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  1. we had this once upon a time with google earth (kind of), a few thousand of us built a 'map' of where we lived on it. Wasn't live, but was interesting to look at.
  2. well it's partly back up - definitely a WIP now, started incorporating the CS&R awards DB into it as well (and damm is it ugly)..... but it's quasi functional
  3. that's a non-starter - the allied national split alone would ensure that they would always be underpop even if overall side populations were equal
  4. so literally what we have in place now?
  5. it's been going for a while - but it's far from the longest
  6. Be careful of what you wish for.
  7. Sorry, my skill set is confined to web services.
  8. What makes you think that we havn't istened to reviews? Almost everyone on steam hates paying for a game, that was made pretty clear in the game reviews. The reality is that the current 'free' plan , or something along the lines of it, is about all that the game engine will allow (equipment inclusion/exclusion into it aside). Bad reviews won't change that. Even something as 'simple' as custom camo would require the re-doing of every model currently in game, as well creation and addition of all the systems needed to track who owns what, and who is currently wearing which camo. As has been noted elsewhere the current team is mostly volunteer (and small). Which means that it takes significantly longer to get something out the door. We're also wading through (and cleaning up) a good chunk of technical debt. As a result the same people that would be re-writing the game to allow things like micro-transactions, customizable loads, unique skins, etc (a good ftp environment).... are the same ones working on 64bit clients (32bit goes away in a bit), new equipment, updating/fixing 17 year old game models, fixing terrain issues, etc. We'll get there, it'll just take time.
  9. still free though our organic site.
  10. Because it hasn' been removed.
  11. yes. But look like it's down again... so it's moot.
  12. That's entirely possible - CS&R has more holes that a block of swiss cheese. It's on the schedule to update/fix it after I'm done with HC tools (or maybe sooner as we've got a new member of the comdev team)
  13. And it's up again... apparently upgrading broke something... so yay for 'old timey' code...
  14. that could be entertaining - (my opinion only, not representative of playnet or CRS.)