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  1. No we're not... *runs*
  2. For the record yeah - the filter is an odd beast
  3. It rotates - each campaign is a different weapon - to hopefully get them to go up to starter (at least) - as for the rest of your plan that would effectively kill the f2p.
  4. So, you're saying you like it... ? Could be worse - could still fly in a planes chickenpit.
  5. Still looking for players to assist translating the game. There is a bit of a time commitment involved (some people seem surprised that there is a need to actually translate things semi-quickly), but it's not overly onerous or bad (for most will be 2-3 hours per week when translations need done, otherwise less than an hour).
  6. I can fix the sorting for the marine infantry badge - not sure what the order is at the moment. As for the ribbons, at the moment there are separate DB's for awards - as well as where the images are hosted, so if you get one on the allied side you won't see it if you look up your axis awards - (though you'll see the award as I've already unified that part). If you see a ? then that could mean the image is having issues - which award was it? The wound ribbon is an award the allies have for KIA 1000 times. Something screwy is going on with it though - it seems to be ignoring sides and campaign #'s... even though the code on the award page reports accurate...
  7. 1) it will allow for variability within the map vs. A static same supply everytime one way to victory (Which is what the game was pre to&e). Depending on how many, and what supply is in the flags they could be used as a bonus supply for attacks but not be uber deadly if they get bumped back. 2) under the current system where the risk of failure means pissing off the player base and losing huge swaths of the map - not many. Under a system where this is supply in a town regardless of flag, but the flag can be a supply bonus - more.
  8. Actually he had it right. The AO is meant to coallese players into a few spots, making for larger, more populated battles. The recommendation for AO placement is to spread them out a bit so as to mitigate the visual and processing effects of having close in side bet side AO (max visnlimit, lag, etc). However that is only a recommendation and HC's can place wherever.
  9. We are actually. A lot of the underlying work was done, or nearly done when .36 was paused to focus on steam fielding and post fielding issues. There is still a bit to though.
  10. Soon
  11. it was envisioned that Ops would be where tactical chatter occurs (targeting, missions, statuses). Then side would be for the non-tactical stuff went on (support requests, calls for help, etc) . Then the other chat channels would be used for their respective roles within a battle. What's ended up happening though is that Ops is used sporadically for tactical stuff. Side is used for literally everything (tactical, non-Tactical, political rants, recruiting, .......). Almost no one uses brigade channel, some use mission channel, but not many. On the Allied side at least target channel is the default 'battle' channel. It's actually kind of interesting seeing how the sides, given the same tools, and same initial instructions have diverged so much on some things. Both sides have created at least 1 (or more) 'branch' level channel. The Axis generally use theirs more (the allies do use their 'air' channel) on a consistent basis.
  12. what part of guess it got missed didn't you understand? we were more focused on making sure the removal allowed the tutorial to still function. Now that we're aware of the issue we'll correct it.
  13. That used to get tuned during the tutorials, but steam players had issues tuning it during the tutorials. So that part was removed, guess the tuning of it got missed.
  14. I was just in there - plenty of FB's - German HC was actively directing players to the town that'll snap some of the allied push, and I personally was at a FB (along with several others both at my fb and other FB's). And oh by the way Germans are over pop - at times by a decent number of players (both by percent and number).