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  1. OORRAH!
  2. Very good news CRS. Keep it up!
  3. Nice job, all looking good for me.
  4. LOL, Gj all!
  5. Going fine for me, Vivaldi browser. Firefox is slow as hell.
  6. WOW! that is correct, period.
  7. IMO the CRS network infraestructure is large and optimal, the main problem is that all players are in the same server. It means that a player with a poor connection directily affects to the whole server. If all the players had a good ping and were close to Texas, the whole server would work better. But Im from Spain, other player is from Denmark... other is from Australia etc.... And the server "lags".
  8. LoL!! Because you see what happens to you. Im sure that happens the same to many allied players. All you see is "fictional" like in matrix. You think that a player is alive but that player died seconds before or you think a EI fires you from behind but for that player he fired in front of you.... All is relative to the netcode. I cant explain well due to my lack of english....
  9. Agree, past times was more difficult to gain rank.
  10. I think it is a very very difficult problem to solve cause all playes are in the same server. This fact has advantages and disvantages. Like syd and moe said, back in 2016 just after the March fund raising, infantry combat was smooth for a while. For me, its going decently except for a few lagger cases and big pop battles.
  11. Nice vid mustang! See you in the other side!
  12. to all WHIPS brohers, really a pleasure and a pride to play with you guys. See you in the battlefield comrades!
  13. Hey!! Maybe 10 or 9 years ago a squaddie killed a EA with a mortar. TRUE.
  14. It was a great campaing for sure. Well fougth from both sides!