and CRS will always need to make them feel like they stand to gain something concrete if they make a financial commitment.

  4. Panther will not be added to the game unless a British, French and American tank are also introduced at the same time, otherwise the delicate balance of the game would be thrown off. CRS won't be doing this any time soon. I believe the next tank scheduled for release is the Pz IIIL and some allied tanks that I forget.

    The 4g is not going to be available for F2P because it's a good tank. You shouldn't be able to easily combat the best allied armour as a F2P player, otherwise what is the incentive to buy a basic or premium account?

    It's the same if you play allied - you can't spawn quality tanks to fight the quality axis tanks.

    I understand that you want access to the good stuff, and I understand that lots of people can't pay a $10 subscription. I'd love to see micro transactions so that you could get access to good tanks for a short amount of time, but CRS will not be in a position to overhaul their billing and equipment availability system for a very long time - and when they are, they might decide it makes financial sense not to do that. We have to assume they know what makes sense financially.

  5. I think Zee24's write up is pretty useful.

    I know that the account system is hampered by the fact it was designed 11 years ago when there was only one kind of subscription. So you can't go from premium to F2P and back again, which sucks. The problem is, re-writing the accounts and billing system is just not a priority when there is so much work to be done on the game itself.

    However, I would suggest that more research needs to be done: how many people are hacked off with being unable to switch back and forth? Would having that ability actually increase player numbers and subs? Same goes for micro transactions - the argument is that players will stop the monthly subs and just use micro transactions to unlock what they want on F2P. Or just buy the few days a month of premium time they want rather than a monthly sub. But we can't know what effect that would have without lots of research or a trial. Maybe a huge number of people who have never paid a penny and given up on the game would drop a few dollars a month if micro transactions were available? Maybe that would outweigh those who would switch from subs to micro transactions.

    If Zee24 is representative of the new players trying the game out, then it's worth devoting some dev time to it. I guess a comprehensive player survey might help to answer the question.

    The lack of help available to new players has been a bugbear of mine for years. Again, it's a huge amount of work to develop a new UI, but it's another thing that needs to be done, with useful tooltips and built in instructional videos so that new players understand the ridiculously complicated system of finding battles.

    The problem is, I get the feeling none of this can be addressed until CRS starts making money and lands some big investors. So we have to rely on attracting more players with what we have and depending on their goodwill to stick around and play through the bugs and shortcomings because they believe the overall concept is good. Maybe that's too much to ask?

    As to the specific questions:

    Why do people run in and kill you before you see them? Because everyone is playing on the same server in Texas. So you might have tiny lag, but if your opponent is on the other side of the world, his lag factors in too. Unfortunately, we just have to live with it. I imagine the predictor code will be updated again one day, I certainly remember it being worse than this a few years ago.

    Bushes are too easy to run through, and amusingly silent. Again, that's a hangover from being an 11 year old game. It's just something that you have to learn to ignore and treat as a feature to make up for the lack of folds in the ground and long grass to hide in.

  6. "Royal" is a title bestowed on a Regiment for particular service. So plenty of infantry Regiments had the title too: The Royal Welch Fusiliers, The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, The Royal Scots etc. There is nothing to stop a Regiment today that is not "Royal" from doing something that will gain it a Royal title later.

    The army as a whole isn't called "Royal" because the Army doesn't actually exist in the same way that the Royal Air Force or Royal Navy does. What exists is, in fact, a collection of Regiments which we just refer to as "the army".

    So, a member of the Royal Family may be the honorary colonel or the colonel-in-chief of a particular Regiment, but would not perform the same role for a squadron in the Air Force or a ship in the Navy - they might perform the role for the Navy or Air Force as a whole.

    The Royal Family are perfectly happy to be associated with infantry Regiments and serve as honorary colonels and colonels-in-chief to a number of them.

    Indeed, in terms of "class" in the Regimental system, the RTR are often looked down upon by others in the teeth arms. All the "proper" cavalry (like the Queens Dragoon Guards, 9th/12th Lancers etc) consider themselves better than the RTR because they have much longer histories stretching back to the cavalry charges at Blenheim and beyond. Whereas the RTR never had horses and were originally deemed to be socially inferior.

    Even some infantry Regiments sneer at the RTR - as a young officer in a relatively senior county infantry Regiment (our antecedents were the 11th of Foot), I remember an older officer complaining about the RTR Officer's mess because they had a bar when one paid cash for drinks. In our mess drinks were brought to you by a member of the mess staff and expenses added to your monthly bill, so no need to handle cash. Having a bar was considered to be distasteful because the mess was also your home - just as you didn't want a commercial looking bar in your own house, you didn't want one in your communal mess.

    Having said all that, I don't want people to get the wrong idea. Teasing people from other regiments about their history, habits, social status, accents or whatever is all good fun. It's not an example of British bullying. People like to talk up their own Regiment and joke about others as a way of building espirit des corps, but no one seriously believes they are better soldiers because of where they live or what their traditions are.

  7. Glad you're enjoying the game chaos.

    With the new F2P account, you are still limited to rank 2 which is a way of stopping you getting LMGs, snipers, better tanks and planes etc.

    If you are unable to access navy and airforce personas, then you may have encountered some kind of account bug. When they launched F2P, I seem to remember them saying that free trial accounts might not switch over properly. The best way round it is to start a new F2P account. I know that's a pain and you have to get a new name, but CRS aren't going to spend any time and resources on making sure old free trial accounts switch to F2P properly.

    You should also be aware that if you change to a full subscriber account, you will not be able to downgrade to the F2P account and will have to start a new one if you cancel your sub. The reason for this is that the account management programmes were written years ago before the concept of different accounts was developed and CRS do not have the time or resources to write new programmes to allow that functionality.

    I think the worry with letting F2P players become leaders and build FRUs is that it removes another incentive to pay for the full game. F2P accounts are great (I have one for playing Axis) and we love having you guys there to make the battlefield bigger, but from CRS' point of view, they need to ensure the maximum number subscribe. From the announcements I've seen, I understand that the rise in server population has not seen a rise in money taken in, so I don't think F2P accounts will get any more perks.

    Hope you keep on having fun!

  8. Don't quote me on this, but I think I remember once seeing a post from someone in CRS saying that a big expansion (like the pacific) would only be an option with a new game - WWIIOL 2.0 - that would require a couple of years and something in excess of $20m to develop.

  9. Yes, stats are messed up at the moment.

    There was an announcement last week about it, basically they found some problems when they went to reset for the new campaign and the CRS staff spent a couple of days furiously debugging in order to get the campaign up and running.

    They said that they knew the stats were going to be screwy but that they wanted to launch the campaign and then deal with it. It may be that when they start working again, all the stats from campaign start have been properly recorded and you will be able to view them, or it might turn out that it will only properly record them from the moment the fix is complete. I don't think CRS like to make a promise either way because they don't want to upset people if they get it wrong.

    Not sure how long the fix will take, hopefully not too long. I think the issue is that some of the code is still 11 years old (some has been updated) so no one is ever completely sure what will happen when they change stuff.

  10. The crew of flak guns are quite easy to kill, if you hit them in the body. Make sure you're not hitting the seat or some other part of the gun that's in the way.

    Did you get any credit for hitting the gun? Not a kill, but a damage? If not, you might have been missing - this can happen at close range if you have accidentally changed the range on your rifle sights.

  11. First, the Halftrack:

    The damage model for vehicles doesn't cover every single thing on the vehicle. Only the important parts. So a halftrack will (probably) have the driver, the engine and the tracks as parts that can be destroyed. A high explosive satchel on the back of it will do lots of damage to the back end of the vehicle, but there is nothing there to damage that will kill the vehicle. In reality, you would have ripped off a lot of metal and maybe twisted the back end badly, but it might still be able to drive away. So, you need to put the charge on the engine - or just shoot the driver. That will kill it and is much easier to do.

    Second, the enemy soldier:

    Are you sure that you hit him? Sometimes we think we have hit someone, but actually missed. If you saw blood come from him then you hit him.

    Sometimes, you can hit people and not kill them. Either you wound them, or the problem is caused by lag. Because we are all playing in different parts of the world, there is a delay between you doing something, your computer telling the game server in Texas that you have done it, and the server telling the computer of the other guy that you are trying to kill.

    If the other guy shot you first, then the game has decided you are dead but your computer has not got the message yet. So you can still fire and you think you have hit the enemy, but actually he fired first so you die and your shot is ignored.

    I think it might be a little bit more complicated than that, but basically the delay effect of all our computers talking to one server in Texas causes some of these problems, and we call it "lag".

  12. I have found today stats panel (campaign -> combat stats). I'm playing as US soldier but I don't have in PERSONAS tab USA soldiers. Why?!

    The stats page is not fully updated to see American stats - but you can do it. Wait until you are killed as an American. Then log into stats and do a search for the player who killed you. Open the sortie details where he killed you as an American and click on your name. It should take you to your American stats.

  13. My target is to have minimum 2 kills on 1 death every time.

    That would be very impressive. I cannot manage to do that after 3 years of playing.

    Squads are all a little bit different. Some of them have strict organisations and one or two people will give orders that must be followed. Some are just groups of people who like to talk together and don't really follow orders. Some are in the middle.

    I don't know if there are any Polish language squads in the game, but playing as a lone wolf is fine - I did it for over 2 years - and you will always find other lone wolves who will be happy to team up together for a specific task.

    I hope you keep on enjoying the game, good luck.

  14. It's hard when you first start...

    It is often best to stay at long range. When you are defending a town, try and work out where the enemy will come from, then move out in a different direction so that you are to the side of the advancing enemy. You are less likely to be seen and can spot the majority of enemies who just run straight towards the town.

    Once you get used to seeing them and how they move, you will get better at fighting them head to head.

  15. Yeah, the hand signals were cool, but they are so low on the priority list that I don't see them coming back for a long time, if at all. We won't get cool uniforms again either - too many people hated them. Especially the guys in HC who were stuck with stupid white trousers that could be seen a mile away.

    As for the graphics being updated - don't worry about it being too much for your PC. This seriously is not going to happen any time soon. If anyone came along and offered the money, I guess it would take a pretty long time to make it a reality. And, creating a new engine would allow them to take advantage of newer technologies and make it more efficient.

  16. Don't worry, WWIIOL isn't going to turn into RA.

    Basically, WWIIOL will never be updated into a new game with new engine and up to date graphics just by taking money from subscribers. It has always made a loss as far as I am aware.

    The RA idea started out as a totally new game that could be sold to drum up new cash and also to test new things to bring over to WWIIOL.

    As time has gone on, that seems to be evolving. Perhaps it will never be a separate game. But it is still a place to showcase the new technology to potential investors and create stuff that could be brought over to WWIIOL.

    Of course, not everything in RA can or will go to WWIIOL. The HUD might, but the crosshairs and 3rd person infantry view never will. The RPATs were designed in RA and ported across. I also understand that lots of host code was developed in the same way.

    The third person tank thing could. Not in the whole "zoom out a long way and look over things" way, but it could be adapted so that in WWIIOL you could drive the tank from the commander's position using the WASD keys and mouse. That would be a much better simulation of a tank crew working together than we currently have.

    Basically, I think that the terrain in RA would be great in WWIIOL and I'm sure CRS would like to make it like that - but only if they can convince someone with very deep pockets (I've no idea how much, but have heard figures in excess of $10m thrown around) to get excited by what RA has to offer. Who knows if or when that might happen?

  17. Eagletree's is a perfect example of a failed first experience for a new player.

    There must be hundreds of people who go through that, leave, never come back and tell all their mates not to bother either.

    The game is absolutely lousy at teaching the basic mechanics and how to have fun. CRS have made a complicated game, concentrated on improving the experience for existing players and just seemed to hope that new sign ups would work it out for themselves.

    The "host squad" initiative starts to address it, but it's essentially an admission that the existing interface has failed when we rely on putting new players in squads and having experienced people teach them how it works.

    New recruits too often end up in squads that are not active at the same time of day as them, or play for a different side than they want to. Someone who likes to try out both sides also loses out on any squad support when he switches.

    I understand that the host code does not allow the auto-placement application to differentiate between sides. It can't allocate recruits based on which team they pick, and that isn't something that's going to be changed any time soon.

    So, I totally understand your frustration danny. There are simply not enough hours in the day or patient people to teach newcomers how it all works.

    The solution is for a UI that works. Something that explains how the game works and buttons to "take me to a battle" for those who can't get their heads around FBs and attack orders. I think I'm right in saying that all this is on the drawing board and CRS really want to do it, but it's a question of resources. With a tiny staff, a whole load of bugs to fix, new units and new FB mechanics to introduce; the fix for the UI just keeps getting nudged back as they deal with the closest crocodile to the canoe.

    In the meantime, we must muddle on hoping to catch as many new players as we can and teaching them how it works, but accept that we will miss many, many more. The host squad system is flawed and imperfect, but it's the best we have for now.

    In the long term, I agree with you. There is only so long we can go on having a high proportion of new signups just totally miss the point of the game. Eventually, the brand will be so damaged that new signups will peter out. Let's just hope we have a new UI before then.

  18. Two good perspectives there. I think it's one of those times where it really is down to the individual which path is best. Personally, when I started playing I never used anything other than a rifle for the first two months because I was too scared of "wasting" more useful units, so a free account would have been fine for me for quite a while.

    But if you're a little more adventurous, or want the added flexibility that being able to create missions, drive trucks etc brings then you will benefit from a paid subscription quite early on.

    I firmly believe that enjoyment as a beginner in this game is almost entirely down to finding decent people online at the same time as you who are prepared to help and have you along as part of their team. Running around by yourself can be depressingly hard. But if you log on to find a handful of guys prepared to tell you what's going on, give you a tow, build you a FRU, make you a part of the plan etc then it really is a great experience. You don't care about the graphics, the clunky UI, the occasional crashes and assorted bugs if you're having fun with a group of people who make you feel like a team member.

    If you find the host squad you were auto-placed in isn't doing that because they don't play at the same time or on the same side as you, or you just don't seem to get along with them, then do feel free to leave them and ask around for another squad that is active and doing the sort of things you think are fun. No one will be angry about it.

    Eagletree is right - there are some unpleasant people on the internet, and this game is no exception. Please ignore those few who hurl abuse at you for being a "noob" and act like they'd rather you quit - everyone else thinks they're total choppers too and already has them on the .ignore list.

  19. You may sometimes see other players screaming for you to "Warp in!!!" and be a little confused, after all, we're not playing Star Trek Online.

    So, what is "warping"?

    Super Quick Explanation

    Get within 400m of a depot that your side owns (not an Army Base, factory or city building though)

    Despawn, it will say "RTB to whatever-the-name-is depot"

    In Ready Room, make sure the "mobile spawn" box is NOT ticked

    DO NOT click on "cancel reservation"

    Click on "Enter World"

    Appear at the depot you just RTB'd to

    Slightly more detailed explanation

    "Warping" is a term used to explain a way of making use of the Return To Base feature in order to cover distance more quickly.

    Basically, in WWIIOL if you despawn and infantry unit within 400m of a Depot (the flagged buildings that you can spawn from, also sometimes called CPs) that your side owns, then your unit "Returns to Base" there. Primarily, this was designed to allow you to end a mission and get full points as the unit you were using has not died or got lost. What it also does is add your unit to the spawnpool in that Depot.

    So, if I am attackin the City of Antwerp and my side captures a depot, let's say the Antwerp-Oostmalle depot, then I can get within 400m of the building and despawn. It will say "RTB to Antwerp-Oostmalle depot" as I despawn. My soldier has now been added to the supply in that depot.

    Once I've done that, I click on the "Ready Room" tab which will show that the unit I just despawned is still reserved for me. Whatever happens, I MUST NOT click on "cancel reservation" otherwise the unit will be lost to me. I then make sure that the "Mobile Spawn" tick box to the right above the map is unchecked. If it is checked, I will spawn at a FRU (is one is up for the mission). Then, I click on "Enter World" and I will spawn in the depot that I just RTB'd to.

    This is really useful for keeping control of a depot that you've just captured. It saves you running 400m to get there whilst under fire. It is also a good way to make it harder for the enemy to find where your attacking FRU is because they can't see all the attackers running in from it. It only takes about 20-25 seconds to do. Of course, if there is a big spawn delay, it is probably faster to run in.

    I would post a couple of screenshots to explain, but still don't have my PC back, so it will have to wait a couple of weeks - unless someone else here would be kind enough to post some?