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  1. S! GREEN DEVILS! The question has come up so I thought I would post some commentary here to clarify something regarding membership in the 6th FJ. The 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment is going to be very different than what most people are used to. One of the areas where we'll diverge from the norm is in the area of recruiting and membership. The 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment is a hybrid squad. What this means is that we have three distinct classes of members who enjoy FJ operations: assigned, attached and casual. As you will see, we are a very welcoming and accomodating organization. ASSIGNED MEMBERS Assigned members are those who wish to formally join the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment and desire to display our tag under their name. This option will appeal to players who are not currently in a squad and also to those who have grown weary of being in their current squads. ATTACHED MEMBERS Attached members are those who want to join with and participate in combat within the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment but who wish to retain their current squad membership. We provide this option because we recognize that many players who are in squads have formed friendships that they are reluctant to sever. We don't want that to hinder them from enjoying organized paratroop missions with us. Players who opt for this type of enlistment are the same as assigned members and have the same obligations and responsibilities. The only difference is that they will not display the FJR6 tag. Attached players may choose to become assigned members at any time. Assigned and Attached members both need to complete the training so they can be a productive member of the regiment. CASUAL PLAYERS Players that are just curious about the squad or who just want to participate in our missions are invited to join us on our OKA TeamSpeak channel [*1-1] 1.FJ Alpha anytime. These casual members are always useful as we can always use more warm bodies on TeamSpeak during airborne operations...just direct them to! TEAMSPEAK To download a screenshot-based tutorial explaining how to get your TeamSpeak setup for FJ operations, please visit: and click on the banner on the home page. Or just click here: I fervently Hope to see many players on TeamSpeak in the coming days and weeks so we can better coordinate FJ operations and increase their complexity and effectiveness! Communications is the key! start communicating the need to get TeamSpeak up and running to other players during FJ missions. Fallschirmjäger über alles! David "Delta96"
  2. We are building our squad from the ground up top be different from the norm. We are trying to foster a friendly atmosphere so players enjoy the comraderie as much as the gameplay. We are structuring ourselves to be an FJ unit but we are a hybrid squad, consisting of both assigned players (who will display our tag) and attached players (who wish to remain in their current squads). In other words, we are very welcoming to all. We work with an LW squad that are equally friendly and accepting called the band. You can frequently find them on our FJ TeamSpeak channel...and heck, we can sure use some more dedicated LW guys attached to us or in the band to provide escorts, CAS and other fly-boy stuff. To get on TeamSpeak with us visit and download the TeamSpeak guide that walks you through the process in an easy-to-follow screenshot based tutorial. You and everyone are most welcome to joining us on chat. Anyway, I hope you find a squad you like and that respects you. S!
  3. Guten Tag Deutsche Soldaten! While we continue to work to create the necessary infrastructure for the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment, we want to encourage players who enjoy paratroop operations to download and install TeamSpeak so we can all utilize voice communications during parachute assaults. There really is no substitute to being able to speak to one another during combat. Typing just doesn't cut it! It doesn't matter if you're already in a squad or wish to join the 6th FJ, what we're after here is more FJ players on TeamSpeak to enhance our FJ operations and their fun factor! It doesn't matter to us what squad you're in, we need you on TeamSpeak during FJ missions! Please visit and download the step-by-step tutorial that walks you through setting up TeamSpeak for AXIS Fallschirmjäger operations. You can also download the tutorial directly using this link: If you already have TeamSpeak installed on your computer and can connect to the OKA TeamSpeak server, you can find us on channel [*1-1] 1.FJ Alpha under the 1st Fallschirmjager Division. We are on most evenings during the US Timezones so please drop in and say hello. Everyone is welcome! S! Fallschirmjäger über alles! David "Delta96"
  4. Joining the Fallschirmjäger is all about attitude and self-discipline. Players who have patience, enjoy performing paratroop missions and yearn to work together in a genuine team-oriented style will enjoy what this unit is attempting to create. Players who prefer to lone wolf probably won't and shouldn't consider joining. We seek a very specific kind of soldier for the Fallschirmjager. Not everyone would be a good fit. The whole idea of 'competition' to gain a slot is a bit confusing so let me further explain my thoughts. Players who believe that they have the necessary patience, maturity, and self-discipline to be a part of a squad that thrives on recreating as realistic a combat simulation as possible have already succeeded in winning the competititon. How is that, you might ask? The cream that rises to the top of the vast playerbase and is willing to step up and receive actual training to be the best, and has the character traits that would make them a good match for the squad, is already worthy of membership. They have revealed themselves to be made of the "right stuff" merely by their desire to be a Fallschirmjäger! The competition I speak of isn't against other recruits, it is, in fact, against the entire playerbase. You see, those who put their toe to the line and volunteer for Fallschirmjäger duty have already passed the most formidable test and won that competition! The only limiting factor that would prohibit a player from becoming a member is not having the training that would make them an effective asset to the Regiment. The whole idea is to have players who have reliable skills so they will be a genuine threat to the enemy. Without the skills they would be no different than anyone else who enters the battle by parachute. The impetus behind this squad is to be the genuine article and not merely a pretender. We get that way through training and true teamplay. All training isn't necessary for players who have already developed the necessary skills though. Those skills need only be verified by an FJ Trainer (Black Hat). But for those who know nothing, we will carefully teach you what's needed so you will be lethal on the battlefield, survive longer, and complete your mission successfully. To clarify further, the major character traits that we seek are intrinsic to the individual and essential for successful paratroop operations. They can't be taught. They must already be present. • Patience • Self-Discipline • Able to Accept Direction • Team Oriented • Friendly Demeanor • Willingness to Learn (and teach) • Thrive on Historical Realism • Love Paratroop Operations (although we'll do other types of Ops too). It doesn't matter if a player is a complete noob. Skills can be taught, character cannot. If we have the raw material of a soldier who is disciplined, patient, team-oriented and has a desire to learn, we can teach them. And that is all we seek. The rare player that is interested in joining a unit like this, and who possesses those characteristics, has already won the competition. They are the rare players that we seek from among the vast playerbase wasteland and we welcome them. Thank you zlehmann. You will be notified when we are beginning recruitment. Once we've gotten enough players registered to begin training you will be given some materials and will hear from a Black Hat (FJ Trainer). In the meantime, please pass the word to others about what we are trying to achieve here. The sooner we get the nucleus of a squad, the sooner we can begin to train as a team, to fight as a team. Also, please make sure that you have entered your email on our Alert List so we can send you notices and information as we construct the basis for building a squad. Players who have a lot of BE experience and have the traits I've outlined above should consider applying for an Officer or NCO slot. In fact, the Command Element will be comprised of members from the initial cadre of registrants.\, so don't be shy. Once I have the Regimental Organization chart complete you will be better able to determine where you might best complement the unit's mission, based on your own preferences and skillsets. US Military Veterans are most welcome. Those who have served with the US Airborne forces are especially desired, for obvious reasons. Members of other nation's airborne forces are likewise coveted. Finally, those who put their knees in the breeze with me in the 82nd Airborne should contact me ASAP!
  5. The experiment is now underway. First test: sample the playerbase and determine their level of interest. This will be done by the number of registrations on the "Alert List". The more registrants, the greater the level of interest. Registration on the Alert List is also critical if regular communications are to be had. Without good commo, you can not have a good squad. So far so good...
  6. Put me in a ship bitte. Any ship will do..but not a PT Boat. That ain't a ship! A freighter would be nice. Love the AAA guns on them.
  7. Nice graphic there xoom. I likey!
  8. One Shot, One Kill Date: 08.August.2009 Weapon: Enfield Video Capture: Fraps 2.9.8 Video Editing: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0 Music: L'Estasi Dell'oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold) (from "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly") Duration: 3:26 I made this video shortly after I started playing the game. I first played with the allies but that was only for a little while as some friends wanted me to join axis and I've been there ever since. I added a wee bit of dialogue to this video at the beginning so lets see if anyone can tell what movie it was from, eh? If you can view this on the YouTube site in HD please do so. The target is merely a speck.. but I saw him and that was his bad luck! Enjoy...