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  1. +1 I am not playing now but i think the attrition must be something decisive in any AO/DO. The infinite supply does not give anyrthing so far until the pop reaches 10 to 1.
  2. LOL!!!! Houston!!! Where are you??? No problem for me....atm.
  3. Hey! Good news and smart movement! Keep it up!
  4. I dont know if it will be a a success, dont know if it will attract new players. I really hope it will. But I do know one thing: At least things are moving up and CRS 2.0 is brainstorming with new ideas and different approaches for our game. This new Steam approach seems more consistent and modern, closer to the actual gaming concepts. I know steam very well, lots of EAs with their devs MIA, EAs in alpha stage since 2012... And the rats still holding the frontline.
  5. Geat job Xanthus! I get your point about no comments in the vids. I think the same, better no annoying comments and chatting. Just RAW combat footage! Another thing could be a "learning how to play WW2OL" video series, in that kind of videos it would be usefull some comments etc. Talking about that, it would be very very nice a "how to play" video series. Keep it up! PS: I just subbed.
  6. This is not a pay to win and anyone who knows what a pay to win is, knows that perfectly. Another thing is that some F2P players are saying that this is a pay to win because you want for free what some of us have paying a monthly suscription. I dont know about that, I am just a player and a costumer. I log in I see or kill my gamefriends and I have fun losing or winning. Is that simple. Unfortunately this month I cant barely log due to RL things, the FIFA World Cup and summer time in my hemisphere.
  7. Planetside..... if you think planetside is the same as WW2OL i think you have a totally mess of game concepts.
  8. Yes, we killed the game. LOL. The problem as many good allied players has already said is: Instead of being here saying nonsense BS. You have to play more in the game, not in the forum. This is the key, less cry & more action. Take care, time to add you to the ignore-list.com
  9. I can understand the concerns of F2P players. Like we talked the other day, the F2P accounts help to the pop etc. But the post you are mentioning was discussed by players and staff members and so, it was not ignored. I do not agree with the intend to pay nothing and have some equipment that I at least, in my modest opinion, consider to be premium equipment. Actually, this is a suscriptiom model game. I do not know about CRS be thinking on changing the "pay model" and like I said, actually, the game is a suscription based game, not a Free to play game or "buy some items" based game or something similar. I remember when I started playing as "kase" with the axis, I was 24 years old, just unemployed, the crisis just came to Europe and started to hit heavily to the "Euro - PIGS" countries (Spain etc, you know bad northern europeans name to call us). The game hooked me so much to the point (I had played other times, other years) I went to the bank the first day of every month and put € 15 to play in my bank account. 15€ is a poorly made "cubalibre" or 3/4 beers. In those times there was no F2P, of course and there was a "demo trial" for 15 days. So I understand perfectly people that can not afford the game. Althoug I still think that the premium price is not very high if you like the game and I think that a person who can not afford 15€ or 17€ have major problems to be wasting his time with this game. What I want to say is that those who pay also make efforts to pay, in the sense that money does not fall from the sky and we have to earn our money with our jobs etc., and we need our "rewards" in game, to continue doing it. Increasing the privileges of the F2P players can be dangerous, since many people who pay could stop doing it and although I agree with you that the F2P players are very useful, at the same time it is true that F2P players do not economically support the game. In my opinion the possibilities of the F2P accounts are correct and balanced with respect to the players who pay. So I can say that F2P is pretty fair business compared to premium subs. Another thing is the offers and marketing stuff, there we could talk a lot, but that's another issue. In conclusion, Im sorry, but I am against giving more toys to the F2P players.
  10. Yes, that is true. I do not neg the evident. Sure that we need you and the rest of f2p. But also it is true that f2p accounts do not support the game with their wallets. And a few of them seems to have certain revenge attitudes towards the game.
  11. Spanish Translation for your comment: Soy un bobo y un payaso
  12. "Remove the ACTUAL Hc system". Well i repeat: "Remove the ACTUAL Hc system" Maybe my english is worst than I thought.... I did not write "remove the HC system". PS: I did not say that I like the HC system, really i joined on April, this year. Precisely i joined to fill some time gaps and help the game to work until 1.36 will be released.....
  13. These are the facts: -We all know how the game actually works -We all know that a future version is gonna remove the actual HC system -We all know that... dont we? More facts: -Nonsense is coming here to open threads like "OOOH ANOTHER NIGTH WITHOUT HC" "OOOH IT IS A BROKEN SYSTEM" That, my friend, do not fix anything. Your f2p account do not fix anything, Your crying and complaints do not fix anything especially when you know how the game ACTUALLY works and you know that a new version is being made, that is nonsense my friend. Not to mention your lack of respect for the players that we pay and serve as we can in the HC for you to have a good time. If you are an adult it is very simple to understand, sorry my english... PS: If we, all players did like you did, (unsub) the game would not exist any more. So please, do not speak to me about "nonsense" facts.