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  1. I just click on unread posts. Order is futile!
  2. Us vets are the problem. We need to make noobs into vets at a faster rate. In game comms ftw.
  3. ...and the truck has to sit in the open in order to get the MS in the bushes...
  4. They fixed it once when they muted the colors of the FRU. Air had trouble seeing, even tanks on the ground had trouble finding them. Then they made a really big and obvious blob that even a blind man could find.
  5. In game comms. 1. This game is difficult to learn. 2. New Steam players cannot learn it fast enough to enjoy it beyond run and gun and that is not our strength. 3. Even if they don't speak, they can listen easily to what vets are trying to do and then join in. A voice is worth a million typed words flying by so fast and with so little worth. Perhaps you could start simple and give local voice to HC and mission leaders to bark orders and answer questions. Transfer of knowledge is the only thing that really matters.
  6. We're in deep doodoo now
  7. It's the mating call of the greentag. You should be flattered.
  8. He will turn on this game. Mark my words. Muhahahahaha.
  9. A scan won't help.. trust me.
  10. I think he was looking for a reaction to that 251 gunner being hit. Any time I get in the 251 my gunner dies almost immediately.
  11. lol well done
  12. The new customer base is speaking to you. You need to listen up when they fall flat at the very moment they meet your product.
  13. Nobody ever lets me follow them around
  14. So he does have a serious side after all.
  15. Nude Bungee jumping?