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  1. It was too fast. I switched back to my 56k dial-up so I could relax. The life of a scout, sigh.
  2. One tough [censored] Glad to hear the good news.
  3. that is odd.
  4. isn't there always a tendency for single prop airplanes to do this? what if you spawn a dual engine plane, does it still happen?
  5. The guides need to pop up in your map in order for the learning curve to be shortened. I want to be able to pull up a description of an enemy tank with target data relating to my current choice of equipment be it sapper, atg or tank. This information would have been shared by any real army and spread around the battlefield to the units in place. It doesn't replace careful positioning in the terrain, or the stealth it takes to get into position, or careful aim. It does let you know if you even have a chance at engaging an enemy target with your current weapon and where its vulnerabilities are. Someone wake me.
  6. Even so, no motorcycles were ever used in WWII
  7. If I say anything offensive it's probably not me.
  8. Good point about aa guns. This should be a feature request. i.e. AA gun visible player limit should, by default, prioritize enemy air players.
  9. I had no trouble at all. Didn't even rtfm. Everything from CRS was just a click and it worked. I did this today so maybe it's different than it was before.
  10. I like the idea in general but might I suggest that you stick to bikinis and nightgowns. Sex sells better than fat couch potatoes wearing t-shirts. I speak only for myself of course. Also hats. Hats are cool and you can't spill food on them.
  11. Steam will redefine the game. The timer should be left alone imo. There will be chaos followed by understanding.
  12. very monty python
  13. Bravest act I ever seen. Making me temporary HC.
  14. Going to be a busy year for the RATS Here's a new helper for you