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  1. Thank You Soo much!
  2. The new computer I put together runs great in game but I have a weird problem. The time in the upper right corner jumps around and the screen goes from night to day to night to day. Any one else have this happen and how do you fix it. im using the newest nivida drivers on a 8600 GT card. Getting fPS in the 90's and game is smooth but this problem is driving me crazy. Thanks
  3. Bose 26 is a greaty bunch of guys to fly with. Highly recomended by the Jav .
  4. Dooom I just fired my new computer up tonight, Dual core 8600, dual rad drives 8800 GTX and with everything turned on im getting avarage 168 fps in town even with water shaders and 8X alising ? turned on. I just about wet myself. oh and I almost forgot the 4 gigs of ram.
  5. timmy I have been using the 61.77 drivers on my 6800GT and thay work very well at 1024X768X32, I also have a lower end machine. away from town in the air I have been getting 70-100 FPS. around town in a good battle 20-40 in town 15-28, I just stay away from the realy heavy stuff and it works fine. I tried a new driver last December and came back to the 61.77's they just look better.
  6. If you have a pc running windows Down load precombined memtest87 v 3.4 installabull for windows and dos. After you download it run the program, you will make a flopy disk of CD rom to boot from.
  7. I found a used 6800GT on ebay and my fps was way way higher then my old 5700. It out performs my brothers 7300. I picked it up on E-bay for $65.00 and $10.00 shipping and it was like brand new. you can sometimes find deals like that.
  8. Heres a link http://www.memtest86.com/ go to the free download download read the technical info build a flopy disk or cd rom read the instructions and run the test.
  9. run memtest. you should be able to find it in the stickys above, ram is the one thing that can be good today and fail all at once, sence it fail's at basicly the speed of electrons. I have had this happen, play fine one day the next day nada and both times it was bad ram. the only way to know it to run the test. This game is hard on ram.
  10. Did you run a memory test on your ram, you might have a stick that has gone bad. download memtest on line and check it. Also , does it crash only on line or off line also. is your screen rez the same as your game rez.
  11. Nvidia Nforce audio 64 sounds Hardware Sounds keep dissapearing like footsteps or reloads worked great in 1.26 just started with 1.27.
  12. For the 6800GT for this game ? Thanks
  13. Iv never been able to run with all the eye candy on, beforthis patch i was running in 16 bit mode I'v "hacked" the program to get me back to 16 bit from 32 bit. in 32bit I get even less FPS, i have no extra programs running and went from 128 visual to med after this patch. I cant nor want to play this game at less then 20FPS. I dont know if the bottleneck is my FX 5700 card or my CPU, in the sticky at the top of the page it said this card was on the bottom of accetable. all im trying to find out is if a better card will help, if not then im afraid im out, ill buy a card but a full system ugrade aint in the works any time "soon".