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  1. I agree. FB's were targets for air with AAA gunners on the lookout for aircraft if guarded. Now it is just unrealistic that bombs in real life were capable of blowing up factories, ships, airfields etc,. but ours cannot blow up an FB made of tent material. Place AI AAA gunners. Make it a challenge for air, but not impossible.
  2. That's is on par with spawning into an FMS when you meant to be elsewhere because you forgot to uncheck the little box. It takes the fun away especially when you are trying to spawn somewhere to quickly interdict something.
  3. CRS has a bad habit of ignoring some things that are extremely bad. Take the spiral death cam for instance. I find a great hiding spot and kill an enemy infantry, then a little while later he runs right back and kills me after re spawning close by. I know this to be the case because when I am killed at times, that death cam exposes the location of my hidden killer.
  4. How about when an overpopulation occurs, a CP can be captured , but not spawned in until the overpopulation situation is at an acceptable balance? Also exclude the placement of closer FMS's next to a captured building, until a balance occurs. This would possibly help keep the under populated side from being overwhelmed with waves of enemy spawning from a CP as they attempt to recapture.
  5. Since most squads generally do not like their members playing on the other side, when the low pop triggers, how about a "Special Forces" persona triggering for the low pop side? Their name would not carry over so as to be identifiable, and the tag would read "Special Forces 1" Special Forces 2" etc.. so communications could continue. Free to play players would be the target of this persona, but if a dedicated squad member wants to play the Special Forces side, they should do so with anonymity. They would have access to special forces weaponry and ammo capacities which are generally greater than those of regular soldiers. They would keep that gear even when the sides are balanced, until death, or de spawning. The CSR stat page would not record any kills from these Special Forces players, nor would they link back to the real players Identification. One big problem is not just balancing game play, it is the end result of which side wins. Why should a dedicated squad switch sides to balance the game play when they might inadvertently turn the tide against their own side, as well as drag the campaign on?
  6. I've seen the wheels blown off of one from a tank, so as an infantry I thought it was dead. A little while later an FMS formed. You'd think getting hit by a shell so hard your wheels come off that would kill or severely injure real occupants and the driver, yet they hopped out and built that FMS. Yep, truck are hard to kill.
  7. What prompted me here was my third attempt to take out a truck. A Morris was approaching and it sounded like they cut the engine for a silent approach to the FB. I fired a round from 30 feet or so hitting it, and it turned away from me, and traveled 200 feet up a slope, they then met someone firing another panzershrek at them at the top of the slope. (unknown if they hit the Morris), They then turned back and took small arms fire from me, as it kept going the original direction it had came. Much further than glide distance. Too many times this has happened, just wondering if others can relate.
  8. This is the third time I have used a panzershrek head on against a Laffly and two Morris straight into the grill. Twice I have been ran over and killed, and all three times the trucks continue on unscathed. Every weapon needs to be tested against everything if it hasn't been. Not just the unit they were designed to kill. Another example is the Wolverine gunner. 3 shots to his head from 15 feet or so, clearly in my rifle sight, only for the Wolverine to fire up, pull forward and the gunner I just shot machine gun me to death. I could go on, but you get the point.
  9. After a lot of testing I have determined that rifles, when looking down a scope have an advantage over SMG's LMG's and pistol bearers. I positioned each infantry in the same spot in offline mode, and focused on the same object every time to determine the field of vision looking down the sights. The rifles are able to zoom in much greater than any other infantry, other than sniper. LMG's, SMG's and pistols had nearly the same view, but the German sapper seems to have a slightly better zoom, than the rest. The game has always had a distant view to it, so my recommendation would be give all infantry an equal, enhanced field of vision greater than what we currently have and do away with the zoom mode. In real life you are merely raising the scope and sighting, not zooming in, unless you have a scope. We have the ability to turn left and right for viewing as well as using the Q and W keys to look left and right, so increasing the normal field of vision to the what the current zoom view is would be nice, or maybe slightly less. I am sure many of us have died by things we could not see with the normal field of vision that we have now, but we cannot run with the sights up giving us a better view. Why should an infantry have a advantage over another when he is stationary and looking down a "zoomed" in scope, when the other poor guy running towards him cannot even see him?
  10. No, this was pre-HC, a long time ago. Once HC came on the scene they reset ranks, and max attainable was LtCol, unless you were HC.
  11. The last time they did that I was a Brigadier General and they reset rank based on your current rank. So instead of starting at the lowest rank, I was a 2nd Lt or something like that. A current 2nd LT might start as a SGT and not the lowest, nor the highest enlisted rank. Those are just examples, as I cannot remember exactly how CRS did it.
  12. I see hundreds of Lt Col's running all around and that just doesn't seem realistic. So maybe a rank reset? Or maybe give us max ranks types something to do with those unused points we get, but count towards nothing. Maybe using those points on a weapon that can only be obtained for one mission by spending those points. Kind of like a "rank has its privileges" type of weapon, but nothing uber obviously, just only obtainable using excess points.
  13. Yes, good idea.