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  1. Have you timed It?
  2. Yes - a full PR 'blitz' was done.
  3. we had a 'welcome back soldier' event which ran Aug-Oct and allowed all former players back in for 30 days. At some point future there may be another.
  4. apparently it is...
  5. that's what you get for thinking... We did and we kept it so well hidden that we publicly announced and implemented it in October of 2016. You should maybe login every once in a while - or at least consider it.
  6. It's been happening since 1.35.5 - well before steam. The underpop side gets a faster cap timer (based on % difference of playerbase #'s)
  7. we did bring the crew to this side of 2001, no munition changes though
  8. this and 'OMG xxxx is Hacking HE KILLZ ME IN 1 SHOTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' <- though this is already a pretty common .report (to include the spelling)
  9. though a campaign with 'real' %'s throughout the force (well real-ish given the missing equipment) could be fun as there'd be a billion rifles, a few thousand SMG and a few hundred LMGS (replicated across all branches of course)
  10. except we are fixing it, and you've got a post in this very thread discussing the issue....
  11. actually the 262 is on the table - just not for a while. Keep on keepin on though
  12. and once one side of the equation is accurate then the other can be looked at - at the moment it's very possible that both the ammo and the aircraft are jacked up - but due to the current state it's impossible to know if the issue is caused by the ammo, the model, or a combo of both.