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  1. You can shove that attitude up your shunt. I need my coffee.
  2. Get me a coffee HC
  3. I think this is a better list than who kills you the most. Who kills you at the most inopportune time? 1. The marathon zookaboy? 2. The one shot gun barrel buster? 3. The psychic MS hunter? 4. Bad connection bot? ...
  4. So long as the axis don't try to cap Antwerp everything will be OK.
  5. What I've noticed over the years is this. The losing team loses because they give up. TZ3 is a real problem (it's effects are demoralizing). The key to winning is to demoralize the other side, not defeat them. Serious errors by HC can put a campaign into a death spiral (demoralized again). Perceived unfair weakness in your weapons kit is demoralizing. CRS is trying but it takes time and confounding all their efforts is a demoralized PB. A demoralized playerbase is not a good model for success. As each of us logs due to this, the negative impact on game play becomes exponential. A very difficult situation that all game companies face.
  6. Isn't that the CRS corporate motto? Joking, but with our small population there is no other choice but to do ready fire aim.
  7. redo that chart with headings please, i have no idea what it means.
  8. The best one ever was when XOOM dropped a destroyer into the town. Not during a campaign.
  9. No idea is ever perfect but do consider these scenario's first: You are in command of the AB, The gates don't work and there are holes in the walls. Do you A, ignore the problem, or B, put some engineers to work fixing the gate and the holes? You are in command of a FB. You have no perimeter defense whatsoever. The enemy can just walk on in. Do you A, setup some barbed wire or at least a fence (or wall), or B, do nothing about it? I think my idea is less gamey and far closer to reality than choice A. It is more in line with what a commander would demand of his engineers and soldiers. You are in enemy territory, you don't just leave the doors open and the walls full of holes.
  10. It would be glorious. Me against the whole allied air force. For about 2 kills max and then I would be killed.
  11. I would put mine in the middle of the runway
  12. i never mentioned flyboys. with 8 exits you have plenty of ways to get out, the wall doesn't wall "you" in. a wall is also a good he blocker, ever die to a bomb dropped outside of the ab wall when you sat next to the wall on the inside?
  13. this would be in addition to using a truck so no real loss, also 10% per man was only a suggestion, 25% per man more acceptable to you?
  14. EA will always know where the FB is regardless of maps or visual id. They simply don't move. These aren't super drastic changes with the exception of the coding work which is not even available right now. This is just a concept.