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  1. THIS!!!! ^^^^^
  2. Yes, but only our game gather all players in same server!!
  3. I think that if you pay trough Steam, Valve takes a fee (or comission, don know how to say...). If you pay directly trough CRS then 100% of the bill goes to CRS.
  4. Well, the people who voluntarily work in the High Command does not give to you direct orders, that is false, or at least a wrong approach to people who are part of the HC. I insist, the HC are people who voluntarily organizes the game and encourage players to get a goal by playing as a team. In any case they will directly order you anything or forbid you to grab X stuff. If you say that HC orders you and do not allow you to play the game as you want, then your statement is totally wrong. I would like to add that all the playerbase must be gratefull with the HC volunteers, Axis and Allies, both. If you dont want to spawn in "X" AO you can spawn in any other town while there is a spawn link or brigade on it if you want. You can blow all the buildings if you want. You can spawn a DD and cross all over the channel if you want. No HC nor player will stop you.
  5. I understand your point, but you are talking about other game, not this one. This game is not fast paced it is a slow paced game. If you want 30 mins of walking & shooting, try Squad, try Foxhole. I do the same when i feel like that. This game usually it is not for people who want 30 mins of firefight and leave the server...I think you just dont get the game essence like i said before or maybe this game is just not for you. And yes, you must OBEY in the sense of attack what HC decides. I repeat, if you want to plan and decide what your side have to attack, it is as easy as joining HC. "Let every player set his own AO" lol, i think that you are a very new player and simply you can not see that your request will not work. Do you want battles 1 vs 1 or 4 vs 4... definitevely not.
  6. First, sorry my english, I am from Spain. I dont usually argue on the forums cause my english... but the topic is interesting. I think you are watching the game from a wrong point of view, this game is not a sandbox nor PlanetScape 2. In fact, actually, this game is unique and maybe it is not a game for you. Like other people have said, the map is too big and we need to focus the action in some places, in the old days there was not Early Warning System (EWS) not AO's or DO's... so it was dificult for new players to find the action. The essence of the game is that you are a small piece of the war machine, under the command of your High Command Officers, that orders you during the map. You can be a small piece or a CinC of a whole Army, its up to you. Think that you are a soldier and a soldier just obey orders, a soldier dont take decisions, the HC set an AO and you must obey. If you want to plan attacks, move flags etc. join to the HC of your side. Sure the are pleased to have a new member. You have to capture a town, and you or your Squaddies are totally free to conduct the operation with the rest of your side and your AO OIC. Maybe you can set a Zone of Control in that Southern Hill or maybe you plan a ninja cap. You can set Fms's, reaload tanks, guns, grab a sniper or LMG and cover our tanks advancing etc. It takes time to view and use all the game potential but when you get to it, it is a very fullfilling experience, at leats for me. Like I said, maybe this is not a game for you. For me, this game brings much more satisfaction than ARMA 3 and SQUAD and Foxhole... (games that I usually play). I have been playing since 2009 I even today feel the adrenaline trough my veins when I try to sap a sherman or try to kill Nily or Gretnine or any other allied player. Or when i hear footsteps while defending a CP, your heart starts to beat as you try to concentrate on knowing where he enter the CP.
  7. OMG you Nily... for god shake, stop blowing buildings
  8. Get rep!
  9. nice pic!
  10. RIP
  11. I'm sorry to read this. RIP
  12. Hey, what a interesting post! Ty for your work to you and the rest of the GM gang!
  13. Nice one!
  14. The always story.