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  1. when the para units are at 50% total strength, and most army units are at or below 30% - time to bump the numbers a bit. We now have a significantly larger playerbase, number adjustments are a requirement to keep the gameplay going. Or would you prefer to only be able to spawn a few bolt action rifles at a time as their timers are up? How long would you stay logged in?
  2. hmm may want to send in a ticket via support.wwiionline.com
  3. That's on your HC - there is plenty of warnings on the HC channel before the system places an AO.
  4. given how often I've got to tell people to turn their mic off while eating, or talking to someone else, or doing lord knows what (I'd swear some people have sewn their mics into their mouths or nostrils (or just like the heavy breathing), I'm glad there's push to talk and that it's the default. It may be that's due to the #'s on my squad channel (and let's be honest there is a top point around 20 or so where 1 channel gets problematic) though.
  5. it's called bracketing - there's a target goal that's aimed for. The first shot (10 hours) was observed, the results looked at, and a second shot fired (8 hours). These results will be observed - and it's entirely possible that the timer goes up to 9 (or if in game #'s keep going up as teh rest of the globe joins on steam down further). And given how often the timers have been adjusted in the past, where would you get the idea that it wouldn't revert back or change again?
  6. I actually had to turn off my squads recruiting flag for a bit - to catch up with all the new players, had 45 on at one point. What sort of 'logging squads properly' would you like to see? The squadtools (https://squadtools.wwiionline.com) page does have a bit of stuff, we're always looking forward to adding more info that players may be interested in.
  7. Check your messages please
  8. you can place more than 1 softcap. Unless something recently changed that I missed 1 AO = no soft 2 AO = 1 hard 1 soft then going up - has to be a hard AO per soft So at 5 you should be able to place 2 Soft and 3 hard.
  9. It's significantly less grief than having thousands of potential new customers have 0 idea of game controls then logout forever in frustration. There have been some scattered cases where the tutorials are bugged for some, but for the vast majority (99%(+)) they have worked smoothly and without issue.
  10. There is a US unit in Romerond, and Germans in Romerond West. Please be nice and don't kick that US flag back....
  11. So if we can't self control, and quit the personal nitpicking.. some will just lock this up..
  12. search is in the top left, oddly, and not very noticeable...
  13. I think some of the themes have decided to resist.... the 'dark' theme still has the old logo
  14. not at the moment, but that does seem like an awesome page to add to the squadtools