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  1. who knows why - could be any number of things... From new players to predominately allied players swapping over... Allies haven't used anything equivalent to the axis use of 10 for a long while (55 for air remains) for ground ops, preferring to instead to use target/ops combo.
  2. Side channel is the general channel - Ops is supposed to be used for operational stuff (not that it is very often), with target, mission, or a custom channel being used for a specific fight. Can't help that many don't use what's available
  3. Or - try making a post without the histrionics and it'll stay around (as several posts critical of the potential decision have).
  4. No one say 'squad missions'.
  5. Some warnings dont expire. Some do. The ones that expire self-delete at the appropriate time.
  6. because it's faster to wait 2 min, then move a flag in with way more supply than any 1 squad could move in over the course of hours
  7. And the air-recon to spot the tank convoys that were being overstocked were worth their weight in gold...
  8. The units that historically had some kind of range finding have it. The units that did not historically have some kind of range finding don't.
  9. stats.wwiionline.com is the stats page
  10. 'Very Close' ...... That's not the proper time descriptor....
  11. Please put in a ticket through support.wwiionline.com this will enable the team to reach out to you for individual assistance.
  12. We have a few different packages avail through steam (for steam accounts only at the moment(plan to make universal in the future)) for DownLoad Content. Meaning a 1 time purchase for certain equipment vs a subscription.