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  1. First- sorry for the double post, the message was too long. Just got back into the game after a year or two hiatus, and just as I'm about to jump into what I can already see would have been an awesome defence of Huy as a snipz0rs, OOP CTD! Kay. Try again. CTD! and again, same problem. Here's all the necessary information, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Update: Problem solved! !S
  3. The ww2ol exe was set to use integrated, so I've changed it to use the card. Will report back later with results, cheers pittpete!
  4. I'm not entirely sure. So no ww2ol for me on this comp? At all? :C
  5. -and continued again, sorry!-
  6. -continued-
  7. & If we can specify, may i be in the Hiryu flight?
  8. Stuka Pilot, if there's room!
  9. lately, in the last week or so, at varying times, during play on WW2ol, my pc will shut down, and on startup, will need a restore. This has not happened before, and it's quite worrying to me. it can happen after 10 minutes (as was the case today) or 4 hours (yesterday) or any other timeframe you can imagine. I have no plausible excuse, virus scans have come up negative, and i have had no recent hardware or software changes. to summarize, during play my pc will suddenly shut down, and will not boot without a restore. I'm running vista 64x, Nvidia Geforce GT 120 graphics card, 4gb ram, intel core2 quad at 2.33GHz. Never had any problems (beyond the odd CTHL) beforehand. halp!
  10. cheers, i've deleted a game that i installed recently (cod2) that was a bit suspect (i installed it and shortly thereafter i began having problems) and i've not been on ww2ol since, i'm going to try now and see what i come up with.
  11. Eliminating enemy units of any kind. the circumstances will affect your points. Capturing Control Points. Defending Control points (you will get more points the longer you stay at a "Radio Up" control point. Resupplying Friendly units. Returning to Base (RTB) will net you the full amount, getting Rescued (RES) will get you 3/4, Killed in action (KIA) or Missing in action (MIA) will get you 1/2 points.