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  1. Tier timing is hard to judge. If every campaign lasted approx xx days, tiers could be optimally set at xx/# of tiers days. However since campaigns can be anywhere between 3-190 days(or longer in theory) finding the sweet spot for tear introduction, but not at to fast of a pace is a bit challenging.
  2. hmm, will forward to the dev team
  3. Something like this may make a later iteration of the tools.
  4. There is a bit white flag that shows up, as well as notices that go to both sides at perodic intervals before the surrender happens. Been in place for years.
  5. not sure, but Jerry seems to have it out for him...
  6. 40 kits is 40 kits....... with 1 person it takes a while, you get 10 people it goes fast.
  7. The differentiated cap timer in less than a year old. Not sure if the relevant data points will make it to wiretap
  8. Probably trying to range you before firing the 1st shot. Its significantly quicker to get the MG on chassis then use the main gun, than to use 2-3 main gun shots.
  9. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight........ Because the post-reset supply status only affects 1/2 the game (hint - supply generation after server restart is a universal thing)...... :eyeroll: With all the legit issues the game has, making up random stuff doesn't help anyone.
  10. Soon, though you'rs may 'accidentally' never show you killing anyone...
  11. Further changes to the non-boat aspects of the naval spawn lists probably will not occur.
  12. Actually we've never been on this path before. It's always been either town supply OR movable flag based supply. Now that the underlying work is done, more flags can be added (or removed), in-town supply #'s can be adjusted, etc.
  13. So this one has run its course.
  14. Or the German bombers - just like the 'old days' let's keep the side bias out of it please.
  15. jobs@corneredrats.com come help put it in place
  16. You can change town at any time - with a big time-based penalty. Any time a garrison swaps over (newly activated), there is a chance to set the nationality penalty free. This was done explicitly to stop the possibility of Army swapping to get an instant new list of the current garrison was near empty.
  17. So disappointed, the obligatory badges -> badger -> mushroom connection was missed... may have to require an entirely new OT 'artisan' be considered for non-official awards
  18. You know @BADGER is gonna be pissed .. right?
  19. gotta have a trans(parent) background - can't have that non-theme color spoiling the mood
  20. Glad you were able to smack that slow-pitch over the fence
  21. The awards site does have a spot for 'ribbons' and 'medals'. New site will also offer a spot for 'badges'
  22. I'd say that pretty much means it's the perfect image for the award
  23. Brussels is no longer 1 Big Multi-AB town, but is several smaller 1-2 AB sections. Each with their own supply pool. Staying with the # of 20 of any specific unit. Brussels South West - 1 AB - 20 + 20 over Brussels North West - 1 AB - 20 + 20 over Brussels North East - 2 AB - 30 + 30 over Brussels South East - 1 AB - 20 + 20 over Total for 'brussles area' - 5 AB - 90 + 90 over (plus more if there's a flag in town). Unless of course I've missed us piecing the town back together into 1 big city and undoing all the newly added supply links to split it up.
  24. Of course it does - kind of figured I didn't need to spell out the blatantly obvious. If the spawn list is 20, you could park up to 40 per AB - with Brussles broken up it's now 4(? On phone can't recall) separate AB's, so 160. If you also have a brigade in town, there is also the brigade supply to overstock.
  25. That would be a bug. It does occur from time to time pre .36 - put in a .bug report when it occurs so that the dev team can try to track down the underlying cause.