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  1. Just watched this video. It's interesting how a dual core beat a quad core and this got me thinking of a poll of sorts. Is there a way we could collect specs from all players showing cpu type, speed, vs. fps (or whatever else is measurable)? Maybe we can get a better handle on specs for a good wwiiol system build once we graph this info. _kgPlsczhZg
  2. txh BLOO, My problems started after I did the full install during the time of the last update, when some people were not seeing certain loadouts. Makes me think it could be a driver update issue on my end. The error doesn't occur all the time either. So far, it has had no impact on the game that I can see. I'm pretty diligent about virus checks and such but have not updated my vid drivers in a while due to an incompatibility with the game that crept up during one vid driver update.
  3. That's what it usually is. Happens all the time. It's the one thing I dislike about the X52. It should have a more secure plug between the two halves. I suppose it's made that way to prevent worse damage.
  4. Yep, X52 here as well. Check your plugs and re-detect in-game. If that doesn't do it, you probably broke a wire in the plug area. You might try to find another cable to go between the throttle and joystick or just hard wire it.
  5. What joystick do you have? My guess is a wire broke (provided you've failed to re-detect it in game). If you know how to solder a wire you can probably fix it. If not a wire, maybe just a loose plug (my saitek does that occasionally).
  6. I see the same thing and also use zonealarm. I haven't uninstalled it since it happens so rarely. Only with this game.
  7. I use a logitech headset that has it's own sound chip so I don't have to add a sound card. Some ppl mentioned that it still might not be as good as a dedicated SC and might cutoff at a certain number of in-game sounds (not sure about this). Saitek is still good, they have an x52 pro now but CH has always been associated with quality.
  8. All I can say is pay attention to your kia's and try to learn something from each one. Also, try flying with the sole intent of staying on someones 6 for a while. Don't shoot, just don't let them shake you if they can. When you feel you are losing the ability to stay on the nme plane, then practice getting out of that mess. Once you practice that for a while, all you will have to do is pull the trigger occasionally.
  9. happened twice so far, just wondering if it's on my end or game end
  10. Well, I waited a while and tried it for a 4th time but it seems I am done for today. Same thing as before. I can log in and get all the way to selecting a weapon just fine. But, when I hit enter the game, I end up back at the desktop. From my first post in this thread till this one is the approx elapsed time of this. Odd that it initially worked tonight but not after the first in-game ctd. First time I've seen an error like this. Will try again tomorrow (btw, I'm too lazy right now to reboot my computer, will do tomorrow).
  11. hmmm, this may be what's happening to me tonight. never seen it before. i started another thread just before i saw this one. was in game, all was well, then ctd. logged back in, selected brigade, mission, tried to enter and poof, back to desktop. twice now.
  12. I'm not a big fan of auto renew. This reminds me, I have to unsub again so I can decide for myself again next year. I wish it was a selectable option. I can see my estate still paying for this long after I'm dead.
  13. can you change the text background? can't read your last two posts.
  14. Pretty normal when you are new. Best way to find more action (at first) is to look for the defensive battles (green bars). That way the enemy comes to you. It sounds like you spawned into the game using a FRU. FRU is nothing more than a mobile spawn point that we can place almost anywhere on the map. Usually, if you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, we wanted to move it in slowly, we are carefully moving the FRU closer on foot to avoid the enemy hearing a truck approach. Or, we deliberately left it out that far so it is difficult for them to find it. Getting killed and not knowing what hit you is pretty common. You are far more visible when you move than you can imagine. Pretty easy for someone to pick you off from great distances or simply ambush you if they reason out your direction of travel. There's a lot to learn and it is a good idea to ask ask ask. If you ask on the screaming weasels channel (your default squad channel) one of us will try to answer you (we don't always have our eyes on the text so ask again if you don't get an answer right away). This is a great video link for rifle instruction put together by one of the players. The instructions are for allied players but the basics are the same for either side. It's a good education regardless of your firearm or side choice. (there are several videos, this is just part 1) Hope this helps.
  15. I have a dedicated trackball for sniping. Has ~100x the resolution of my primary trackball. Makes a huge diff in my aiming capability. At any rate, what optic says is true. You can learn to shoot and estimate distance. The hard part is figuring out how to survive long enough to do some damage; and where your best locations are. And don't forget to hold the trigger till you confirm your shot placement.
  16. Can't join optik but would like to go on a few missions with your squad when you get up and running. Had my best streak ever the other day (14). I hear all the ... "back in my day" ... "ships were made of wood and men were made of steel" comments. meh, I never had the eyes for iron sights except with pistols. For some reason I could do that just fine.
  17. I never seem to understand GMT in relation to USA time. I found out today that the windows 7 clock can show up to three time zones at once (you have to hover over it to see them). So that you are never late for BE training or missions again, here is what you do. 1. Right click the time display in the lower rh corner of your display 2. Click "Adjust date/time" 3. Click on the tab labeled "Additional Clocks" (you will see 2 sections with a checkbox labeled "show this clock") 4. Click the first checkbox and select "UTC" (NOT UTC dublin,edinborough,...) from the dropdown list NOTE: UTC = GMT (gmt is the old terminology) NOTE: UTC(dublin, etc) is not the same at UTC so don't use it when giving a meeting time to other players from other parts of the world. 5. Click the second checkbox and select whatever you like (I chose UTC dublin for my own reasons, If you live in Europe you might want to use RAT's timezone, up to you, or don't use it at all) Hope this helps
  18. Try running this when gaming and see if it makes a diff.
  19. just got a sale email from x-plane again. joysticks and such on sale again.
  20. asus is tops but I always go with gigabyte now (dual bios)