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  1. For me - it is the possibilities. When the game first launched I wasn't much into 'online' games, though I did do a few military themed games. Even now most games generally tend to funnel a player along 1 path (some with more options than others). I liked (and still do) that if I get bored on the ground, I can go fly, and if I get bored bring a boat - sometimes to the same fight for all three. When this game came out - your could do 1, or none within the same game. I still play for the moments - (yeah as part of the dev team it pains me to say this) - most nights are kind of boring and can become repetitive.... blow a few FB's, maybe hold a town, maybe take a town.................. But just often enough - there's that night that I and a few others take off as paras for a frontline town (or setup a FMS for an attack then rush in) , then drop, getting a few late responders to drive FMS's in....... and some how cap it (happened within the last 30 days(and yes I wish I had done all the crap to turn it into a sales 'product')).... or like 2 nights ago when the enemy is attacking a town, and my squad setup a mission to hit the attacking FB's, which while successful in 1 case, wasn't in the other ---- did end up changing the fight as the town was cleared when the enemy paused to defend the fb. This is probably sacrilege given the title I have, but for me, the game isn't the day to day (because yeah the 'average fight' is pretty formulaic and boring), but it's the moments. There are far prettier games out there........... I'm sure I can find many with better 'UI', or better 'things'(to be defined by whatever criteria)............but that one moment when it all comes together....... oh man...
  2. 7th Royal Tank had almost Twice the Matilda II (23) in France (there were other Matilda models as well) compared to the above cited flack were ever built. which is why I've loved this game for so long.... history has 1 set of #'s, but what if.... Personally I'd love to see the continued development of a time based 'win' condition - where the allies have to only hold out for X time (which would incorporate a very strict true to history unit ratio) =win.
  3. Here's a badly outdated list - https://wiki.wwiionline.com/view/Units - I keep meaning to get it updated (or at least get the image set to be similar), but can never quite seem to find the free time to get it cranked out.
  4. That article says they only ever made 15... that'd make them rarer than Matty's in tier 0
  5. Would recommend the person gifting be the one to initiate the ticket - we will need to collect payment information, and it'll help to cut down on bogus attempts.
  6. we do have a training server where the current client can be used to test ideas out. We do also separately have a beta-testing program for new clients. Contact @SCKING if you're interested in joining up.
  7. You have a crap-ton of dropped packets. That line should be white. Each of those black spots is a drop. Have you tried running a route trace to see if/where the packets are going awol at? your individual connection usually isn't the cause of the despawns. quite often the support team has found that the issue is either background performance 'enhancing' software or hops along the route to/from the server. Can you: Using either WinMTR (PC) or MacappstoreMTR (Mac) run for 5 minutes during the period you normally play against'auth.playnet.com' - **send us the results in the past I've had unexplained despawns which were the result of an AT&T server along the route dropping 50% of the packets going across it. We've also seen many cases where CPU "performance enhancement" software affects various things.
  8. Anything is possible with enough time, effort, and resources.
  9. Soon
  10. No, it does not. It used to back in the day, however some umm 'creative' individual swapped sides and pulled every flag back to training when one sides HC wasn't on (back in the day before a supply level was required). So CRS 1.0 intentionally coded cross-side HC out of the game. Not sure the coding effort that'd be required to undo-it Also is against the current AOC, however that's pretty easy to change.
  11. the one where you hook up to the back of my truck and as I pull away across flat non-threatening terrain, the atg magically goes sideways then eventually underground. I've killed enough of our squadmates with this tactic that I'm no longer allowed to tow.
  12. We're looking into the issue, we may change some things with regards to factory town ownership, we may not. The factories themselves only count towards which ever country they start with regardless of (same side) town ownership.
  13. Thanks for the updated context, we are looking into why what shouldn't happen (changing ownership when a town is AO'd) did. This situation was tested prior to the ownership release and did not occur.
  14. Constructive criticism is welcome, there are plenty of threads floating around which demonstrate this. Posts which describe how to game the subscription system will (predictably) be hidden.
  15. which thread?