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  1. I too am trying to get the game to work under Wine, just returning after a short hiatus. I first ran it on Mac ages ago, but stopped that in 2008 when the machine finally bit the dust. I have been running this game on Linux with Wine off and on for over 7 years now, up until I left last with 1.35Beta earlier this year. It worked perfectly. Now I have downloaded the latest and I cannot get it to load all the way. The offline will freeze X after about 30 seconds of loading, and extremely slowly at that - the bar hardly moves from the left side. This requires a reboot (I'm still in shock! the horror!) to get the X Windows interface working again. The Playgate exec will log in to the server, then start the game, and after 30 seconds it will come back with "Network error" and crash out to desktop. Neither install will honor my setting for screen resolution, it seems to be defaulting back to 800x600 for some God awful reason. I have been using PlayOnLinux for about the last 3 years of play, and to troubleshoot this time I tried changing versions of Wine, reinstalling, clean installing including the detritus it leaves in the user's home directory, etc. Nothing worked. This machine regularly plays ArmA II under Wine and ArmA III native, both at full settings without any issues at all (AMD A7870K, 32GB RAM, SSD drive, ATI R9 390X 8GB). To be forced to run a convicted monopoly's operating system to get this game to work is unacceptable, and I am not rich enough to afford hardware from the church of Apple anymore. Oh, and by the way Playgate, your service request system is broken, it will not recognize that I have completed the captcha successfully. Or is that how you avoid answering tech questions?
  2. Welcome back, ahwulf. I should have mentioned I got it working with a downgrade to 1.29.2 full install and following the update path. I did not have the issue that bigstig is having - but just like ahwulf says it may be a problem with the package receipts. I simply dragged the .app file to the trash - EMPTIED IT - and then reinstalled. It even let me keep my old prefs and cfml files from the 1.28.x version (last I played 6 months ago), so there were no problems with old prefs files lying around. bigstig, I'm just checking basic Mac troubleshooting here, but you did empty the trash after deleting the .app file, right? The installer might be seeing it still there...
  3. Thanks, Dog. Looks like it worked for marcinek, so I'll give that a try. To tell the truth I was a bit focused on getting 1.29.3 full working last night and forgot this trick. Ah, the memories. Bigstig, don't give up my good man. I have been playing this game (off and on...) since early 2002. Whenever you see a game that integrates Mac and PC users into the same battlefield, at the same time (unlike almost every other MMORPG that segregate Mac and PC users to separate servers), you get hiccups. When I had money to burn I was in this game every day, testing things to make sure they worked, providing reports back to CRS (when they would listen - busy guys those Rats...). Anyhow, I feel that if they are making the effort to provide a dual-platform binary, and now a triple-platform with PPC & Intel Mac Universal binaries, then I give them a pass. Usually. Right ahwulf?
  4. OK, 1.29.3 Mac version doesn't load on my 10.5.6 PPC system. Whatever I choose, no matter how many reloads, it crashes to desktop right after launching and changing screen resolutions (when I have it set to another resolution other than the desktop size), or even when set to desktop resolution. I seem to remember 1.28.x I had to leave it at 32-bit color or it crashed outright just like this, but 32 or 16 bit doesn't make a difference this time. Here's what the console logged for 32-bit color: 12/26/08 8:59:09 PM mdworker[7718] CFPropertyListCreateFromXMLData(): Old-style plist parser: missing semicolon in dictionary. 12/26/08 8:59:16 PM [0x0-0x490490].com.playnet.ww2ol[7729] WW2OL Started 12/26/08 8:59:16 PM [0x0-0x490490].com.playnet.ww2ol[7729] Exited Program: file: /playnet/builds/ww2src/branches/, line: 238, App Version: 1, 29, 3, 255 12/26/08 8:59:16 PM [0x0-0x490490].com.playnet.ww2ol[7729] Message string: default font not found! And for 16-bit color: 12/26/08 8:58:06 PM World War ][ Online[7726] invalid drawable 12/26/08 8:58:05 PM [0x0-0x48e48e].com.playnet.ww2ol[7726] WW2OL Started 12/26/08 8:58:06 PM [0x0-0x48e48e].com.playnet.ww2ol[7726] Exited Program: file: /playnet/builds/ww2src/branches/, line: 238, App Version: 1, 29, 3, 255 12/26/08 8:58:06 PM [0x0-0x48e48e].com.playnet.ww2ol[7726] Message string: default font not found! I am not sure why a metadata worker thread is finding something wrong for the 32-bit launch and not for the 16-bit, but it pops up every time I launch WWIIOL into a 32-bit color game. As to the default font, I went digging into the plists for 1.29.3, which CRS has disguised in binary form... clever little devils. Anyhow, there is only one place that even mentioned a font, and that was 'LucidaGrande'. I have Lucida Grande on my 10.5.6 load. It did not say anything in the plist file about it being a 'default font'. The string 'default font not found!' shows up in the WWIIOL binary, along with one other font, 'verdana'. I also have the Verdana font on my system, but one thing that puzzles me is that in the binary it was listed with a path that had back slashes (like '\app\font\verdana'), like a Windows path. Could it be that someone used the wrong include in one of the headers? Hmmm? Cross-compiling without caffine? Or is it the directory listed above wrong - the 1.29.0 build dir for a 1.29.3 release? Someone forget to update their build environment? 1.28.x worked on my system 6 months ago, but that was when I had 10.5.4. Has something changed in 10.5.6? Will I ever get back into my beloved game?
  5. Another classic masterpiece. Great work, Tatonka.
  6. I need to find the video someone did of Camle and Bofor taking out several types of Axis plane. I would like to know what the leads are that take them out. i feel I am always off lead, and when i do hit something I forget to look at what lead i had, or the plane was diving on me. Does anyone remember this vid from about a year back? I think the post was in the old thread before the forum move....
  7. I just want to have the auto-reconnect and automatic-channel-select-on-connect features put back in. The developer of Teamspeex said he took these features out because thay were unstable, but he put them back into the CVS version. If I could set up a compile system on my Mac, then I might be able to make the CVS binary myself, but who has the time anymore? I have to get back to WWIIOL... P.S. jackdnls, that TS Overlay is a seperate program made for Windows boxes by hacking the DirectX 9 driver code. I doubt the author of it cares very much for our Macs, and I don't think it would be an easy thing to make knowing how many impediments there are in Mac code. Heck, if you tried hacking the Unity graphics layer, you might set off the Punkbuster code! Anyhow, I am just thankful that I don't have to use my Linux box for TS anymore; better to have it all on the same machine, and not split halfway accross the room.
  8. I am still 10.3. I could go to 10.4, but I don't have the dough. It would be sad to cancel the subscription to the only fun thing I have on my machine anymore. Well, I guess there's always the torrent!
  9. The AI (strat server update) bug is not gone for me... I can kill the AI, and whatch it go down from my fire, but if anyone else kills it I still see it up. Example: had an AT AI shootin at me from South of Oudinaard last night and I killed it. Funny thing was there were 3 other tanks within 20 meters of me, all lined abreast to the town, and none of them saw any AI up. Example 2: Flew my D520 over Axis town, AAA AI shoots me and wounds me over half... the Hurri2 pilot next to me says "What AI? It went down 5 mins ago!" As a result my engine conks out 2km from the airfield, as I'm on final approach. I have to crash land and I get a RES mission result. Now unlike jnmoulin I see tables go up (but not down - did that change, if you cap a table it stays there now?), and radios go up too like they are supposed to. Game patch level: 1.21.2 or whatever was current as of Jan. 20th.
  10. Well the AI (strat server update)bug is not gone for me... I can kill the AI, and whatch it go down from my fire, but if anyone else kills it I still see it up! Example: had an AT AI shootin at me from South of Oudinaard last night and I killed it. Funny thing was there were 3 other tanks within 20 meters of me, all lined abreast to the town, and none of them saw any AI up. I'm going to add this one to the 'official' bug thread. dosboss
  11. Is there a timeline on the next patch? This bug is indeed annoying, especcially since I took 2 weeks off game due to changing work schedules only to come back and find it not fixed! Not that I'm b/ching or anything (*!^&%#^&% AI!!!!!).
  12. Wookstr, it's good to see a Big Iron man on the WWIIOL playerbase. That being said, I think you know whats coming: reinstall Windoze. If it's been over a year since you last did it, then definatley do so. Even M$ reccomended reloading Win98SE/Mill. and below *every 6 months*. They generate too much cruft, DLL conflicts, memory holes, etc. even just running (althought the last is not a static issue per se... rebooting fixes it, if for a time). This was admitted by M$ in "support" calls to them back in '98 from me and my co-workers/staff (don't know why our boss insisted on wasting the 145 bucks a pop for "support" like that). When I worked at Gateway AGES ago, when a customer had problems like you describe and all that troubleshooting didn't help, the first thing at the top of the list was "FFR", or FDISK, FORMAT and Reload. In fact if after 15 minutes troubleshooting didn't work, we were instructed to transfer the customer to a special phone queue that had only FFR techs working (which BTW had one of the first "TS"-like apps so one guy could handle 15-30 customers' phone calls at once). Windoze world is harsh. dosboss
  13. Actually I've not gotten better frame rates since RickB's 1.19.2a patch. As you can see in my sig, I have a very similar machine to yours. Try another wwiiol.cfg file. Just remember to back yours up before overwriting with this (copy it to the desktop is easiest). Copy and paste everything under the dashed line (except the other dashed line ) into a new Textedit file, then save it in the location specified: /Users//Library/Preferences/wwiiol/wwiiol.cfg ------------------------------------- btexturesdisabled false bmipmapenable true shademode gouraud texturemagfilter linear textureminfilter linear texturemipfilter linear bdithering false bspecular true antialiasing sortdependant texturereduction false bclearviewport true sound primary sound driver bsoundenable true b3dsoundenable false video 1 resolution 1280x960x32x75 bnoframerunahead false bnolocktorefresh false gammared 1.000000 gammagreen 1.000000 gammablue 1.000000 bshowinfo true shadowsizeselect 4 multitextureenable true volumemultiplier 1.000000 musicmultiplier 0.000000 hudvisible 2 fogscaleselector 0 maxnumbersounds 64 suppressmuzzlesmoke false suppressmuzzlelight false suppresstracersmoke false suppresssmallclutter false suppressplaneclutter false lodfieldofview true lodlimitperframe true bcursorenabled true mapalpha 70 friendlycolor 65280 enemycolor -16777216 squadcolor -501112576 language 0 numbulletlimit 32 ambientlevel 0 treenearlod 0 treefarlod 28 treeresolution 2 usetreeshader true usevideoram false radialclutter false radialdensity 1.000000 radialradius 1.000000 visplayerlimit 3 fsaasamples 0 fsaahighquality true soundhighquality true soundforcestereo false soundconvertonload true capturealldisplays false enableh2oshaders false ---------------------------------------- Once you've got that tried out, then start messin with it, and remeber what you changed. Try changing only one thing at a time. I know it's a pain, but it'll help, trust me. dosboss