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  1. Hey there, and thanks for the reply. To be honest, all I truly needed is what you have provided. I am pretty familiar with the fllght mechanics having played several flight simulators, so getting the hang of the dive bombing aspect and the target recognition is what I was looking for. I will give the CAS section on divebombing a look. Your explanation for recognizing ground targets is a breath of fresh air. I relied too heavily on the clear floor window of the stuka to try and line up targets like I do in many ww2 flight sims, but it's more an aid on here as opposed to a reliable way of picking up targets. I will practice flying in to get eyes on targets first instead of hoping to see a few tracers come at me from the ground. Thanks for the help!
  2. Poekytrev. Need Dive Bombing help in the Stuka for Axis. I usually play weekends from 5Pm to 10Pm GMT-7 or 12pm to 8pm GMT-7. Essentially I want to learn to recognize ground targets and how to best utilize dive bombing techniques.
  3. I could use some help. Pokeytrev, on whenever I can get help.