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  1. Yeah, could be labeled a bit better... hatch=canopy (at least as far as the models care)
  2. Two entirely different work streams. The 64 bit upgrade is being worked on.
  3. Only one from the old crew still around is Hatch...
  4. Welcome back
  5. Problem with IT jokes, they usually byte you in the ass
  6. OH - F NO.... I FORBID IT... a BAN ON WHOEVER DID THIS>>> Hope it goes smooth
  7. And some other areas - the tech is slowly catching up to the dream
  8. Yep we're beating the subscription/allowed units table into submission.
  9. It may take a bit for the new IP to propagate through the DNS system.
  10. That was originally in there... but then I censored myself before starting a riot
  11. OK all jokes aside - the process is proceeding smoothly, not sure a time is estimate-able just yet mostly due to rule #1 of Murphy's law.
  12. 100% > About here > 1%
  13. until
    All game and game related functions will be transferring from Dallas to Portland. Game downtime is expected to be several hours starting at 11Am Central. All Web services will be offline for varying periods of time as new DNS addresses propagate through the web. Downtime could be several hours depending on where you live and how fast the DNS entries refresh. After game comes back online server time will be US Pacific Time. Communication will be through Discord, Facebook, and other non-cornered rats venues until our internal services come back online.