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  1. AI used to auto-repair - though not with the varying states you're requesting.
  2. If a time were to be set - how long is 'not over the top' ? asking out of curiosity as one of my in-game joys is rebuilding anti-inf AI to hear the screams of those coming in through what was a safe lane...
  3. Most likely about how crap it is that that can't spawn...... but that's just my guess
  4. well step one would be having to create a non-attached weapon model for everything which could persist after the unit it spawned with is kia. Then every instance of said model would have to be tracked so that the game knows how many rounds are left in it, who it kills, where it is, who's using it. Then we'd also have to adjust the stats a bit to reflect the possibility of a German LMG picking up a US M1 Garand and using that on a french Soldier. So we'd also have to re-look how 'friendly' is determined....... One day maybe - but it would be a lot of work.
  5. you happen to have a screenshot? in-game distance measuring is at times difficult.
  6. The transfer to our new billing service is nearly complete, the new system is online (though still manual in a few places). https://www.wwiionline.com/support-bulletins/accounts-billing/now-accepting-cards-for-payment
  7. The new billing system is online as of yesterday. https://www.wwiionline.com/support-bulletins/accounts-billing/now-accepting-cards-for-payment
  8. You'd actually be surprised by how few reports come in. All reports are looked at - the vast majority (like 90%) are generally explainable with a bit of observation (usually involve the reported player being off to a flank of the aggrieved party). Of the reports that come in, some could use context (simply typing '.report b2k without context ties up a bit of GM time to figure out what is alleged to be going on). Others are of player who haven't been online for a while (my personal favorite is getting a stream of them about a 'hacking player' - who hasn't been online in 24 hours... but 'just killed me and I couldn't see him'). Some do result in immediate bans, a couple are the tipping points for permanent banning. Where the reports are detailed enough, and patterns emerge - at times development action is taken to mitigate whatever situation arose.
  9. Nah that'll just turn the screen purple
  10. May need to put in a ticket for it. When we built the squad tools, the short name was intentionally not made updateable (though can't recall the reason now).
  11. + OR ++ Can't recall which (pretty sure it's C++).
  12. Give us some credit - we're using basic plenty of resources out there to learn it.
  13. jobs@wwiionline.com - come help.
  14. Some things are a bit easier than others. Mimicking something that exists, but making a slight change is easier than drastically altering something/starting from scratch
  15. I didn't compare the opel to anything. Nor the morris. Just stated the fact that in-game wheeled vehicle off-road performance in no way matches RL.