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  1. lol
  2. my condolences to his family
  3. It's either slow backline times allowing a side that breaks out a better opportunity to exploit the breakout OR faster back line times allowing the side that goofed a better opportunity to correct the error. Comparing to real life movement times is a non starter - It'd take most of a day (at min 6-8 hours) for an entire Combat Brigade to conduct an orderly movement between towns.
  4. UPDATE: The issue is being looked into. At the moment it appears that BTT (British Telecom) isn't wanting to play well with the games (and associated sites) network.
  5. There should be a drop down arrow that says 'squad management' under that is a forum management option. You'll have to config everything yourself (to include assigning what permissions to which player (after you create the permissions))
  6. The .report does generate a record about a player, Even though you may not witness immediate action, it will be eventually taken. Also if the .report function isn't utilized then we (CRS) may not be aware of the problem.
  7. looking at your posting history - since 1 Jul you've had 13 posts hidden, the vast majority (12) were in threads that were removed after they ran off the rails. There are still numerous posts of yours from this week (40 some odd total since 1 july) that are still up.
  8. AH that - I probably should shove a redirect in there.... 7thast.com is our site.... I use 7thast.net for a number of different projects. (hctrackers, squad stats, my awards site, some non-game stuff)
  9. Nah - it's up and running - which site you looking for?
  10. We no longer use teamspeak for voice communication with the game. We've switched to discord. What sort of issue are you experiencing? On discord go to the user settings (little gear looking thing at the bottom of the channel column), then select overlay.
  11. Hi For those not aware, the game currently supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese. Over the years translation has been a hit or miss thing (try the game in one of the supported languages - you'll see a lot of English). With the upcoming release onto the steam platform, there is a need to expand our currently supported languages. I've recently been tapped to head up an official translation team. Looking at the demographics for steam we are seeking players who would be willing to assist with game translation for these and other languages as well (specifically Russian). The 'job' is not very glamorous (and is unpaid volunteer work), but is vital to providing a good game experience to those who are not native English Language speakers. As a team we will be working on all user facing aspects of the game such as the game itself, websites, steam store(s), etc. While the main focus will be on future additions to the game, we will also be visiting current game interfaces as there are many spots where either no translation occurred, or it was done a long time ago and the item has changed (tutorials for example talking about Mobile Spawns). If you are interested in assisting pm me here on the forums, or send me an E_mail ( b2k@corneredrats.com ) with what language(s) you'd be able to assist with. Thanks for all the help.
  12. It's the magic wonder weapon that we unleash on those who ask questions....
  13. Bump back to the top. We're a more relaxed squad, but we do try to work and move as a group. This game is just as much about the social experience as it is the tactical.
  14. because it flips faster than the Italians during WWII when being towed....
  15. TOSable image aside - It may be fixed.... login spawn allied and player for a few years to find out