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  1. It seems and honest and sincere analysis from the Allied POV. Take some rep mate and keep fighting, the map is not over....
  2. Gj landser!!
  3. I like it. Dont know about technical stuff, but the model looks nice!
  4. Gj!
  5. Apart from be a squad mate, and my HC mentor, honestly, he is one of the best players we have. Gj!
  6. Easy win? Why is easy?? It requires organization, smooth movements, fire discipline, teamwork and specially not to be seen!! If you enter a defended CP you must kill the EI and hold the waves until you cap it. I dont see the "easy" way you talking about. If you want to fight, fight. We in the 250 Hispana are all day fighting and we are one of the best storming Cps and bunkers. Saying that we "easily won" is silly. But sometimes is better to be stealth, we play smarty. We want a sandbox not a fight club, let me decide if I want a "face to face" confrontation or a more sutile one. PLS!! NO more alarms, we have the EWS, it is enough. Ty.
  7. 1. Game is most easly won by sneaky capture to avoid fighting, even though many players play the game for the fighting. Is that a bug? Do you want to force all players to direct matches always? I do not understand that comment, what problem there is for capping something with maneuvers of stealth or distraction? do we want a kind of Squad on a giant map? With banners and announcementes when something is being caped? I hope not.
  8. LOL, nice vids! Happy Birthday!
  9. Removing RDP bombing was another brilliant idea. Maybe promoted by the Whine Lobby.
  10. IIRC CRS talked about this in some thread... I dont remember what exactly thread.... About the View Distance, Im with you specially when you speak about Squad. For that reason Tanks battles etc in Squad or PS are imposible to see. WW2OL needs an increase of view distance not a decrease. Maybe @XOOMcould clarify us about the UE4 engine and huge maps...
  11. Very useful key to determine distances too!!
  12. How do you say?.... Oh Gosh!! No, it is clear that no. What I am saying is that announcing the capture of a CP will end up attacking a city by surprise taking a CP by surprise. There are some moments that many of us like to attack without being seen, in a kind of covert action. It's not just hitting shots ... Being on guard duty for a long time burns but is part of the game, having to guard facilities. IMO and I think that also the others, it does not break the game .... Also as I said, it is not necessary to be INSIDE the CP, it is only necessary to check them and use the command $here. Only when the town is very hot is it necessary to keep a guard inside and in that case, since you talk about contacts, in my opinion defending a HOT instalation is fun and one of the best ways to have contact with the enemy and to kill them. Hey MajorNoob, I dont have any problem with you. Only seems that me and you, we are in different sides. I know you want the game to improve.
  13. You know how to play??? Seems not....
  14. LoL MajorNoob. Its clear that you and me are in totally opposite sides.... Without contact there is no game TO you, that is the part that you are missing. I can stay as an adult if you do the same.... How about your comment? If you talk like a kid I will talk you like a kid
  15. I repeat, there is no need of hours of guarding a CP in a DO except in a few occasions or in a contested town (bunker duty). Just a 2 guys team patrolling and reporting ($here) the status in Target channel.