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  1. OK - now it's working - one of the hamsters hadn't been fed in a bit. will take a while to catch up though - it's a weeks worth of data behind in addition to whatever is being added in via game.
  2. sweet a new target....
  3. Web map has been restored - The underlying system is back online and catching up with the data. Give it a few hours and other stuff should start looking normal as they catch up
  4. There are still a few minor unresolved issues - being worked on as we speak. Once the solution is applied, most of the services that are still down will be restored (stats (the part still down), wiretap (and everything that relies on it (bgem)), webmap.. etc
  5. The decision to leave squad recruiting in game was discussed when we wrote the squad tools. It may be re-looked at a later date, but for now, recruitment into squads will stay an in-game only function. This also applies to Forming Squads.
  6. yes - from what I understand the server has to come down to get everything synched back up.. but there some minor ancillary work that would also have to happen, so would require a server drop/up.
  7. A Few of the back end systems are still offline/out of synch from the work, once they all get re-synched everything should come back up.
  8. I get a check for this? news to me
  9. Thanks for the notice - I've passed it along to the team. Could be a lingering DNS issue...
  10. Glad to hear that he is getting better. Hope to see him in game for many more years to come.
  11. And? Until recently no one else had a similar model, however, having played that for a bit, I still like WWIIOL better. While their hit model looks pretty, reading through their guide it all appears to be % based. Each hit does x% of damage (+/- from published damage) to armor HP. Once armor HP gone then each penetration does x% of damage to components/crew. And Oh, if you have the right round at the optimal angle, you still might not penetrate because they randomize the penetration value of the round....... All in all I prefer our model.
  12. Still accurately describes the damage model, and the underlying concepts of it.
  13. Last call for ideas - I'm building the list this week... Campaign specific stuff will probably not make it into this cut mostly because they would have to be rebuilt each campaign, and resources are scarce. However there is a good (ok great) chance they'll make it into CSR at some point 'soon'
  14. and its not even 2 days, it's parts of those days.