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  1. I dont have any problem about the MG fix for both sides. I don use too much the LMG, and honestly I dont like too much the bullet spread lmg storm rifle thing. Many friends and players in BOTH sides doing it right now and it is legit while the game allow us to do it. But, I also think that the axis needs a decent mp40. And that is the main reason many axis players uses the lmg as an CQB weapone cause our smgs, mp40 and mp34 are crap. God bless my italian smg....that is a nice smg.
  2. LOL..... 400 meters hahahaha....
  3. Totally agree. As a ground player I always try to use the 10 channel (Axis Heer) or the Target or Mission channels. For some time now, the side channel has been used for important warnings or tactical issues.... Formerly that channel was used to talk about bull[censored] and [censored] on the enemy.... XXXX hax... XXXX cheats..... XXXX clips..... Italan food..... good wines and beers, good weed.....bla bla bla
  4. Hehehe. Well, we have had some cases of 250 players going to allied side for one or two maps. Zipayo250 (A very good tanker) is the example I can remember right now. And his experience in the light side was very nice.
  5. Leaving aside what I just said, and speaking objectively, it would be fine. But put yourself in my place, I am Spanish and I do not speak English very well because i dont use it daily i speak spanish or basque. I feel uncomfortable and helpless not being able to say what I feel. The language barrier for Spanish players has always been a problem. Imagine that I am going to play ally, there I do not have friends, I do not know English ... Well, what I do is to stay with my squad who speak Spanish and we understand each other. If I knew how to speak English I would have been encouraged to play as an ally for a map or 2 etc. mainly because I have respect for many allied players that I would like to know and play with them. Especially with the AEF the lancers and the pathfinders .....and some ither legends.
  6. Have you ever shot for example the MP40 or the MP34? This is the usual ridiculous debate since the game exists. We have good weapons and you have good weapons. To say categorically that we have this or that is ridiculous because I can say the same about some allied specific weapons. What I'm not going to do is open a thread where indirectly it seems that those of us who play axis are the culprits of your failure, I'm fed up and it's enough. It's unfair and it's ridiculous. And I do not have to play as an ally. I, like all of you here, pay my fee and I play on the side I want and my loyalty is 100% on the axis side because that is where I have my friends. If in the future, my friends decide to play on the other side, I will play as an ally as for example the WHIPS do. But honestly, seeing the attacks on my side, the ridiculous accusations, I lose the desire to play as an ally. GL this map, as I said i hope you can win this one.
  7. LOL, said the side with the BAR Long Range Laser Gun (BAR LRLG) , the StormTrooper Grease Gun (STGG), the Spitfire of Doom etc. etc. etc. The TESLA Bedford Morris and Lafflys...... I just LOL... stop the constant whining and log and play please. These kinds of posts are useless. I am so tired of the constant allied victim. I ask God you to win a [censored] time and leave us alone. PS: And Yes, I would NEVER play ALLIED.
  8. TYVM! Honestly I dont have enough time to play right now but i will try it for sure on my Arch Linux! PS: I have too many hopes with Proton platform.....We will see!
  9. Oooooooh I cant believe it!!!
  10. Honestly i dont like the snow....... One day or two could be nice, more not.
  11. YES!!! YES!!! Go Linux GO Linux..... WW2OL is the unique reason I keep a Windows copy on my system.... Now Microsoft can go to.......