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  1. Aussie & Kiwi & Jamoo
  2. I remember when blue had more posts than me.
  3. So you have left the OSS... I see..
  4. I think you can still keep it. Hope this helps S! and good luck.
  5. Try DL new graphics drivers.
  6. Fixed the problem by upgrading some drivers on my graphics card.
  7. I had Windows Vista SP1, and I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional. My game now crashes on start up, how can I fix this?
  8. Come check out the DDZ sometime, Axis squad, voted Most Valuable Squad last campaign. Here is the site, http://thedirtydozen.org/. Come in game on Axis side and ask for a DDZ recruiter. Very active in the times you want, I am also West Coast. 10 on normally, 15-20 during primetime.
  9. Guys I saw Blue in OT the other day. An odd sight indeed.
  10. Blue's promotions were lies. *escapez*