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  1. Pls, I want devs make me unkillable.
  2. mmmmmmm It would be interesting to test. So hardcore maybe, but i like it.
  3. Yes... PS... that game..... that many people said blah blah blah.....
  4. GL! Lots of potential targets to look for!
  5. There is a project for UE4 but I do not know if they will have financing to carry it out ... If I were rich, I would put all the necessary money... I always ask myself: Is not there an investor who sees the potential of this and puts the money ? Look at the 2018 roadmap in case you have not seen it yet.
  6. Totally. I no doubt it, I would leave for sure.
  7. The problem you describing is totally related to connection and lag issues and it has a explanation: If you are in Alpedrete, Spain and you are fighting against one from Henderson, Las Vegas, NV. It is likely that packets are lost or you see strange things, indeed those strange events are caused by lag and lost packets. Unlike other games that have servers and place their players based on their geographical situation, this game only has a server with people of diverse procendence and it is very normal that such failures occur. If throughout the whole world we would have optical fiber in each and every corner, it would not happen for sure. I play from Spain, I have FTTH 300Mbps (Fiber to the home) I play hardwired, but I have a 140ms lag. In fact, I am affecting the other players with my lag. And if you are from the USA and you fight with me you will have the chance to see me fly and then you will tell me to use cheats etc. And that it also happens to us when fighting against USA players. I recommend to read the yesterday @mingus post talking about those issues.
  8. Most issues are caused by network problems that are also greatly increased if you play from outside the States. The difference between playing cable and playing on Wi-Fi can be abysmal.
  9. I played a lot WT and I dont understand why we keep to comparing WT with WW2OL.... I doubt very much that the model of ballistic and armor penetrations is more complex than this, not to mention the flight model that is as bad as this. We only have AP modeled are you sure? I think we have APCBC and some other type of projectiles.
  10. ok guys, @foe2 @ebert100 I just wanted to show you from the axis POV, it was not a walk of roses and if you were so short of people as you comment, I take my hat because it cost us a lot. We were not many people either ... I only want you to know that I am with you, I want a happy, motivated and competitive allied side. Ah yes, gore was there too... i did not remember. I play squad, arma..... and for me this game is the best, is a BLAST, we have to paddle together to keep it alive and make it stronger ALLIEDS and AXIS.
  11. Sorry mate but that was not "play like ........". It was a tenacious action, to continue trying it again and again until we got to put the FMS in the north zone. But the key was that I and Hamza took an FMS to our AO in Seclin where we captured the spawn, I think I killed Martigan a few times and finally managed to take it. But you do not moved players to Seclin, as it happens to us too many times, it was a planed move for our part. Only martigan and 1 allied more were defending that town, you have to move on defense and comms. In the DO of Albert, I tried to personally take 3 or 4 Opels to the north zone (strike69 killed me on all occasions). After several attempts we managed to place an FMS in the north zone, that FMS made it much easier to neutralize the FMS that you had north and that helped us a lot to take the NCP. It was an operation with a great communication in the chat, a great coordination between the players and the HC. I'm sorry but I think we played very well and we deserved that victory. We do not recapture Albert for any gift, we take it playing as a team, not giving up, trying to take opels again and again until we got it, having excellent communications, marking and, in short, playing very well and, therefore, we take back the city. It seems that when we win is because there is something that fails in the game system and that is not fair. The map before summer where we made a big cut also had problems .... It seems that the game works only when you win .... I totally agree to improve the balance between the sides, but what we have won we have won working as a team and not giving up when everything seems lost as in the case of Albert on Saturday morning (Eurotime). I would like to play as allied one map to see how is it.....
  12. Come on stankyus, i dont think the axis players have any responsability on this. We are all players, and i am an axis afiliated squad one, so i play exclusively axis. But you cant tell me that i should not play axis because we are killing the game.... please.... I am not going to enter in the eternal material discussion. We have a 3g without MG, for example, you have a pan/dac that can kill a tiger and you have the maty and the char who are the kings of the beginning of the map. I never played allied so i cant speak about your side, sure you have some handicaps like we the axis also have. About the numbers of supply, well i think that there is many supply, about tanks numbers... well it could be tweaked.. i hope, to satisfy both sides. I am not a "NOSD FAN" I am a fan of a solution that benefits the two sides and all the players. I have played a lot this map and Im liking the new system but i dont know how it is in the UP side and maybe the system is not as good as it appears in the winning side. I would like to test it being the UP side, then I could speak. At this moment i only can say that takes a LOT to cap. I think like Malvoc in a recent post about this topic.
  13. I think that there is no instant benefits only with the 64bits migration. Due to my english limitations, i cant explain well, but simplifying, they have to modify the code to use the x64 arquitecture benefits, not only a migration. But in the near future I understand that they could improve the code to benefit from the advantages of 64 bits, but instant benefits i think is zero. I could be wrong, of course.
  14. It will be a OT DLC??...... IT WILL KILL THE GAMEEEEEEEE noooooo!!