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  1. They're not synonymous?
  2. Having spent 22 years in the US Army "ditto"... Cross country generally = way harder to get across than roads (or even semi-improved roads (aka goat trails)). Allied players used to complain about the bedford 'blackout' bug - for me it was oddly reminiscent of trying to do 35MPH cross country in a M977 HEMTT when I was a private in an ammo section trying to get to the gunline... Non-throttled off road (aka coasting) should be completely eliminated... I'd wager most vehicles (especially vehicles combat loaded) would make it about 10 feet off road without and throttle input.
  3. Personally I've always thought that if a player dies without making a kill, capture, or RTB that the points should be negative. and I say this a player who's stats are pretty craptastic
  4. actually those a-holes need to be brought to the attention of CRS (ideally with screenshots)(or a .report so there's a timestamp referencing when the chat logs need to be looked at). There are a few players who have most likely done more to drive off new players than any bug/glitch/bad graphic we've ever had.
  5. PREACH ON!!! You'd be depressed about how many reports come in about 'spy' and the accused is a 1 sortie player who's overwhelmed. Does a lot to drive new players away
  6. 249 is 5.56mm - same recoil as the m16/m4/ar15 (which is not much) not even in the same class as a Lmg or Hmg. Same thing with an M60 firing blanks there isn't much recoil (carried one for the better part of a decade)
  7. Oh and your Caps Lock key is stuck
  8. Ok so a split second of backwards movement, followed by no forward momentum? One thing that all of the videos/sources on this topic show is that while it was possible (and a tactic) to fire from the hip - the forward momentum was slow/non-existent...
  9. so - we'll compromise - allow hip firing but it pushes the shooter backwards when the trigger is pulled that good? *not an official offer from CRS*
  10. Hmm looks like godaddy is doing something odd with the site.... time to reset everything I guess... reload it from default.
  11. If you have documentation to support this feel free to post/send the source(s) in for review
  12. I'll look into that. I've switched it to a framework and it's possible some things didn't swap over so well. What unit were you when you did that?
  13. Whoa....... navy patch?
  14. Not really a wide statement. Code is code. The opportunity costs are the mitigating factors to a decision. If we go with 'feature A' what do we give up by not going 'feature b'? What do we gain? That decision point is why we generally ask for more details on a topic/idea. The more details given in an idea the easier the decision is to make.