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  1. Lots of points there but nothing new. Putting some green paint on axis tanks will help balance the game. It is also the easiest change that can be made at this time. Visual balance to current terrain. More that that will take considerable time and effort, at this time.
  2. Would be nice but 1min might be too short. e.g. how do you get the body out?
  3. Perfectly acceptable.
  4. So what you're saying is if axis were to get some green paint the allies would lose an advantage so huge that "balance" would be affected. I rest my case then. #Paint it green
  5. The game is not real life, it's a sim and it must be playable for both sides. A color change shouldn't scare an allied player, or do you think you have an unfair advantage you might lose?
  6. driverbooster is better
  7. Give bino's to the truck drivers. That is all.
  8. I want in game comms with id of the person who is talking. No TS for me.
  9. and if you really want to be nice, give them the same ranging capability the bofors has. make them a great scouting tool.
  10. This is why we needed the TZ3 fix. Not to hurt the axis side but to highlight how much they had to rely on it to have a chance of winning a campaign. What we see now is the bare facts w/o the TZ3 bias. Axis don't have much chance at winning and that has been the case for a while now. The TZ3 artifact just masked the problem and I for one am glad it's gone. Now CRS can take a new look at things with better data.
  11. It went downhill fast when all those planets aligned themselves.
  12. In Game Comms > Teamspeak. I'm lazy.
  13. Can I get one where I can moon allied armor?
  14. The problem is in the axis armor build. Here is a perfect example of the problem.
  15. Actually, this thread should be moved to the game ideas thread. Maybe some clever coding can eliminate this artifact. No reason for a fru to go down if another brigade comes in. If nothing comes in to replace then it makes sense for it to go away.
  16. Fix stamina = Fix MP40
  17. In game voice comms to be exact. No more teamspeak. Build something that just works inside the game without all the fuss.
  18. We shouldn't have to wait until we try to fire a round.
  19. +1 for this idea.
  20. If you increase the EWS on ships you need to armor them better from air attacks and I would even suggest AI on the ships to deal with air attacks. No multi-crew makes our ships very vulnerable to air. It's also very hard to get anyone interested in such a long ride for potentially no action. Shore batteries are a nightmare. Reduce their range a bit. However, if you add MSP's for navy it might even out since we don't have to sail every ship for hours, just one to setup a portable dock. That would cause some excitement . Also, consider making the shore batteries a manned position if you give ews an advantage take away some AI advantage.
  21. "What about to push some key as "gun check" and get message "gun OK" or "gun damaged"." The message would be a simpler add to the code, but the idea that you have to open the commander hatch and type a command would add more realism to it.
  22. Perfect. But leave out the is.
  23. ^this. the crew would know they lost their gun. it's not like the feedback you get when you lose a track. you might drive on for 30min only to realize later that you were degunned earlier and just wasted your time driving to the next target.