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  1. RIP a loss for the community.
  2. R click on your ww2 Online.exe (desktop icon) select properties select the compatibility tab ensure that disable display scaling on high DPI settings is NOT checked.
  3. I can see who's talking, out of the corner of my eye and it leaves the rest of that monitor open for any other information Discord has a functional in game overlay which allows you to see - in game (on the same screen) - who's talking (can either show every person on channel, or only those who are talking). Completely removing any need for a second monitor to see who's talking - so benefit. I also can't "poke" or text chat with an individual player, from what I can tell. You can in fact send private messages with discord...... On TS, if I have a squaddie without a microphone, but who is listening, he can still send text messages only to folks on our voice channel, and we'll see them at the bottom of the column. Would texting not be more functional by using the actual in-game squad chat (f4) rather than a 3rd party app (regardless of which it is).. > Discord is 100% FREE. Great for Rats (big benefit, agreed), but no benefit to players, ingame. Resources not used in one place can be re-allocated to elsewhere.... so benefit > Discord has no space limitations, our TS servers had maximum "slot" counts. So wait until we hit the TS hard limit then change? > Discord has web hook integrations, which will allow us to expand live campaign notifications to all platforms. Again, no ingame benefit for players. several of our comdev pages use in game hooks to generate content, while none are yet setup for discord, there are a number of possibilities for use. > With Discord, high command can let you know when a major campaign event is taking place. Again, no ingame benefit for players. Unless a significant number of players stay signed into Discord 100% of the time they're on their computers, this will likely make little difference. Though it does make it possible (if anyone uses the phone app) to put out a real time notice of impending issues. Though you are correct would need players to have the app running... - so potential benefit > Discord allows integrations like Twitch / Youtube and other services. Players can easily Stream / promote game. Again, no ingame benefit for players. There are community members who post vids/stream from time to time, so maybe not for you specifically, but for the overall playerbase - benefit. > "Playing other game" icon will allow us to gather new players via exposing our brand to other communities. Again, unless WWIIOL becomes THE game to play, this is more likely to draw players AWAY from the game than to the game. This works both ways - one of the things I often hear from new squad members is that they have never heard of the game. I'm of the (PERSONAL) opinion that anything done to expose potential customers to the game is a good thing.
  4. @rwsThe player created squad forum section is still being tested - when it is ready for full implementation an announcement will be made as to what the process will be.
  5. And done so apparently just copy and paste the image into the sig area an they stick...
  6. Though they aren't supported officially, some intel graphics do work - try setting your .exe to different compatibility settings (win 8 for example) - or running in admin mode - I routinely play the game from a Microsoft Surface 3.
  7. WHen I run the url of your non-main images i get this error " URL signature expired " May need to re-host the images - go with photobucket or some other free site. that way you won't have to relink as sessions expire.
  8. I've got the same card- setting the .exe to windows 8 compatibility fixed my issue
  9. Can any non-member (of 7thast)/non-rat see any other forum for 7thast -- BESIDES the open forum? kind of curios to see if they are indeed hidden like they are supposed to be...
  10. What kind of monitor are you running? There have been reports of this happening with 4k. If you're not on a 4k monitor - check in game on preferences -> User interface -> HUD windows game info (enabled).
  11. That looks pretty slick - I like the popouts.
  12. Think I can swing a get out of 1 or 4 TOS violation card(s) for this...
  13. Wonder if the road tiles play into it - maybe they can up the drag/friction a bit on road to that acceleration isn't affected much, but when the throttle is released the truck will slow. Though looking at the screenshots above there is definitely something odd with the Morris