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  1. Well that thread went to the crapper pretty quick! Silly thread tho in the first place. Think it was answered by the 2nd post. Shoulda stopped there! As for Calistor saying that everyone was as bad as each other back then, I think you may have missed the fact that the Axis powers STARTED THE WAR!! Seems fairly self explantory to me!
  2. Ahhhhh I have been told this before by a very helpful person. I shoulda listened! I don't have anything like this set up and don't really have the time to these days, so I'll guess that I'll just have to wait til you guys post some more!
  3. What I want to know is....... Why can't I post a picture like that one Sparrow put up? I was going to do a similar thread a few weeeks a ago but couldn't post pictures like I used to be able to......anyone know why? oh, by the way Sparrow, great idea putting a homeage to Brady style thread in these forums, they used to be the only reason I logged into this forum! More, more I say!