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  1. Well damm, I remember a lot of these names... good times
  2. gotta start somewhere....
  3. No - gear is tied to rank (and subscription type)
  4. we do actually account for the type and distance, then only throw fragments at targets that are within whatever the range is for a specific munition
  5. Actually you may want to catch up a bit. http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/412962-new-he-model/#comment-6268743 http://forums.wwiionline.com/forums/topic/412355-new-he-model-and-bomb-effects/#comment-6260664
  6. In theory it could be done with the feeds available on wiretap - would just need to get the map, create the towns and track ownership, show the links (or not), collect the AO information - then create a 'run' script that would simply cycle through in chronological order... could even add flag moves in as well... wouldn't be an easy thing to build, but it is doable.
  7. Lest this get to side biased, the whining about suicide stukas was also pretty loud. Both sides were complaining about the issue. If you want to keep going with the CRS is biased arguments, this discussion will end.
  8. Yes - it's why flags have to be attrited below a certain point before being able to be pulled of map. - the history of this game is replete with examples of both sides HC, and players, doing absolutely everything they can to game the current game mechanisms (whatever they were at a specific time) to gain advantage. CRS blew a lot of Dev hours having to do crap like code in surrenders, rebuilding every capture and spawn point (but adding poles/obstacles to ensure some sort of ingress/egress was possible), adding timers to flags in training, making self-routing be restricted to only those units near balance, etc...... And yes - post 'cutoff', pre-surrender it was a tactic regularly used
  9. Back before surrender, both HC's had a habit of cutting off, then attritting to the point of uselessness the other sides brigades... then leaving those useless brigades on the map and rolling on to victory.
  10. re-enabled it - I've got to get to the per sortie awards though. don't have time until the weekend.
  11. Looking at the Tigers Stats, I would hardly say it has a glass jaw. Other Weapon Kills Deaths K/D A13 Cruiser Mk II 5 5 American A15 Crusader AA Mk I (SPAA) 7 7 American M10 Wolverine 233 178 1.31 American M1A3 (57 mm) 170 58 2.93 American M3A3 Stuart 118 2 59 American M4A2 Sherman 320 52 6.15 American M4A3 Sherman 76 383 300 1.28 British A15 Crusader AA Mk I (SPAA) 4 4 British Vickers Mk IVB 6 6 British Vickers Mk IVC 7 7 Char B1 Bis 8 8 Churchill Mk III 40 6 6.67 Churchill Mk V CS 12 1 12 Churchill Mk VII 58 41 1.41 Crusader Mk II 10 10 Crusader Mk II CS 3 3 Crusader Mk III 38 20 1.9 Crusader Mk III CS 7 7 Daimler Mk I 13 13 French M10 Wolverine 56 42 1.33 French M1A3 (57 mm) 43 13 3.31 French M3A3 Stuart 18 1 18 French M4A2 Sherman 78 22 3.55 French M4A3 Sherman 76 90 74 1.22 French M5A2 (76.2 mm) 26 21 1.24 Matilda Mk II 11 11 Matilda Mk II CS 2 2 Mle 322-15 (P-38F) 1 1 Panhard AMD 178 28 28 Renault R-35 5 5 Somua S-35 2 2
  12. And yet is the aim of every strategic commander ever (or at least the last few thousand years). This game does not (yet) simulate all of the units that would be scattered around that are not part of the main battle formations. It doesn't have the marshaling areas where units were pulled offline to refit and re-equip.
  13. The ability does not exist to dynamically create what would have been rear-line garrisons and or other ad-hoc units into a fighting force - which would have occured in RL (see bastogne) .. so the approximation is flag comes back onto map after x hours.. Showing up where the enemy isn't is a basic tenant of offensive warfare...
  14. They're not synonymous?
  15. Having spent 22 years in the US Army "ditto"... Cross country generally = way harder to get across than roads (or even semi-improved roads (aka goat trails)). Allied players used to complain about the bedford 'blackout' bug - for me it was oddly reminiscent of trying to do 35MPH cross country in a M977 HEMTT when I was a private in an ammo section trying to get to the gunline... Non-throttled off road (aka coasting) should be completely eliminated... I'd wager most vehicles (especially vehicles combat loaded) would make it about 10 feet off road without and throttle input.