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  1. Thanks chaps. Just doing my bit... couldn't do it without the support of a bunch of others too, you know who you are!
  2. Love it! LOL
  3. I'm running an MSI G27C4 on free sync. Works really well for this game and others.. 144hz refresh with displayport. Like @killemall said, you gotta weigh it up and only go ahead if your PC is compatible. Also, if you're only planning on playing this game.. maybe it's a bit overkill? Go for something 1440p. As a rule of thumb keep everything the same brand in your build/ set up. You've got less chance of things going wrong, or not being compatible. I'm not familiar with G-Sync but have read good things and will most likely go that route on my next build (current is AMD-based). Let us know what you go for.. always looking out for what works and what doesn't. S!
  4. Technically the French factories are German right now... so now who's talking?
  5. It was a good map. I had lots of fun... some nights kept me awake until the early hours of the morning, some days I was on all day! It's been great to see so many old names return and stick around. It is a shame to see the side lose who were most strong between Euro/ US prime... but that's another TZ3 argument I don't wanna get into - been there done that. Axis put up a good fight, and I had some butt clenching moments when I knew you were around Saffroli lol. See you next map
  6. Nicely done, WHIPS and many thanks to 250H. Dan
  7. Killing on the ground floor has always been allowed... if you are in an enemy depot on the first or second floor the game mechanics will prevent you from firing anyway, at least until you make it onto the roof (which is frowned upon) or down to the ground floor where you will be able to fire your weapon again. Anything that spawns on the ground floor (ATG/AAA/trucks) can be killed on-the-spot by enemy infantry - that's something you have to determine before you spawn in - most of the time though guns are only effective in the first few minuets because the depot can be camped so easily. I rarely ever pull vehicles or guns out of the depots any other time than immediately after the depot has been captured, or else it's certain death.
  8. Some of the best (for training) I've seen in a long time Part 1: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BX7IcdhsxA Part 2: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oSLHzx1K7A&feature=youtu.be Part 3: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tiw4HIiEZIs&feature=youtu.be Part 4: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBuqzuOTg6g&feature=youtu.be Part 5: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZU0wd28BDY&feature=youtu.be S!
  9. Thanks guys, I won't be able to make changes now. But I will in the week, thanks alot S! Xspiers.
  10. Hey all, 2 Problems on my list at the moment and they are: My signature is wahhaayy too big and I would like to know how to can edit the text under your game-name in the forums. I have tried for hours how, trying to make my sig smaller and it automatically goes large again... Can you change the subheading under your game-name? The one that shows under your name everytime you post in the forums... like squad leader, builder, member etc. Or does it have to be assigned by Moderators or CRS staff with permissions? Any help will be apreciated, thanks! Xspiers.
  11. Eats popcorn*
  12. Taking some time lol
  13. It's what the tech can handle m8, 64 players max in 1 area at a time. This is why we're having problems. It's not so bad in some of the larger towns but at prime time in smaller towns it's obvious. Nothing can be done apart from spreading the PB around. Xspiers.
  14. It's most likely not a RAM problem lol, its a game bug/ issue that can only be fixed by the devs.