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  1. That's is on par with spawning into an FMS when you meant to be elsewhere because you forgot to uncheck the little box. It takes the fun away especially when you are trying to spawn somewhere to quickly interdict something.
  2. Free to play isn't all bad. What is bad is Billy Bob Recruit spawning at an FMS and shooting friendlies giving away the FMS position. Or as a sapper trying to get undetected to a tank, the recruit comes near my position, and the tank spotting him, decides to spray the bushes killing me. These are real things that I have seen. Some will heed my call to stay away if I am a sapper, ATG, etc... some ignore my message to them and get me killed. I avoid recruits like the plague in open combat. Cities aren't so bad.
  3. July 2002. First squad no idea. But we did drive a truck load of infantry, myself included, off the Dinant cliff. Fun times.
  4. Thank you for all the replies.
  5. This might be better in the Game ideas / Suggestions forum. Sorry about that.
  6. Is it in the works ever to overhaul some things within the game? My ideas would be: Sound overhaul. Everything that makes noise should have its own unique sound, but in this game they are shared a lot. Many aircraft seem to share sounds and as a AA gunner until the circle shows up I must keep an eye out for who it belongs to before focusing my attention elsewhere. (As an example) Along with a sound overhaul would be the actual level of noise some things create. Were all the Lafflys, Beddys, and Opels really that noisy? Just asking. Infantry footsteps could use and overhaul too. In the new AB infantry spawns you can stand in place and do a 360 and make no noise. In other buildings which are the ones I would like to be silent in, such as the building I am shooting from, CP's, depots etc.. If I stand in place and turn left or right, it creates a footstep sound which sends an EI in your direction, should he be watching his map as to whether a friendly is in the area. Basically put, allow me to turn in place without creating a "footstep" Also If I am crouching and walking (assuming that is sneaking) It creates the same noisy footsteps when walking over paved or cobblestone roads. This alerts EI in CP's next to a road that I must cross. In real life, If I thought an enemy was in there, I would be as quite as possible when approaching him. The main footprint that needs the overhaul is the paved road / cobblestone one. The rest are tolerable. Crouch and walk needs to be really silent. Graphics overhaul on some things. The trees are a good example: Years ago you overhauled the trees and they look great. Any future plans in the works to update the basic ground textures? I'm not talking shrubs, plants, the new corn rows etc.. just the basic ground textures. I think that is worth experimenting with, as some game have increased performance by doing so, and I really haven't noticed a texture change or modification ever. And lastly within this graphics part: Would it be possible to have leaves on trees and shrubs sway gently in the wins when it is blowing? It would give infantry better cover when trying to get to a destination. Clouds. It seems we either have clear days or rainy days. A variance in weather would be nice. Field of vision / zoom When I have a rifle sighted in, or the gunfight view of an aircraft, or my AA gun sight up, that is 100% zoom. When I am an infantry walking along, a lot of times I get killed by things I cannot see until after I am dead because my zoom is lesser than 100%, and the killer has 100% or better as in the case of tank gun sights. I get a better zoom by raising my rifle to my eye, and in real life that is not the way it is. I am simply looking down my rifle scope. I realize we cannot run around in 100% zoom or we would not have a great field of view. This is something that could be improved upon in my opinion. I am assuming those are 100% zoom views anyway. But if it is greater, maybe modify it to 100% I know some things probably haven't changed due to past performance issues, but this is 2019 now and most probably don't have those 2003 computers anymore.Anyway, thank you for listening, and you might be able to find volunteers for things such as this as well as sound files being obtained by members.
  7. One thing I have learned about steam. If the players say a game sucks, for me, they are usually right. I've burnt myself too many time thinking, "the game can't be that bad" So you better believe I look at player reviews and ratings before purchasing a game. I hope the RATS take heed, however I am wishing them the best of luck, and have posted on a website I frequent wwiionline., and will again when Steam releases.