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  1. Gretnine.... Maxq, catfive.... foe, normal2... deride... and yes.... the spacecam... Oh yes and the Pornographer or pownography....
  2. Army Branch: Defending Cps and kill enemies inside = lot of points!! Also you can do some AA game. KM/LW: Look for KM or LW ground based missions to gain easy points defending CP's etc. Easy way to rank in LW and KM.
  3. That guy called Gretnine!! he is everywhere everytime ready to kill me.
  4. THIS!!!!!
  5. Yes, we need more defensive PPO "estructures" like AA pitboxes, foxholes and similar stuff.
  6. I cant speak about others.... Things can be said and done in different ways. If you are not confortable, it is best to look for a more friendly squad. I think you finally found one, so keep playing and have fun!
  7. Hey @merlin51, you can do whatever you want. I am speaking about my personal opinion. I just wont do it in the middle of a map, but this is a personal choice, I prefer to stick to (in?¿) a side during a map. But if you want to "help" the underpop side, you can do it if you want.
  8. Being patient is the key and the majority of times we get killed is cause we are not patient enough.
  9. Usually, the squads are affiliated to one side. Others switch sides on a single or several maps and then come back again to their "homeland". Squads playing only one side like mine, we make it very clear to all the people interested in joining. In case the "recruit" is not interested, we kindly redirect him to other squads etc. Obviously there are no rules about it in the game itself and for me all seems legit except for side changes in the middle of a campaing.
  10. Minimap is an essential tool for me. I dont conceive to play and dont use it. About the main map, I remember when you could not walk and open the map at the same time. It changed with the 1.31 version I think.
  11. There are some trolls trying to disrupt our project and community. Some of them are here in the forums with F2P accounts... LoL, poor guys.
  12. 3 x inf cap timer maybe too much, but we can try out different values. But, yes I think the paras must have an special skill like faster cap timers or similar. They are shock troops in the end.
  13. Comparison to the Field Re-Supply Unit (as the main stay mobile spawn) Better, worse? Why for either? Have you seen a return of combined arms game play? Fixes required Are there issues hurting game play? If so, name each of them, and a rationale as to the why. Recommended solutions? Has the reduced truck EWS increased their survivability? Has the reduced FMS deployment timer: Increase survivability? Maximize the number of placements within the campaign? Gave the underpopulated side better defensive capability? Other feedback not outlined above, solutions required! 1.1 Better in general, but the FMS is very easy to see and locate. It would be nice another option like the Urban FRU but in the field and only to spawn inf. 1.2 Definitely much more than Inf placed MS times. 2.1 FMS are difficult to set cause the audio: Decrease the volume of trucks ML cant manage the Mobile Spawn: Allow ML to open and close the MS during the mission ATG hard to leave the FMS: Improve or move the place to spawn...Dont know.. Inf spawns in the same place, making to easy the camp: If it is posible randomize the spawn location for the inf. Always spawn in the same location, too easy to get in front, and camp it. FMS are very easy to locate: Allow to place the Urban Fru in the field for Ninja/spec ops operations. 3. It has improved the way to set up an AO. 4.1 Yes 4.2 Not sure... 4.3 Yes, I suppose 5. IMHO the motors audio volume must be decreade ASAP. The ML has to have tools for manage the Mobile Spawn More and better defensive PPO's. ESPECIALLY those for cover the FMS spawn. We need more types of mobile spawns like the urban FRU in the field for example. But NEVER inf placed MS.
  14. Most of suggestions sounds fine to me. But please dont get back to the inf placed mobile spawn. I think it would be a big error. IMO the bigest problem to carry out and FMS is the audio. We seriously need to decrease the trucks/tanks audios in general. I will write a more elaborated opinion later. But pls no Ninja Inf placed mobile spawn again.