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  1. May need to put in a ticket for it. When we built the squad tools, the short name was intentionally not made updateable (though can't recall the reason now).
  2. + OR ++ Can't recall which (pretty sure it's C++).
  3. Give us some credit - we're using basic plenty of resources out there to learn it.
  4. jobs@wwiionline.com - come help.
  5. Some things are a bit easier than others. Mimicking something that exists, but making a slight change is easier than drastically altering something/starting from scratch
  6. I didn't compare the opel to anything. Nor the morris. Just stated the fact that in-game wheeled vehicle off-road performance in no way matches RL.
  7. Driving a wheeled vehicle cross country at anything more than a few MPH should put one into an epileptic like shock
  8. It is a thing that's on the perpetually growing todo list
  9. depending on the level of zoom, using the mouse to control the buzzard is pretty rough... I've found using the keyboard makes it a lot smoother.
  10. nope
  11. I've found for alt-tab to work, I need something besides the game to be open in the background. Otherwise it's almost like windows ignores it
  12. What's wrong with an epic hijack? Cant vouch for 24/7, but the few times I've poked my.head in game there is an Hc member on... though responsiveness may vary.
  13. Which thread specifically? If you're referring to the allied srattigy thread - the Original Poster hid it, and can un-hide it if they so choose to. Not quite as sexy as 'CRS is bias, and stifling discussion', but, it is what it is.
  14. Yeah it is kind of sad that threads usually devolve into name calling and belittlement, forcing them to be closed as no one has time for perpetual cleanup. Plenty of threads about game play remain open and (semi-)active for those who can resist the urge to namecall/wander into conspiracy land.
  15. Seriously though stuff takes a while when it's not a primary job for a person full time (or at all). They are progressing, but not finished yet.