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  1. At the moment steam is the only avenue for the DLC packages (though eventually we hope to offer something similar here). Steam also offers a few different payment options. Otherwise the game is exactly the same so it's a person choice.... The game and servers are the same.
  2. I at times play on a Surface Pro 3 (I5 processor). It generally gets ~ 30fps. When i bought it the cost was ~900, but it's an older model now so is probably cheaper. You will need a mouse with it though... I tried it without once... and yeah.. it didn't end well. The audio is kind of screwy though, the surface doesn't handle the directional stuff very well so everything sounds like it comes from right in front of you.
  3. CRS

    actually there still exists a free to play option for anyone who has ever had an account.
  4. Let's leave personal shots out of the discussion
  5. This really shouldn't have to be posted, but, apparently it needs to be. This specific sub-forum is intended to allow all players to see any earned recognition. As such it is open to all players, regardless of side, and subscription. While we here at CRS do value everyone's input and opinion, I'd like to ask that if you do not agree with a particular award (or players being recognized) that you simply not post/reply. There are plenty of other sub-forums where your opinion can be expressed on any number of issues (and one specifically where trolling will go un-punished (as long as it's legal and not to overboard). Please respect the intent of this forum - which is a singular spot that player->player recognition can be posted. ~k Thanx
  6. There is, but I have to re-write the stats page 1st.
  7. Been to NTC recently eh?
  8. he made sure to leave his data behind (and he can always be consulted if needed).
  9. so the above - (we'll ignore the fact that HC are players) Define "player controlled"
  10. First: I AM POSTING THIS AS AN INDIVIDUAL, NOT AS A MEMBER OF CRS. THIS IDEA/SUGGESTION DOES NOT IN ANY WAY IMPLY THIS IS A DEVELOPMENTAL DIRECTION. NUMBERS USED WITHIN THIS POST ARE MADE UP AND USED FOR EASE OF MATH. I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO POST THIS, BUT SOME OF YOU LIKE TO TAKE SCREENSHOTS AND USE OUT OF CONTEXT LATER. Given: The diametrically opposed aspects of the game - where on one hand players have the ability to move wherever/whenever to do whatever, and the game does become unplayable if player density is not achieved. Query: How to best allow 'freedom of movement' while at the same time ensuring a player mass sufficient to generate 'good' game play. potential solution: Adjust AO thresholds by decreasing the amount of players needed for triggering of AO's beyond 2. As an example (numbers made up to make the math easy) Assess a good spot for the 1->2 AO threshold (for this post let's assume the new value is 100 players). This would have to be a level where it could be possible to defend a town (or multiple towns) with the available players. Then at a set % player number increase of that base value enable another AO, This value should be low enough that the game always seems to be 'on the edge' of having enough players to defend/attack. All other current AO rules stay in effect (based on lowerpop side, % cap bonus for underpop side, etc) Example (assuming a 100 player base with a 10% increase threshold (again #'s are fake - used for ease of math)): 1->2 = 100 2->3 =110 3->4=121 4->5=133 etc This would ensure that there is always (at the lowest pop) a concentration of players, while allowing for a significantly more robust 'high pop' time. This could also be used to satisfy the requests of freedom of movement by allowing for the more frequent application of Attack Objectives (and corresponding defense objectives). Given the auto-place function that is currently present, the HC would not necessarily need to be present for the new AO's. This should allow for a pretty wide open map - if the population is high enough. Personally, I feel that the 1->2 is probably close to correct (though could come down a bit). But after that IMO the # of available Ao's should become significantly more frequent.
  11. You are correct that we need numbers to make the game better. Thousands on each side would indeed make the game Free accounts are not being deleted, the model around them is changing and being renamed, but anyone with a current subscription (or tries the game in the future) will be able to continue to play even if they never subscribe. We are in fact taking actions which should result in an increase in numbers. 1) For the first time in the games history - DLC is being offered for purchase. 2) For the first time in the games history - A player can subscribe/unsubscribe/resubscribe using the same account (vs having to make a separate free account) We will continue to change things with the goal of bettering the overall player experience. Undoubtedly, some changes will be good while a few may not turn out as intended. From each we will observe the impact of the decision and adjust accordingly. Also, I'd like to encourage you to give the game a spin, make a sortie or two to try it out and see what it's like. Help to increase the numbers that so keenly observe we need to make the overall experience better.
  12. it's also higher than 30... again significantly
  13. a) There are significantly more than 18 online right now (now=within 30 min prior to your post time). Those #'s available through steamspy (and other such sites) only show steam clients. b ) The DLC is a direct response to a multitude of steam reviews. Many of which said they would like DLC Options, or options that didn't involve a monthly payment. c) The free play option had been turned off on steam for a long while, and with the DLC release will be re-instituted (though restricted to rifles).
  14. clicked the 'earlier release' link on the main wiki page.. then went to the earliest listed patch... CTRL-F ......