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  1. Regrettably with our current terrain, topographic maps look pretty bad.
  2. I'll be looking at all the scoring over the next few weeks. There are some minor tweaks that need to be made. I had hoped to wait until after the new HC tools was out, but .............
  3. SO when we auto-pop a channel which one of your custom set channels do we put it into?
  4. top L of the game map. it has 3 camps next to each other allowing for spawning of all countries within a few hundred meters
  5. when you say limited historical supply - what exactly are you meaning?
  6. I was torn - but voted no because: As an attacker - I absolutely loved being able to drop in a mobile spawn when and where ever I wanted to (essentially) As a Defender - I absolutely hated having to try to defend the endless possibilities from all directions at all times. While the current system can be refined / adjusted I think it's closer to a 'good enough' than allowing every inf (I used to run 10 ML's in on a truck) to put in a Spawn.
  7. I've edited original post to hopefully take care of any confusion.
  8. that would be anyone what joined after 10-28-2004
  9. It pretty much is - it's sunny and clear like 98% of the time.
  10. now if only 1/3 of them were worth what they get paid.... My day job is spent trying to get IBM applications working at an Enterprise Level....
  11. And thus ends a thread.
  12. Actually - you'd probably be surprised where some of our coders 'day jobs' are currently and where they have been in the past.
  13. Those still exsist?
  14. Posts generally tend to last if they're at least polite, and worded at something above the level of a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum. To your question: Don't believe the rumors - 64 bit work is still ongoing... However it does entail re-writing literally nearly every major game function. It's not something that can be done simply by changing 32 to 64. We have several different work streams within CRS, Artists and Modelers generally aren't coders (or at least not c++ and other languages)... it makes absolutely no sense to stop work/updates on one aspect of the game while waiting on the other. I mean we could.. no new models, .36 stopped, server/network fixes/updates/optimizations not made, no more new terrain (or fixes of) while those with the knowledge and experience work solely on the 1 item (outside of web development I can barely program a calculator).......... not the best from a developmental perspective though.
  15. They are...... However having one on station when needed is a whole different issue. *nudge back on topic*
  16. Because the general mood will be oh so jovial when one has to guess how long after contest the bunker/docks will be hot....
  17. They will
  18. Minor update: I've gotten the German/axis campaign awards working again..
  19. For those not aware - For a few years now I have maintained a website that compares CS&R sortie data to the current HC awards, then lists out those who meet the criteria. It is located at: http://7thast.net/awards Currently I am working to upgrade the site, and get it a bit more responsive, however within a week or so it'll be fully upgraded to reflect the current award set, new units, and recent awards (maybe - that one I've got to get some HC volunteers to help with because I simply don't have the time to troll the forums for awards).
  20. I'm not saying some of them don't - it could make sense to remove rank limitations for squad members on a squad mission. I can also see how allowing non-subscribed members access to subscription restricted equipment would dis-incentive them from possibly subscribing. Because after all why pay, when I can just join a squad and get equipment type X ?
  21. Equipment is available by subscription type and rank. That won't change. At least not any time resembling soon If a player currently does not have access to equipment they are supposed to - have them submit a ticket Squad Internal ranks a) May be possible on the tool page (but will require a good amount of back end re-work) b ) reflecting in game - will not happen soon I'm not the decider, but having a mission which gives access to equipment which would otherwise be unavailable to a player probably isn't going to be a thing ever (let alone soon). I'm not the decider, but having a mission which restricts equipment available to spawn - even if only squad internal - is probably not going to be a thing Exposing players subscription data (even if only type) also isn't in my perveue, but I'd also think that would not be a thing.
  22. it's not - people got quite good an placing charges onto tanks as they flew by at full speed... so the code was changed to disallow that.
  23. I'd like to add: At random times after despawn ending up with the offline UI vs the campaign UI.