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  1. And that game comes from PROJECT REALITY, an awesome BF1942 mod. Hehehe dont forget it! However, I still do not understand why people insist on comparing Squad / PS with WW2OL. The only thing they have in common is that they are set in a warlike conflict .... By the way.... please go to the PS steam reviews and check'em. It seems to me that they are not doing things as well as some say. I play Squad a lot. It is a good game if: -You are lucky to have a good leader -You are lucky to enter a serious server without waiting for a queue of 10 in primetime. Last Friday I was waiting for an hour to enter the Project Awesome Server...... for 10 minutes of match and starting again another match. Cause those games are only match based. -You are lucky that it does not crash which is quite frequent even in gaming rigs. They have been at Alpha for about 3 years....... What I mean by this is that everywhere there are problems and that they do not do things as well as some of us want to sell here.
  2. God Bless Belgium Beer!
  3. So you come here to call us, the customers who keep the game that we like, "die hard fans" and "the fanatics". If you come frequently to the forum and not every 6 months when you get tired of whatever you are playing, you would know that there are many "fanatics" very critical with CRS, they are not exactly "die hard fans". Personally, I'm not interested in your opinions on the videogame technical market and you bore me a lot, but when I read your opinion and with an apparently lack of respect about people who keeps the game running, I felt the need to answer you. Another good post reviewing the 2018 goals achieved hijacked.....
  4. Merry Cristhmas and happy new year to all the team at CRS, to the AHC, the GHC, to all the squads, builders, members and all the people who helps to keep this project moving.
  5. There are people who, apart from whether we like or not like the latest changes, we appreciate the effort and the work. In my opinion this has been done with the greatest illusion, and I, and surely more people, we value the work, the illusion and the effort although some may think that the result has not been the best. Honestly I do not know how you hold this, I would have sent everything to the [censored] watching the attitude of many people.
  6. I hope to test this today....Cant wait to hear the Opel
  7. From Blitzkrieg to Berlin/London campaign FTW! The Bulge could be a nice intermisión special event.
  8. I cant wait to try all of this and put my feedback.....If I have understood correctly... Do trucks have new audios now? Have you guys tested ingame if the new audio volume/enphasis have increased the dificult to detect and hunt trucks? This is the most important thing IMO.
  9. Good news anyways, better a fix than an improve but good news. Hope i can play the game soon
  10. Can you posters please move the CRS behaviour argue to another thread please?? I and think that other forum posters/readers were havin a good time reading this post intil it was " hijacked" Please open a ticket or open a different thread or both or directly talk to your local costumers association for legal assitance.Thank you and forgive muy english.
  11. Try to install C++ redistributable stuff.... WB.
  12. I dont have any problem about the MG fix for both sides. I don use too much the LMG, and honestly I dont like too much the bullet spread lmg storm rifle thing. Many friends and players in BOTH sides doing it right now and it is legit while the game allow us to do it. But, I also think that the axis needs a decent mp40. And that is the main reason many axis players uses the lmg as an CQB weapone cause our smgs, mp40 and mp34 are crap. God bless my italian smg....that is a nice smg.