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  1. Thanks to Sniper62 for this one - it now works.

    I opened the "Configure USB Game Controllers" programme and selected advanced settings. Then selected the Extreme 3d pro as preferred controller for 'older programmes' - and it works. Also running it in XP compatibility mode, so I wonder if it is a combination of the two that makes it work or just the first fix? I'll try and remember to turn off compatibility mode next time I start up and see if it still works. For now, I'm so excited that I'm going to go and get a hurricane shot down eleventy times.

  2. You have to manually configure the button settings. Go the the keymapper tab in settings and choose the type of vehicles you want, then all the commands will be displayed on the right hand side. Simply double click to assign a joystick button to that action. Just make sure that the little box in the bottom right corner is set to "with joystick".

  3. Apologies for misquoting you Lando, I got the wrong end of the stick when I PM'd you the other day and thought it still wasn't working. If yours stated working again of its own accord, there is still hope for mine at least.

    Onearmed - I'm using Windows 7. The interesting thing is that it worked last week and nothing was downloaded and no updates applied between the day it worked and the day it failed. For now I'm just putting it down as one of those annoying things that happens from time to time. I guess it's done ok for the last 3 years.

  4. Thanks Branko, I'd seen threads talking about USB issues before so I've been trying it with nothing else plugged in except my mouse, but the compatibility mode was new to me. I gave it a go, but no joy unfortunately.

    I ran into Lando in game as it happens. He said that the game still doesn't recognise his joystick.

    I guess I'll keep looking in other tech support forums and seeing if it starts working again, but in the meantime I'm getting used to using an ATG with the keyboard...

  5. Unfortunately, laptops are not designed to be upgraded. The Intel graphics chipset you have is built into the motherboard and is referred to as integrated graphics. This game does not officially support integrated graphics. Having said that, I know some people have made it work with certain chipsets, but it usually doesn't.

    You need to have a dedicated graphics card to play the game really. Because of the way laptops are built, you can't just stick a new card into one and upgrade it. It is possible, but it requires some work and you are very limited in the choices of what you can stick in it. Depending on the model, it may be impossible.

    Here is an article about the process.

  6. Thanks for the ideas fellas. I've uninstalled the joystick and reinstalled it through the windows auto-installer, tried all the USB ports and still no joy.

    Windows recognises it, the game controllers programme shows all buttons and axes working fine, the game just seems to have a problem with it. When I go to keymapper, all the defaults are messed up too. So trucks, aircraft and ATGs were set to no joystick, whilst tanks was set to joystick control. Even though I've always used the joystick for all of them.

    Anyway, resetting the keymappers, detecting controllers again etc is still not working, so I am downloading the full game again. I'll do a complete clean reinstall once it's done and try again, see if that fixes it. I'll post again once it's all done.

  7. Had this joystick for ages, it has always worked fine with WWIIOL. Last used it in game on Tuesday 27th December. Today, nothing. I've updated drivers, used the detect controllers button in settings a hundred times, but nothing. I've not done anything to my PC since it worked on Tuesday, it's even plugged into the same usb port. Windows recognises it and it seems to work fine outside of WWIIOL.

    I did a search and saw Lando reported the same joystick not working a few weeks ago but no one seemed able to solve it. This some kind of bug with Logitech controllers?

  8. Friday or Saturday evenings seem to be best. After 5pm pacific time so you have people on eastern time halfway through their evenings and those Europeans who are having a late night. You even get some Australians who've knocked off work early.

    Personally, I find Fridays to be slightly busier than Saturdays.

    And yes, server population might have been a bit low just recently, but I have definitely still seen more that 50 players on my side at one.

  9. This is very exciting and I can't wait. I understand that we will still have the coastal intermission this weekend whilst the last bugs are fixed, but what are the plans for the mini-campaign start date?

    I'm keen for it to start as soon as possible, but then again I think that it might be better to hold off until the weekend of 19/20 Nov - with all these exciting sounding dynamic objectives, I really don't want to miss out because I'm too busy mid-week. And the larger numbers guaranteed by launching on a Friday afternoon would make the fights really epic.

    I'm so glad I'm not the one making the decision...

  10. Are you still having problems with the game? If so, it might be worth doing a full un-install and then downloading the latest game version (750+ MB I think) rather than patching it. It solves things for some people.

    As for the free account, I believe that it locks you at rank 1 or 2 so only allows rifleman and trucks and also disables the ability to capture buildings. Again, not 100% sure, but I think you have to wait for the free trial to expire before you then get offered the free to play account.

    I also think that there might be some debate within CRS about lifting the capture restriction on free accounts. I'm sure I saw a post where Motormouth said she was in favour of such an arrangement.

  11. Interestingly, a lot of people think the damage radius of bombs is not great enough. It's really hard for bombs to kill tanks as they need a direct hit on all but the lightest vehicles.

    As ratatosk says, the way to avoid air camping with infantry is to spawn at one of the CPs outside the AB. You can also spawn trucks and light AAA and ATGs at those CPS. If you need something from the AB, there are two options:

    1- Spawn light (25mm) AAA and try to shoot down the bomber first

    2- Spawn infantry and watch the sky looking for a pause in the bombing. Then grab a truck / ATG and roll out.

    The thing is, it takes time to get bombers to a town and they don't have that many bombs. It is almost impossible to keep up a constant rain of bombs for any more than a few minutes. You just have to wait them out. In all honesty, I have only been in that situation a handful of times in the two years that I have played the game. I'f I die twice in a row to bombs at the AB, I spawn somewhere else for 5 or 10 mins and come back the the AB later.

    Airfields are dotted around the map, it's up to the High Command which ones their squadrons use. They often are on the frontline as each side makes a special effort to attack the enemies airfields with ground troops.

  12. The problem, as I understand it is caused when you shoot someone and kill them, but that info doesn't get to their computer until after they have taken the time to shoot you. It can be caused by your connection being slow, or by the other guy's connection being slow - so not always your fault.

    It is hugely irritating, but apparently CRS has written a better netcode that reduces this problem significantly and it will be released with the 1.34 patch. I know they have already done one load of beta testing, I think there will be one more beta test and then we may see the 1.34 update soon after that. I hate getting killed like that too, so it can't come soon enough.

  13. You can use a gamepad to play pretty much any game if you use 3rd party software. I used something called xpadder ( when I tried it with my xbox 360 controller. There are other programmes out there that may be better.

    Basically, it makes your gamepad mimic the actions of mouse and keyboard. It's a bit of a ballache and you have to go through and tell it what you want each button and axis to do, but it does work. I do find that it's just not as accurate as the mouse and keyboard set up though. It may work fine for flying, but I never tried it.

    Good luck.

  14. If you're not already in the Screaming Weasels, you can join it when the game starts at the login page or in game go to squad tabs and view open invitations. If you're still struggling, shout out on the help channel for the Weasels and someone will find you and get you in.

    It is very confusing at first, trying to work out where the bad guys are and how to get to a fight, but with a bit of help it shouldn't take too long before you're finding and killing people.

    There are sticky threads in this forum and the training forum as well as the barracks forum that give a breakdown of some of the game design features and are really useful for navigating the system. Once you get into game, find the weasels and we'll help you some more. It's best if you have teamspeak 3, as using text chat takes longer to explain stuff.

    Essentially, the beauty of this game is its strategic and operational level - but this makes it really hard for new players to work out how to find action. The system of brigade movement, resupply, attack orders, defence orders, Forward Bases etc is daunting for a new player and hard to get your head round (I still don't understand all of it after 2 years), but with a little help you'll grasp the important bits fairly quickly and work out how to find a battle - which is all you want when you're starting out.

  15. Thanks for the suggestions. It's the standard TS3 overlay plugin that comes with the download from the TS website and I've read the overlay help page on the internet in detail but can't find anything that helps. Tried the alt-ctrl-del method and no joy either.

    I'll keep playing with the settings this weekend and see what helps.

  16. Hi,

    When I first installed TS3, the overlay appeared and worked fine. I changed the settings a bit to make the colours more visible and put the boxes in different places so I could see it all better. Each time I made a change the overlay would disappear until I restarted the game.

    Anyway, a couple of weeks ago the overlay disappeared for good. I changed settings, then restarted the game and nothing was there. I've tried changing all the settings around to get it back but no joy. Even tried deleting and reinstalling TS3 but still can't get the overlay back.

    Can anyone remember what the original settings are so I can plug them in and see if it comes back?

  17. Rapid Assault will be a few stand alone maps. IT will be used to test new features (like new terrain engines and weapons including bazookas and semi automatic rifles). These will, eventually, go to the main campaign server once they work properly.

    Rapid Assault will not run 24/7. I understand it will at first, but then be used for special events, intermissions and when something needs testing.

    Of course, that might change.

  18. Just recently I've had a few problems that I've never had before. No hardware changes at all and only software change was updating to the latest NVIDIA drivers 3 or 4 weeks ago.

    Sometimes, the game kind of freezes up. If I use chat, my message doesn't appear, but I see other players. I can still move around in game, but all other players freeze in place. After maybe 20 seconds everyone zooms over to their real place on the battlefield and any messages I typed then appear in chat. Sometimes, I get a message in the chatbar saying Netcode 2 was dropped and reverting to original protocol.

    If I die during one of these freaky periods, I can't despawn. I hit escape and despawn option comes up, but no timer and ok button not clickable. I have to wait for it to calm down and get back to normal.

    It's happened maybe 5 times in the past 2 weeks, but then happened 4 times this evening.

    I assumed it was my internet connection, but no other programmes seem to be having trouble (streamed a movie on different machine at the same time). Could it be the Gfx card driver update? Anyone else experienced anything like this?


    Intel core2 quad cpu q8300 - 2.5ghz

    4GB ram

    NVIDIA GeForce GT320 driver version 280.26



  19. Ok, so I'm approaching panic. The wife's out with friends, I have an evening to myself and fancy some WWIIOL action, but have hit a problem.

    I got a message saying upgrades were ready and installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1 this morning. Everything seems to be fine, but now when I try to launch WWIIOL nothing happens.

    Using the Practice Offline option I get nothing. If I try the online launcher it lets me choose which server but when I hit play the window simply closes. I've tried running as an administrator and using compatibility mode with Windows XP, but still no joy.

    As my evening slips away I am becoming less capable of rational thought. Can anyone help me? I'm currently trying to find a way to uninstall SP1....