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  1. Thank you, but now I'm experiencing a problem where I deploy on the battlefield and the game crashes to desktop. Would fiddling with Msconfig solve this problem?
  2. Hello, I heard using the mouse and keyboard for flying is extremely hard so I would like to use my Xbox controller to fly. The problem is I cannot key map the Right trigger button to the main gun of the plane and when flying or taking off, the sensitivity is too high and I end up going in circles on the ground, or flying out of control. I would also like to know what the diagonal line with a red square in the middle is, in the "Joystick" section of Preferences. If I cannot fly accordingly, I might home my skills in infantry fighting, and/or tank driving, but there is no option to control the infantry with a joystick or in my case a controller, can you use infantry with a controller?. Also why do I get randomly logged out of this forum? Thank you.