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  1. Good point about aa guns. This should be a feature request. i.e. AA gun visible player limit should, by default, prioritize enemy air players.
  2. I had no trouble at all. Didn't even rtfm. Everything from CRS was just a click and it worked. I did this today so maybe it's different than it was before.
  3. I like the idea in general but might I suggest that you stick to bikinis and nightgowns. Sex sells better than fat couch potatoes wearing t-shirts. I speak only for myself of course. Also hats. Hats are cool and you can't spill food on them.
  4. Steam will redefine the game. The timer should be left alone imo. There will be chaos followed by understanding.
  5. very monty python
  6. Bravest act I ever seen. Making me temporary HC.
  7. Going to be a busy year for the RATS Here's a new helper for you
  8. 10 years a slave. After a night of excessive drinking where do you go? You go OHM!
  9. you got her pregnant didn't you. well congrats are in order then. now get back to work, no maternity leave for RATS.
  10. I noticed this the other night with an ei that I shot. Shot him, watched him kill one of my teammates and then he fell dead Will also report if I see it in the patch.
  11. I've seen those before. I just assumed it was some sort of muzzle flash effect that was buggy. It didn't make the game unplayable though.
  12. The axis also had me. I scout FB's like a plague. Nothing got to Ciney without being reported. All in all it was a great weekend of fighting. Some of the best I've seen in a while. Nobody folded. Nobody gave up. Both sides were in it to the end.
  13. Waver is so creamy.